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How To Get Hair Out Of Necklace Chain (5 Ways)

Wearing a necklace chain with long hair can often lead to getting your hair stuck on the chain. Removing hair from your necklace chain isn’t the most challenging task, but the task can quickly get into your nerve while attempting to remove it. The tiny strand of hair can in no time become a small stubborn coiled hairball on your chain.

Sometimes if you are not cautious enough, you can hurt yourself as well as damage your necklace chain in the process of removing the hair. If you are looking for effective ways on how to get hair out of necklace chain, this article will give you easy and effective tips.

What Are Some Life Hacks to Get Tangled Hair out Of Necklace?

With these following effective life hacks, getting hair out of your necklace chain can be done in no time. You don’t need some huge equipment to get these hacks working. All you need are simple home aids available to everyone.

how to get hair out of necklace chain

Use a Hair Removal Cream

Make sure you remove the necklace before following this hack, as your skin can be sensitive to the cream. If you have a hair removal cream at your disposal, you can use it to dissolve your hair from the chain.

Apply the cream to the necklace area where the hair is stuck. After leaving the cream for a good 5-7 minutes, wash it off with cold water. You will have removed the hair from the chain upon washing it.

Cut the Hair Off

Sometimes when you have tangled hair on your chain, you have to make the tough decision to cut the hair. Pulling the hair while it is still intact with your scalp can be painful. If your hair is still stuck on your scalp and our necklace cutting it off is a better idea.

Use Fire

This hack needs caution, and it can get a little smelly, too; nevertheless, it is still an effective hack. First, use a lighter to light a candle and place the tangled area on the candle flames. The fire will burn the hair off from the necklace.

The smell of the hair burning can be upsetting, but it gets the task done. Make sure you remove the necklace from your neck before trying this hack.

Preventive measures need to be taken as you are dealing with fire. Further, try this hack only if you have a metal chain and not another material chain, as it can damage your necklace when exposed to fire.

Using Cornstarch

First, cover the chain with hair stuck on it with cornstarch and start scrubbing it. You will see that the hair is easily removed from the chain. Using this method can get your hands messy, but it will give results.

Rubbing a Pumice Rock

Rubbing the hair off using pumice hair is another way of getting hair out of the necklace chain. Pumice rocks are not hard, and it gets an even softer texture after soaking with water. Rub the soaked pumice on the chair with hair snagged on it.

Do not rub the pumice hard and rather be gentle. The friction from the rub will get rid of the hair stuck on the chain.

How to Stop Hair Getting Caught in The Necklace?

Here are a few tips on how to stop hair from getting caught in the necklace in the future. Preventing it can be a long time solution for such issues.

Use Nail Polish

Your necklace chain has rough edges that cause hair to get stuck often. Use clear nail polish to smoothen out the rough edges on the chain. On the rough edges, apply the nail polish and let it dry. Use your chain without any hassle.

Use Candle Wax

Another not longer-term but easy solution is applying candle wax on the rough areas that snag the hair. Simple drip a couple of wax drops on the affected area before using the necklace.

Change the Clasp

It is usually the clasp of the necklace chain where hair gets stuck. Change your necklace clasp to ones that do not cause such issues. On your next buy, get a clasp that does not snag hair.

Avoid Using a Clasp or Chain that Causes Hair Snag

You must have noticed that certain types of chains or clasps often get hair stuck. If you have noticed it, avoid using and purchasing such chains and clasps in the future to prevent your hair from snagging.

These tips will ensure that you do not have hair stuck on your necklace every time you wear one. An additional tip for such care is to avoid using a necklace when you sleep. it is easy to get hair tangled while sleeping.


Can You Burn Hair Off a Gold Necklace?

Yes, you can burn the hair off a gold necklace chain. Since hair does not take high heat to burn, it burns off quickly with just a candle or a lighter. Clean the necklace after burning the hair.

Can You Burn Hair Off a Silver Necklace?

Yes, you can burn the hair off a silver necklace. Burning hair off is one of the best solutions for metal necklaces like silver. The hair burns out quickly, after which a rinse on the water and dry pat after burning the hair off will work.

Can You Remove Hair Stuck on Your Necklace?

Yes, you can remove hair stuck on your necklace. You can try some hacks available on the internet, or you can take them to the jewelry shop to get them removed.

Wrapping Up – How To Get Hair Out Of Necklace Chain

With these effective hacks mentioned above, removing hair from the necklace chain is no longer a challenge. All you need are some basic home aids to get them done. However, if it is expensive or delicate jewelry on which you are afraid to try such hacks, you can always go to the nearby jewelry shop for professional help.