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How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes? Try These Amazing Methods

One of the most annoying and tedious things to do is removing human hair from clothes. We’ve all been in that situation. Hair tends to stick to clothes, and it becomes quite a difficult task to remove them. But don’t worry! I found some useful hacks that everyone needs to hear and know.

If you’re wondering how to get human hair out of clothes, I got the answers for you. Perhaps you’re in a hurry and want to wear a specific dress, but you notice that it’s covered in human hair. What do you do? It happens to all of us, and there’s no need to panic.

In this article, I’ll be spilling all the secrets you need to know about removing unwanted human hair from your clothes. I am fully aware of how precious and valuable clothes are. So, the tips and tricks I am going to tell you will not only remove human hair but will also keep your clothes safe and protected.

Can You Get Rid Of Human Hair From Clothes Without Damaging Them?

Definitely yes. You can use readily available items like sponge, tape, lint roller, and even fabric softeners to safely remove human hair out of clothes.

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to see or wear clothes with hair on them. Not only are they uncomfortable to wear, but they also tend to look extremely dirty. If you’re facing this issue and your clothes are full of human hair, you’ve probably looked for some solutions online and landed here.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! It’s very easy and simple to remove human hair from your clothes. Sadly, most of the guides and tutorials online suggest methods that’ll ruin your clothes. So, how do you remove human hair from clothes without damaging them? Let’s find out!

Have You Tried Using A Sponge?

Okay, I love this method because not only is it easy, but you won’t need to spend money. We all have sponges lying around at home. All you need to do is find a dry sponge, grab it, and run it on your clothes with human hair.

It’s very simple to follow this method. Make sure the sponge is not moist or wet. The sponge needs to be completely dry for this method to work. Once you start running the dry sponge on your cloth, it will remove the hair from your clothes.

Why Not Try A Lint Roller?

If keeping your clothes safe and protected is your priority, you need to get a lint roller as soon as possible. This modern-day invention is loved and recommended by so many people who have struggled with hair on their clothes. And guess what? I also love using a lint roller.

Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to remove human hair from clothes. In such cases, using a lint roller always works for me. Run the roller in one direction. If you notice that the roller isn’t collecting hair, apply some more pressure.

Do You Have Tape At Home?

This is another method that I absolutely love. If you have duct tape or any kind of tape at home, you’re going to love this method. It’s cheap, effective, and above all, it’s not damaging.

Tear off a good length of tape and then stick the tape on the clothes with hair on them. Make sure the tape is stuck properly. Leave the tape on the clothes for a few seconds, and then remove it gently. All the hair particles will collect on the sticky side of the tape.

Have You Tried Using Fabric Softener?

When people tell me that human hair stays on clothes after washing, I always recommend using fabric softeners. This helps the hair particles on your clothes to loosen up, and removing them becomes easier.

how to remove human hair out of clothes

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes Using A Washing Machine?

A lot of people have asked me how do you get hair off your clothes in the washing machine. It’s quite easy and does not require much effort as well. So, how do you get long hair out of laundry? Toss In Some Dryer Balls!

Did you know that there are dryer balls that collect human hair? If you don’t already know, what are you waiting for? Get some and toss them in your washing machine along with the clothes. They easily remove all the hair from your clothes.

(Side note: Learn the difference between dryer balls and fabric softener here)

How Do You Remove Human Hair From Bedsheets?

Bedsheets can easily collect human hair. If your bed sheet is full of human hair, toss it in the machine along with either one or two dryer sheets. The reason why I love dryer sheets is that they easily loosen up and remove the hair.

How Do You Remove Human Hair Off Dryers?

You probably didn’t know this, but you can get rid of hair from your clothes using your dryer. If you’re having problems getting hair out of clothes after haircut, simply toss your clothes in the dryer and run it for about ten minutes. This will loosen up the hair on your clothes, and you can easily remove them while washing.

How To Remove Hair From Towels?

The easiest way to remove hair from your towels is to make use of a lint roller or duct tape. Removing human hair from towels tends to be tricky. But what I found out is that a lint roller or duct tape works like a charm.

How Do Hairdressers Get Hair Out Of Clothes?

After every haircut, hairdressers usually use a blow dryer or even a brush to remove hair from your clothes.

Wrapping Up

Noticing hair on your precious or expensive clothes can be a painful sight. Thankfully it does not need to stay that way. Removing and cleaning human hair from your clothes is very easy if you know the right tricks.

I hope the tips and tricks I listed above are useful. No one likes to wear clothes that are full of human hair. That is why I made this guide listing all the tricks I know on how to get human hair out of clothes.