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65 Inch TV Dimensions (& Box Size, Stand Size)

The secret is out; you want to buy a new TV. If you’re here, then you’ve already picked out what brand it is that you’re looking for. And now you are wondering if that monstrous TV is going to fit in your car?

In this article, I will discuss with you the actual TV dimensions. These include different brands’ and box dimensions. And I also answer some frequently asked questions on 65-inch TV.

How Wide Is a 65 Inch TV

A 65-inch TV is usually not 65 inches wide as most people suspect, but it is 58 inches in width. We write it as 1473.2 in mm and 147.32 in cm respectively.

I want to mention that the brand name and frame design make every 65-inch TV different and unique.

TV dimension is something you should consider before buying your TV. After all, you are constrained in terms of space in your living room too. The three dimensions include height, width, and depth (the thickness of the TV).

The TV height is the vertical length of your TV which is from top to bottom. The width of the TV is the horizontal length of your TV, which is side to side. And the depth of the TV is how thick your TV is.

65 Inch TV Dimensions (in Cm, Inch and Mm)

When you consider the three dimensions, you should not forget that you can mount your TV on a wall or a stand. I did well over-the-top research on this a while ago, and if you use a stand, the size of the stand matters as well. 

We know that modern TVs come with a more narrow frame while some old models have somewhat larger frames in comparison.

Hence, modern TVs consider their screen as the omega and they depend quite entirely on the size of the screen.

So, what are the dimensions of a 65-inch TV?

In Inches

  • It is usually about 58 inches in width
  • Without a stand, the height of a 65-inch TV is usually about 34 inches and with a stand, close to about 36 inches
  • The depth or thickness is usually around 2 inches.


  • It is usually about 147cm in width
  • Without a stand, the height of a 65-inch TV is usually about 86cm and with a stand, close to about 90cm
  • The depth or thickness is usually around 5 cm


  • It is usually about 1473 mm in width
  • Without a stand, the height of a 65-inch TV is usually about 863mm and with a stand, close to about 914mm 
  • The depth or thickness is usually around 50mm

how wide is a 65 inch tv

What Is 65 Inch TV Height from Floor

If you’re wondering at what height you should mount your TV, consider the height of the TV first in general. The usual height of a TV comes around 32, which you divide by 2.

The average eye level, which is normally about 42 inches, we use that to subtract the result. So to mainly answer your question, we usually place a 65-inch TV, above 25 inches from the ground.

Some Common Brand Dimensions for a 65 Inch TV

I took the liberty of calculating different 65-inch TV dimensions of different brands and manufactures and added them to the table below. This will help you know how wide the TV screen is from side to side.

This includes Samsung 65-inch TV dimensions and other brands like Vizio, Sony, TCL and Hisense.

All the TVs are measured with no stand.

BrandLength (Inches)Breadth (Inches)Height (Inches)
Samsung QLED TV
Vizio 65-inch 4k Smart TV
Hisense LED TV



Box Dimensions of a 65 Inch TV

I’ve also listed the box dimensions of some common brands in the table below.

So, how wide is a 65-inch TV box? And is the product size different from the box?

The box dimensions are clearly, more or less different from the product size and vary from different brands. 

BrandLength (Inches)Breadth (Inches)Height (Inches)
Samsung QLED TV
Vizio 65-inch 4k Smart TV
Hisense LED TV

At this point, I’m sure you must have asked somewhere or to yourself, “Will 65 inch TV fit in car?” 

A 65-inch will most surely fit in an SUV, considering you handle it with care and follow proper instructions like placing the TV upright to avoid damage. This is usually taken as common sense.

Will 65-inch TV fit in CRV? The answer is yes. A CRV can usually fit a 65-inch TV. It is always better to have a measuring tape handy and be sure of this yourself. If you end up having less space in your CRV, your shiny new TV might be prone to avoidable damage.

65 Inch TV Stand – How Wide Is It

Now we know that a 65-inch TV doesn’t necessarily come with a 65-inch full display or width. Choosing the perfect stand for your 65-inch TV usually needs a little work.

The first step you should take in search for the perfect stand would be to measure the right size of your TV. Once you’ve accomplished that, finding the correct height is quickly sorted out.

Then comes the stand. TVs are commonly diagonally measured and the consoles horizontally. The perfect stand depends on the size of your room. If you have ample space to place your 65-inch TV, I recommend going for at least a 79-inch wide TV stand.

Usually, 65-inch TV stands depend on the room you’re working with, so placing a stand that is a few inches wider than your TV would do the trick.

65 Inch Curved TV – How Wide Is It

The width of the 65-inch curved Samsung TV comes at 57.2 inches, which is 1452 in mm and 145 in cm.

While 65-inch curved TVs are almost non-existent in 2022, Samsung seems to have taken a fancy to them. It usually looks more prominent than an average 65-inch TV, but I can assure you, the 65-inch curved TV is no different or slightly different in width than an average 65-inch TV. 

Curved TVs are marketed towards a more captivating watching experience, but it works only for one person sitting in the middle.

Wrapping Up

So there you go, most TVs do not usually offer the exact dimensions written on the ad, and different manufacturers offer different dimensions on their products for their users.

Most people buy these products without actually examining if they are the perfect size for their household or the size they want. I recommend always reading about the product first before buying it.

I hope by now you are well acquainted with the measurement of the actual width, height and depth of a 65-inch TV.