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Is Herringbone Tile a Fad? Is It Out Of Style in 2022?

Whenever you want to break up space in the designing world, you throw in a pattern. The mixture of bright colors and eye-catching designs disrupts the monotone schemes. One of the most popular design patterns right now is herringbone.

In this article, we will discuss whether herringbone tile is a fad or not, whether the tile is still in fashion, and whether herringbone tile is hard to install.

But first…

Is Herringbone Tile a Fad?

No. Herringbone tile can be found in homes from the 1600s. It is still a popular choice for its geometric pattern, natural texture, and versatility. .In the 1800s, both natural and synthetic fibers were used to weave the horizontal and vertical lines. This type of tile is frequently found in many older homes in North America.

What Is Herringbone Tile?

Herringbone style pattern is a type of arrangement made with the help of rectangles using road pavements and floor tilings. These titles are called Herringbone because they resemble herring fish’s bone structure. The blocks can be parallelograms or rectangles. The length ratio of the block edge is typically 2:1 or 3:1. 

Why is Herringbone Popular?

Why is herringbone so popular? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Add Character to The Room

Herrington is a popular wood flooring pattern and is used worldwide. This pattern combines would with natural visual interest. This will help bring character to your room, and you don’t have to invest in other bold and significant elements.

2. Durable

Herrington floors are designed to last for a long time. While wooden floors generally last long, Herrington floors stand out and are worth investing in. In addition, these floors have a resale value and will not go out of style.

3. European Style

Europe is generally stylish in all aspects, and home architecture is no different. Herringbone is incredibly popular in many European nations, such as France.

4. Creates Space and Movement in Your Home

The layout of Herrington tiles is in a zigzag formation, which creates arrows on the floor. This design will bring life and fluidity to your space. It can also help make the room look big and spacious.

is herringbone tile a fad
is herringbone tile a fad?

Is Herringbone Tile Hard to Install?

No! herringbone tiles are just as easy to install as other tiles, but it takes time. While the result is undoubtedly worth the effort, you need patience. Here are some tips that will help you install herringbone tiles properly:

Where to Start the Herringbone Tile Pattern?

This depends on the type of look you want. If you want your tiles to be symmetrical, you will need to figure out the center area of the tiles and begin working. This will ensure that the pattern will look the same on the end of a square floor or a wall.

However, to ensure no cut tiles at the edges of the wall or floor, you should always begin from the sides. Don’t worry; this tactic will not reduce the number of tiles you have; you will be able to complete the herringbone pattern. 

Which Way Should the Herringbone Pattern Run?

When putting together a herringbone pattern, the rule of thumb is that you need to lay the tiles at a 90-degree angle from each other. For instance, one rectangular tile should be placed at 9 degrees to the rectangular tile next to it. What you are trying to create is a pattern that resembles the bone structure of the herring fish, so the placement of the tiles should be precise.

Which Tiles Should Be Cut?

This depends on the area and the type of pattern you want to create. On most occasions, people choose a color grout that blends perfectly with the herringbone tiles. However, you can also create a pattern that better suits you. This way, you will be able to identify which tiles need to be cut. Once you have identified those tiles, mark them and start cutting them. 


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Is Herringbone Pattern Modern or Classic?

The herringbone pattern is a classic pattern and has reached all facets of design. You will find herringbone patterns in kitchens, rooms, drawing rooms, offices, etc.

While typically not a modern pattern, the herringbone pattern can have a modernistic feel when installed monochromatically. 

When to Use Herringbone Tile Pattern?

While herringbone tile pattern is typically used in interior designing, you can install it in different settings. If you like classic tile patterns and want to install them in your kitchen, you can use the herringbone tile pattern.

The crisp texture and the unique color of the tiles will look perfect in the kitchen. Although you will usually see this look in traditional-style kitchens, it works just as well in modern kitchens.

To get a traditional look, you can get a 3 by 6 or 2 by 4 size. You can also opt for a 2 by 8 size. You can also opt for a slightly gray-colored tile, which typically looks good in kitchens. Some people also install misty gray-colored titles in their kitchens.

You can pair the misty gray-colored tiles with white-colored cabinets. Lastly, while herringbone is a classic pattern, you can instantly give it a modern appearance by using different color combinations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Herringbone Make the Room Smaller?

    No, not at all; the opposite is true. The herringbone tiles make rooms look larger, longer, and broader. 

  2. Is There an Easier Way for Laying Herringbone Tiles?

    Fortunately, there is an easier or cheaper way to lay down Herringbone tiles. If you don’t want to lay down the tiles, you can use a mosaic sheet with a herringbone pattern. 

  3. Does Herringbone Floor add Value?

    Due to their unique pattern, herringbone floors will add value to your home, office, or anywhere you install them.

  4. Are Herringbone Floors Timeless?

    Yes! It is safe to say that Herringbone floors are timeless. This style has been used for decades and still hasn’t lost its shine.

  5. Is Herringbone out Of Style in 2022?

    No, it isn’t. However, the herringbone style is still very used, and people use it in their homes, offices, and other places. 

Wrapping Up

This article started the discussion by addressing this query: Is herringbone tile a fad? We concluded that the herringbone tile is not a fad. However, we did not stop there; we discussed several questions about the herringbone tile pattern in the frequently asked section. Please read all the information carefully, then decide whether the herringbone tile pattern is for you or not.