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Is King Hickory Furniture Expensive? [Answered!]

You may have come across the brand King Hickory many times while shopping for a new set of sofa or chairs. When a certain brand gets stuck in your head for a long time, you feel like digging more and finding out what it really offers.

In today’s article, I’m going to tell you why King Hickory Furniture is expensive, specifically its sofas and chairs. I will also tell you where they’re made, if they’re durable, what’s the fabric used, the quality, some of the customer reviews and many more.

Before we dive deep into other things, let’s first clear out the question that you’re primarily here for

Is King Hickory furniture expensive?

The answer is Yes and no. In general, King Hickory’s sofas and chairs tend to come with a higher price tag than other furniture providers. But other furniture is competitively priced for their quality.

King Hickory has a wide variety of products to offer, and the furniture generally fits most types of budgets.

Most items are always of high quality for their price; some of them are cheaper than others, but keep in mind they’re usually providing the same quality.

My advice is not to eliminate King Hickory from your shortlist just because you think they’re expensive.

It’s always worth taking a look at their inventory and seeing what they have to offer.

Why are the sofas and chairs from King Hickory expensive?

Most of us usually like to think that quality goods are synonymous with a high price tag. While this may not be true for some brands, it stands quite true for King Hickory’s sofas and chairs.

King Hickory produces furniture that is computerized throughout the whole process, from crafting to upholstering. They use fabric and leather of top quality to make their products – the best quality you can find.

This is what makes King Hickory a premium provider of furniture. Hence, the premium prices.

The craftsmen, who have been working for the company for more than a quarter of a century, know how to deliver the finest sitting comfort.

Every sofa and chair is manufactured from 7/8 inches of hardwood plywood.

Plus, there are double cone coil springs that add high seating comfort to the sofas and chairs.

All in all, the unmatched quality of upholstery crafted for durability and dependability makes the big price tag worthy.

How Much Does A King Hickory Sofa Cost?

The furniture sold by King Hickory comes at a range between $900 – $18,000.

Yes, that’s right! A sofa can cost a whopping $20,000 at King Hickory! (Prices as mentioned on

As mentioned earlier, King Hickory’s furniture comes with price tags that match the value of its quality. However, this isn’t to say that they’re not pricey. Since every sofa and chair has been carefully designed and beautifully created by the finest craftsmen in upholstering, the prices of this furniture can be a big a pinch on your pocket and exceed your expectations.

These prices depend largely on the size and built quality of the sofa, ottoman or chair.

With all that being said, at the end of the day, it’s about your choice and your preferred budget. The market is filled with many options, at least for furniture. So, if you think King Hickory’s sofa doesn’t come anywhere close to your budget, you can always flip your choices!

is king hickory furniture expensive?

Is King Hickory Furniture made in the USA?

Yes, they are. The family-owned business has been crafting its finest leather and fabric upholstered furniture since 1958 in Michigan.

Not sure if you are aware of this fact, but Catawba Valley and Hickory areas are famous for upholstered furniture. And because the Appalachian hardwoods lie in close proximity, it influences the location of many furniture manufacturing industries such as King Hickory.

Headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, King Hickory has been providing its customers the US-made high-quality crafted furniture for over 60 years now.

Is King Hickory furniture good quality and durable?

Yes, they are. With solid frames, eight-way hand-tied strings and excellent craftsmanship, the durability of King Hickory’s furniture cannot be doubted.

The brand uses maple rails and kiln-dried hardwoods to produce some of the best furniture frames in the industry.

Recently, the brand has also started to use CAD and CAM technology in its manufacturing process.

This has enabled the brand to diversify its designs, include more intricate details and shapes, and eventually expand its collection.

One of the primary objectives of the company while constructing every piece of sofa or chair is to ensure that its customers can pass down the furniture to the next generation.

King Hickory’s focus on producing gold standard furniture has proved many times that its furniture can stand the test of time. It ensures every piece of sofa and chair is made to last.

Are King Hickory sofas 8 way hand tied?

Yes. King Hickory is a 8 way hand tied, high resiliency foam sofa. Read more about their craftsmanship on their website.

A note about their fabrics

Coming in a wide range of colors and patterns, the King Hickory fabrics are remarkable examples of a multi-variety furniture fabric collection.

The brand sources its furniture fabrics from brands like Revolution, NeverFear, Crypton, Nassimi, Sunbrella, Vivalife and many other well-known fabric brands.

All of their fabrics range in different scales – small, medium, large and plain.

The brand also features fabrics that come with stain resistance, durability, repellency, easy care and fade resistance.

The collection of unique fabrics are named differently, such as Highlands, Hightide, Great Rooms Plain and Great Rooms Pattern.

Is It Worth Buying Furniture from King Hickory?

With the 8-way hand-tied construction, beautiful seams, patterns and sturdy frames that line up perfectly, many customers have seemed to like King Hickory’s furniture.

Although there are many other manufacturers that offer similar prices and quality in this category, King Hickory has fought its way to win buyer’s hearts with its premium designs and high-grade fabric.

Many users of this brand’s sofas seem to praise the durability and details. With one customer mentioning the sofa to have lasted him and his father for 34 years, it is no doubt that the brand compromises on its durability.

If you ensure good maintenance with regular cleaning, the sofas can last longer than expected.

However, with good, there must be some bad too.

Not all King Hickory sofa or chairs have the best cushion fitting. Some buyers make complaints regarding the cushion’s fittings. Another complaint that I often come across is the delayed delivery. This may not be entirely King Hickory’s fault since it also depends on the logistics team too.

Wrapping Up

I have had tons of experiences with furniture in my life since I keep moving to different places.

Most purchases have resulted in disappointment within a year of buying.

But the best USA-made furniture that I can swear by would be King Hickory. Getting a solid sofa or chair from a reputed brand like this won’t disappoint you.

If your budget permits, you shouldn’t waste more time and get your hands on at least one piece of furniture from the wide range of selections from this superb brand.