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(SOLVED) Is Scotch Tape Flammable and Toxic?

Today’s questions is – is scotch tape flammable? Are its fumes toxic? Read on as we delve into the article and answer your queries.

Does Scotch Tape Withstand Heat?

Some tapes can stand the heat. This heat-resistant tape consists of polyester film and uses adhesive that can stand the heat.

It has brilliant electrical insulation and is used in various electrical products.

So, does scotch tape withstand heat? The answer is yes! Note that it has multiple tape types meant for different uses.

Scotch tapes are available in blue, white, and red. And red-colored scotch tapes are known to have high resistance against heat. It can stand heat up to 300F and is made of rubber adhesive, offering strength.

Can Fire Burn Scotch Tape? Is Scotch Tape a Fire Hazard?

We have learned now that Scotch tapes are known to have good resistance against heat. So, can a fire burn this tape? It may not catch fire, but if it gets to heat, it will melt, leading to the failure of the adhesive.

Scotch tapes are not flammable, and some people even use them to extinguish flames. However, it would be better not to use the tape as a fire extinguisher.

What Temperature Does Scotch Tape Melt?

Most scotch tapes can stand heat between 180F-400F. So, if the heat is beyond this range, it will start melting.

It will also lead the adhesive to fail and lose its grip. So, when it’s exposed to extremely high temperatures, it loses its glue but doesn’t catch fire.

Is Scotch Tape Flammable or Toxic

Other Tapes That Are Not Flammable

Tape is a common item that you will find in offices and almost all households. It’s an essential item that comes with multiple uses.

Most tapes are not flammable and have a good resistance against heat. However, it may vary according to the tape types. Here are some of the tape types and their aspects.

Flammable Tapes

  • Duct tape: It’s a versatile tape used in different applications. However, it’s flammable and is prone to catch fire easily.
  • Masking tape: This tape is also known as painter’s tape and is made of paper and is highly flammable. It may take longer to catch fire than the regular paper, but it catches fire soon.

Non Flammable Tapes

  • Scotch tape: It has a good resistance against heat and is not flammable. It doesn’t catch fire but melts instead.
  • Packing tape: Packing tape isn’t flammable but may catch fire if exposed to extreme heat or temperature.
  • Electrical tape: This tape type isn’t flammable as it’s made of rubber with strong resistance against high temperatures. It can stand heat up to 175 F and might probably burn if the temperature goes beyond that.
  • Gorilla tape: It’s not flammable, and it’s less likely to burn even at high temperatures. This tape type also doesn’t react chemically and has a super-strong adhesive.

Other Things You Should Know About Scotch Tapes

About Nonconductivity

It insulates low voltage and can resist up to 69kv. Although scotch tape is not flammable, it can catch fire when exposed to extreme voltage.

Is Scotch Blue Tape Heat Resistant

Like any Scotch tape product, it has good resistance against high heat or temperature. But it will melt if it’s beyond the limit, thus resulting in losing the grip.

Can Scotch Tape Be Used for Electric Wires

Yes, you can use Scotch tape for electric wires, but there are better alternatives that you can opt for. You can use electric tape instead, which also has good heat.

Is Scotch Shipping Tape Flammable

Scotch shipping tape isn’t flammable; however, it will melt when exposed to extreme heat and lose its grip or adhesive.

What Happens when The Scotch Tape Gets Hot

When the Scotch tape gets hot, it will not catch fire but melt instead. Additionally, it will lose its adhesive and lose a firm grip.

Waterproof and Water Resistances

Scotch tape has a good resistance against water, but it’s not waterproof. It tends to lose its adhesive if it’s overexposed in water.

Can you burn scotch tape?

Scotch tapes are environment friendly and are considered toxic-free. However, when you burn them, they will release some chemicals. It may produce fumes that may not be good for the environment or your health. Hence, it’s advisable to avoid burning the tape.


We hope that this article helped answer your queries about the Scotch tape. It’s an essential item found in every household and office. This tape has high resistance against heat and is not flammable.

This article is a guide to Scotch tape and understanding its types. Hopefully, it has helped clear your doubts and how to make the best use of it.