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Is West Elm Furniture Good Quality? Let’s Find Out

West Elm is known to have captured the home décor section with its high-end and modern pieces of furniture. It has garnered a good amount of online community, making it quite popular among millennials.

However, West Elm has also been dragged into controversies and criticisms concerning its product quality and services. There has been a good number of customer complaints that have made quite a buzz on social media.

So, if you are looking for an honest review, this article will run an overview of the brand. Is West Elm furniture good quality? Should you invest in West Elm furniture? Let’s find out.

Is West Elm Furniture Good Quality?

Yes, West Elm furniture is of good quality. After all, you don’t expand to over 296 stores across US, Canada, Ireland, UK and Mexico selling bad quality furniture.

West Elm is a home décor brand that produces home furniture of contemporary and modern design. West Elm was launched in 2002 by Williams Sonoma, and since has graced numerous magazine spreads and features, making it one of the well-known and notable home décor brands.

The brand has thousands of design options and even follows sustainable, environmentally friendly policies. They have a solid online community presence that makes them popular. It is a famous brand, especially amongst the millennials.

is west elm furniture good quality

Who Manufactures West Elm Furniture?

They are locally produced and manufactured right here in the USA.

Local retailers and artisans are lined up to manufacture West Elms pieces of furniture. The brand aims at bringing local manufacturers and local makers products at affordable prices.

The company claims that 90 percent of the product under the brand is produced in-house. They are made of sustainable, eco-friendly and organic material. You can be assured that all of West Elm’s products and items are Fair Trade Certified and meet the standard.

Does West Elm Ever Have Sales?

Do you wonder if West Elm has a sale? Then the answer is YES! They do have monthly, seasonal sales, and on some items, all year long. Such sales are available both online and in their stores.

If you are looking for the best sale deals, check the stores during sales like Black Friday, Cyber Mondays, Memorial Day, July 4th, for huge discounts. Besides those days, you can also look for season clearance sales to easily avail sales of up to 60 percent.

Item-themed sales happen every month where there are sales on themed items. Also, remember that seasonal clearance sale happens three times a year. Make sure you don’t miss out on any offers and sales.

Is West Elm Worth the Money?

In order to answer if West Elm is worth the money, let us first list some pros and cons of West Elms. Doing so can give a better framework to the question.


  1. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable conscious brand.
  2. Thousands of designs and items are available.
  3. They are locally made in America.
  4. The designs are contemporary and modern.


  1. Expensive
  2. Bad Customer Review
  3. Bad Customer Service

It cannot be denied that West Elms have been on hot waters given its very public complaints. The brand has a relatively low review score on leading websites. Consumer Affairs has given West Elm a 3.1-star rating (1098 reviews), TrustPilot has given a 1.3-star rating (590 reviews), and Yelp has given a 2-star rating (344 reviews) in their websites.

It’s difficult to put bad reviews into context, especially since they come from such trusted sites. Often they are not just focusing on poor customer service, but also the quality of the product.

If you can get over the negative reviews for West Elm, it’s a great company to purchase your next piece from. However if you’re very unsure about the company, then it might be worth looking into alternatives, such as Crate & Barrel.

Wrapping Up

Given its continuous years of public criticism, West Elm has lost quite a good amount of credibility from its consumers. It can be suggested that some products might have a lower quality as per standards. Just because it is expensive does not always mean it is of good quality either.

However, not all products can be said to be of the same quality. The fact that West Elm became such a popular company would still mean it does have much to offer.


Why Doesn’t West Elm Have Reviews?

Although being a high-end home décor brand that believes in community building, West Elm does not have reviews. Although the company has never commented on why it does not have a review section on their store, there are plenty of speculations buzzing around. Many people believe that reviews are disabled to prevent an influx of customer complaints

Lately, the company has had numerous public complaints against its customer service, delivery, and product quality complaints. Public customer complaints such as the #Peggygate controversy about the quality of the product led to West Elm pulling out its Peggy couch. Similar customer service complaints have kept them on hot waters.

Delayed services, low-quality products are some of the complaints that have earned West Elm a bad reputation in recent times. Since there are no reviews on West Elm, angry customers have taken it to social media to show their anger.

Is West Elm High-End?

West Elm is a high-end designer home décor brand. The furniture and other items have contemporary and modern designs which are claimed to be of high quality. They are also priced at a higher scale.

Where Is West Elm Furniture Made?

West Elm items of furniture are made in America. The brand produces and manufactures its items from local makers and manufacturers.

Are West Elm Furniture Expensive?

Compared to other furniture brands, West Elm pieces of furniture are priced expensively. Since local makers locally produce them, they are on the expensive side of the price spectrum. They carry high-end designs, which makes them pricier.

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