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King Hickory Vs Ethan Allen: Who Makes The Best Furniture?

If you’re here, you probably know that King Hickory and Ethan Allen are two very prominent furniture retailers in the United States. They have been widely loved and recognized for their beautiful and top-quality furniture. 

I personally adore both the brands for their wide range of options and their long-lasting quality. Having said that, the two brands differ from each other on many levels. 

It can get a bit complicated to choose one between the two, especially because both of them specialize in similar categories of products. 

Therefore, I have come up with this comparison – King Hickory vs Ethan Allen, after a thought-out observation, personal experience and deep research from the reviews of many customers. 

This review will help you understand which one thrives better in terms of construction, durability and quality, making your choice much easier. 

Before I present to you the unique features of both the furniture brands and point out their differences, here’s a quick comparison for your reference:

king hickory vs ethan allen

Comparing King Hickory vs Ethan Allen

King HickoryEthan Allen
Priceup to $18,000Up to $30,000
ConstructionEight-way hand tied spring baseDrop-in spring
Made InUSAUSA, Honduras and Mexico
WoodHardwood Maple PlywoodCherry, Maple and Alder
Customer ServiceVia call and emailVia call and email
PurchasingVia third party websites and company’s outletOnly via company website and outlets

About King Hickory

This is an all-American-made furniture company that came into existence in the year 1958. It has been manufacturing top-quality furniture for over 60 years now. King Hickory delivers the finest qualities of sofas, chairs, ottomans and sleepers of different fabrics, frames and styles. 

The company, owned and run by a family, is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina. It strives to deliver the most traditional styles of furniture with the best quality. 

This company’s furniture is designed to match the needs of active families who wish to use them for a lifetime. That’s why this brand is also known for the durability of its products.

You can read more about King Hickory Furniture here.

About Ethan Allen

Rooted distinctly in the American style and vision, Ethan Allen is a furniture company that has existed for over 89 years since its inception in 1932.

With American designs that revolve around modern, classic, country & coastal themes, the brand is committed to delivering its unique products globally. This is why you will find Ethan Allen stores in countries like the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, China, Qatar, Canada, Jordan and many more. 

The company is well known for its top-class level of engineering of products and for being one of the best in customizing furniture. The blend of luxury and quality makes Ethan Allen a valued brand in the market.

You can read more about Ethan Allen Furniture here.

Items Offered

When it comes to what each of the companies makes and sells, there is a rather big difference between King Hickory and Ethan Allen.

Ethan Allen is a one-stop-shop for all interior décor items, whereas, at King Hickory, you can only shop for seating furniture.

King Hickory only focuses on its niche items for the living room, such as sofas, sectionals, swivel chairs, chairs, sleepers, chaises, settees and ottomans. 

Ethan Allen, on the other hand, manufactures a variety of furniture. It has everything for interior décor starting from living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, home office furniture, to outdoor furniture. In addition, it offers lighting and décor pieces, rugs, mattresses and gifts.

Ease Of Purchase

In terms of purchase convenience, Ethan Allen provides better options than King Hickory.

You can easily purchase the items from Ethan Allen on its website. Or you can visit the Ethan Allen Design Store, the brand’s outlet, to make a purchase. There are over 300 Ethan Allen stores worldwide, located all across the U.S and international borders.

On the other hand, King Hickory isn’t quite convenient if you want to buy furniture directly from its website.

They don’t quote prices on the website, and neither are their payment options attractive. The only way to shop for King Hickory items is through third-party dealers such as Woodleys, Fenton Home Furnishings, BF Myers Furniture, etc. You can also visit outlet dealers nearest to you. 

King Hickory vs Ethan Allen On Quality

When it comes to the quality, both King Hickory and Ethan Allen have an unsurpassed quality of furniture. They are constructed by the most skilled craftsmen using the finest techniques and materials. 

These two vintage brands have been the go-to picks for many furniture lovers for over 50 years. They offer the best in terms of quality and workmanship. 

Ethan Allen employs professional furniture designers and interior designers to curate the most beautiful furniture to meet the needs of the customers.

On the other hand, King Hickory employs master craftsmen for extensive upholstery and appealing designs for incredible quality.

Who makes the best sofas?

Buying sofas from both King Hickory and Ethan Allen has its perks.

Since Ethan Allen offers a wide range of collections as well as an option to completely customize your own furniture, I prefer buying sofas from here.

However, if you’re a fan of traditional and vintage designs, there is no better place than King Hickory for a purchase!

Who makes the best chairs?

Ethan Allen has both modern and classic designs of chairs with a wider range of options.

King Hickory has limited options, but its vintage collection is to die for.

This boils down to your personal choice.

Who makes the best furniture?

Since King Hickory only sells items for seating, if you’re interested in buying other items for your house, you can check out the wide collection of products that Ethan Allen has listed on its website and displayed on its numerous stores.

The Verdict

Ethan Allen wins!

After much observation and experience, I have come to the conclusion of picking Ethan Allen as the winner. Although both of them have high durability, amazing construction and are made with the finest fabric and materials, an extra point goes to Ethan Allen for its wide range of products and ease of shopping.