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Kirkland Batteries vs Duracell – The Ultimate Battery Kickoff

Did you ever think that Kirkland batteries are a product of Duracell? Probably not. But yes, Kirkland batteries are, in fact, made by Duracell. 

Now, this might come as a surprise for those unaware since both brands are known to offer different pricing.

Duracell manufactures both the standard AA & AAA Kirkland Signature batteries. So, in simple terms, both Duracell and Kirkland batteries share the same manufacturer. 

It is generally known that Duracell comes with higher pricing but are there any other differences between the two? When you compare Kirkland Batteries vs Duracell, who comes out as the winner?

That’s exactly what we’re planning to answer. In today’s article, we’ll be making a comparison of Kirkland vs Duracell batteries, so stick around to find your right pick. 

Let’s begin the kickoff! 

At a Glance: Kirkland Batteries vs Duracell Compared

Let’s have a detailed look at the price differences of regular alkaline batteries between Duracell and Kirkland Signature.

TypePricePowerShelf LifeRecommended Use
Duracell AA$14/40-Count1.5V12 YearsCamera
Duracell AAA$14/40-Count9V10 YearsHousehold Use
Kirkland Signature AA$14/48-Count1.5V10 YearsHousehold Use
Kirkland Signature AAA$14/48-Count1.5V10 YearsHousehold Use

Which Batteries Last Longer: Kirkland Signature or Duracell? 

Costco shoppers are well aware of its signature brand Kirkland since it’s always known to offer a great deal on batteries. 

But, many people tend to look over store-brand batteries, mainly because of bigger names like Duracell. However, this isn’t the case with Kirkland, as it comes from the same manufacturer as Duracell. 

In fact, some Kirkland Signature batteries tend to be higher priced than Duracell as well. But does it actually offer the same longevity as Duracell? Let’s find out. 

The overall score of Kirkland Signature Double-A alkaline battery comes at 80 (out of 100), which is the highest scoring for branded store batteries. However, the beloved cost-efficient batter has gone up in price recently. 

This puts the brand in tough competition against reputable names like Duracell, which has an overall score of 89 (out of 100) for its Double-A alkaline battery. 

But the Kirkland Signature battery is still considered the BEST BUY option in the AA alkaline section. But this isn’t about who offers the best value. Since this section’s main focus is its longevity, we’ll have to give it to Duracell.

In terms of long-lasting performance, Duracell is still at the top of its game, and one major contribution to this is technology. 

Duracell is packed with modern technology, such as its High-Density Core and Duralock, which is the main contributor to preventing leakages in the battery. Meanwhile, its High-Density Core is meant to provide more energy. 

kirkland batteries vs duracell

Are There Differences Between Duracell and Kirkland Batteries? 

Yes, there is! Although Duracell manufactures Kirkland, that doesn’t mean the two brands share the same structure – be it performance, pricing, etc. Let’s see how it varies: 

  • Duracell batteries come with magnetic charge; however, Kirkland does not.
  • Kirkland batteries are generally more cost-effective, while Duracell batteries are costlier. 
  • Duracell batteries cater to various sizes and needs. The same can be said for Kirkland, but Alkaline Kirkland batteries lack in terms of leakage protection. 

Now, let’s compare warranties for the two brands. 

Duracell Warranty

The company offers a limited warranty to customers against material and workmanship defects. The warranty period typically ranges from 2 to 5 years.

However, this is not a standard period and can vary according to the purchased item. You will, of course, need the sales receipt to activate the warranty. 

The product should also comply with the instructions as per the warranty. Duracell’s warranty also does not cover damages caused by negligence, abuse, misuse, and accident. 

Kirkland Signature Warranty

As Kirkland batteries are mainly acquired through Costco, the batteries often come under the Costco Battery Warranty. It also follows similar steps such as providing a sales receipt, etc., to avail of the warranty.

However, one main difference between Kirkland and Duracell’s warranty is transparency. Kirkland, unfortunately, does not share the same detailed warranty policy as Duracell. 

Battery Review – Duracell vs Kirkland Batteries

Here’s a review of the two brands, including their best battery, differences in performance, features, etc.

Best Duracell AA Battery 

1. Duracell Plus Double-A Batteries 

The Plus AA battery is an excellent all-around battery. It has a long shelf life of 10 years and is supported by its duralock technology. 

This means the battery has excellent leakage protection and packs 50% more power than regular AA batteries. 

2. Duracell Ultra Double-A Batteries  

These are a great option for those looking for an affordable alternative to the much pricier lithium batteries. It’s an ideal choice for LED torches and delivers about 1.27V.


  • Very high performance
  • Widely available
  • Performs well under high-drain use


  • Comparatively expensive

Best Kirkland Signature Battery

1. Kirkland Signature Double-A Battery

This is a very cost-effective option with no added mercury. Like Duracell’s AA battery, this one also comes with an impressive shelf life of 10 years. 

2. Kirkland Signature Triple-A Battery 

The triple-A alkaline battery from Kirkland signature is a handy choice if your area of interest is something pocket friendly. It also packs a powerful charge of 1.5V, which is only a few points behind Duracell Ultra Double-A. 


  • Comparatively Cheaper 
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Great value-performance ratio


  • Prone to leakage


Are Kirkland Batteries Known To Leak?

Previous research has stated that alkaline batteries are all prone to leakage. In the study, a lab-scale was used with 8 alkaline AA batteries and stopped working in a few days owing to terrible leaking from one of the cells.

Similar issues emerge when using Kirkland, where batteries that were primarily supposed to last for 4 years started leaking and destroying the battery holder.

Are Costco Batteries As Good As Duracell?

Costco’s Signature AA Kirkland batteries are said to have a total score of 80 out of 100. Costco batteries are as good a deal as Duracell, having frequent buyers from Costco.

Kirkland is considered one of the best due to its overall quality and a great deal to purchase.

Who makes Kirkland Batteries?

Kirkland standard AA batteries, as well as AAA batteries, are readily available in Costco stores. However, the manufacturer of these batteries is, in fact, Duracell.

Hence, these batteries are produced by the same brand, but they are entirely different models. Duracell is pricier than Kirkland batteries, so Kirkland is an affordable alternative with similar qualities.

Wrapping Up

Factors that play a huge role in which battery to choose are the requirements and abilities of the person. Many people have second doubts when purchasing batteries from a store brand.

However, you need not worry about the same with Kirkland as it is manufactured by Duracell, a big name in the battery manufacturing industry.

Kirkland Signature Alkaline Batteries share similarities with Duracell’s AA Alkaline Batteries. There are differences but not all that significant when powering low-draining devices like a remote control or wall clock.

However, when it comes to high-draining devices, such as a camera, lamp or game controller, you can evidently notice the differences in regards to their reliability and lifespan.