One Clove Garlic Equals how Many Teaspoons? Here Are Multiple Conversions

Many tasty recipes and dishes call for garlic. They add a unique taste and blend flavor into the food you cook. And garlic is a versatile ingredient in savory as well as sweet dishes.

Garlic shares its traits with onions and shallots. They give off a similar aroma when they are fresh. They have a pungent yet pleasing smell when raw and smell nutty when cooked.

And you might be surprised that garlic is not just a versatile ingredient in cooking. They have several medicinal values and purposes as well.

And one thing to remember before using garlic is to utilize them in the right amount. Whether you want to use it in the kitchen for a recipe or cure your cold, it is vital to measure the intake. So, we are here to help you with that.

You might have the question, “one clove garlic equals how many teaspoons?” Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss how to measure garlic portions using both tablespoons and teaspoons.

We will also suggest accurate substitutions and ratios for minced garlic and garlic powder for several purposes. So, let us get on with it.

One Clove Garlic Equals How Many Teaspoons

Number of ClovesNumber of Teaspoons
11 and ½
34 and ½
57 and ½
710 and ½
913 and ½

Depending on the region and climate, garlic bulbs come in many sizes. A garlic bulb of average size will give you about 12 to 13 garlic cloves. We will consider cloves from a medium bulb for measuring.

And according to our estimate, you need about 1 and ½ teaspoons to match a single clove. But if the clove is larger than the average size, you can use ½ as a substitute. Here is a table to make things clearer.

How Many Tablespoons Equals a Garlic Clove?

As a tablespoon is larger in size, you must use smaller amounts than teaspoons. Therefore, in a clove, there is about a half tablespoon of garlic.

Remember that garlic varies in shape and size. So, these measurements might be different for different products. And sometimes, you just have to eyeball the amount. Nevertheless, here is an approximate amount for the number of tablespoons.

Number of Garlic ClovesNumber of Tablespoons
31 and ½
52 and ½
73 and ½
94 and ½

How Much Minced Garlic Equals One Clove?

Minced garlic is a perfect ingredient when you want the garlic flavor to mix well with the dish you are preparing. And when it comes to minced garlic, you have to take different measurements. You should also be aware of tablespoons and teaspoons.

For instance, to measure a teaspoon, you have to take about half the amount for a tablespoon as the former is smaller in size.

How Many Teaspoons of Minced Garlic Equals how Many Cloves?

To find out how many teaspoons of minced garlic equals 1 clove and so on, refer to the chart below.

Number of Garlic ClovesTeaspoon of Minced Garlic

As you can see, the substitution ratio is the same for teaspoons. Whether you want to know how much minced garlic equals 3 cloves or 13 cloves, the ratio is the same.

How Many Tablespoons of Minced Garlic Equals how Many Cloves?

For a tablespoon, you have to use lesser amounts as tablespoons are larger than teaspoons. For instance, to replace one clove of garlic, you can use 1/3 tablespoon of minced garlic.

Below is the substitute ratio for how much minced garlic to use for a tablespoon.

Number of Garlic ClovesTablespoon of Minced Garlic
41 and 1/3
51 and 2/3
72 and 1/3
82 and 2/3
103 and 1/3

How Many Cloves of Garlic Equals 1 Tsp of Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is the solution if you do not want to waste time peeling and dicing garlic. We all know it takes time to peel and chop garlic. And when you want a fine paste, you have to use a pestle and mortar.

Instead of going through all the dilemmas, you can use powdered garlic for your cooking. Just flick the container cap and sprinkle to taste. It is as simple as that.

However, to use garlic powder as a substitute for fresh garlic, you need specific amounts. To compare 1 clove of garlic to powder, you can substitute 1/8 teaspoon of powder for a single clove.

And to find out how much garlic powder equals 1 clove and so on, refer to the chart below.

Number of garlic clovesTeaspoon of garlic powder
91 and 1/8
101 and 2/8

one clove garlic equals how many teaspoons

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Clove of Garlic?

A single clove of garlic can give you different measurements. Some people prefer using the whole raw clove, while some like them crushed. And whether you’re a fan of raw, chopped or minced garlic, here are a few popular conversions for a single clove.

So, a single clove of garlic equals to:

  • 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic
  • ½ teaspoon of minced garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon of granulated garlic
  • ½ teaspoon of dried or powdered garlic
  • ½ teaspoon of garlic flakes

How Much Garlic Powder Equals 1 Tablespoon of Minced Garlic?

Substituting garlic powder for minced garlic is another advantage of using the powder. Minced garlic is fresher than garlic powder and adds texture to your dishes. But sometimes, you have to use powdered garlic when your stock runs out.

And to substitute a tablespoon of minced garlic, you can use about ¾ tablespoons of powder.

How Much Chopped Garlic Equals One Clove?

Chopping your garlic adds texture to your food. It also intensifies the flavor and gives it a unique taste. And if you want to substitute it for a single clove, you can use a teaspoon amount. For a tablespoon, use half the amount you use for a teaspoon.

How Much Granulated Garlic Equals One Clove?

To replace your dishes with granulated garlic, you need about ¼ teaspoon for one garlic clove. You can apply the same ratio for dehydrated or frozen garlic. If you have minced garlic lying in the fridge, you can apply the same method.

Wrapping Up

Garlic has many health benefits. They can cure colds and sore throats and even lower blood pressure levels. What’s more, they are low in calories which makes them a perfect addition to a weight loss diet.

Above all, they make your dishes delicious and give a unique aroma. This is why almost everyone loves adding them to their diet. And whether you like minced, sliced or consuming them raw, we hope the above conversion tables help you.