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Will Lowes Cut Wood For You? 2022 Lumber Policy + Cost

In general, Lowe’s will cut store-bought wood for you. There may be store specific policies to charge a small fee however.

Lowe’s is a major retailer that not only caters to your home improvement needs, but can also offer you professional services relating to these. They provide cutting services for their customers, although there are store-specific policies on this.

Generally, you can easily avail wood cutting services at all the stores.

Will Lowes Cut Wood For Free

The Lowe’s site says it cuts wood for you but does not specify if it cuts for free.

It offers free cutting services to customers who buy wood from the store. However, there is a catch to this service.

The cutting services vary from store to store as per the number of cuts. Initially, cutting services were free, but now, they start charging you for every extra cut after a certain number of cuts.

The store policies are different across the country. Some stores start charging you after 6 cuts, and some stores charge after maybe 3 cuts.

Some stores on a busy day might not even entertain more than 2 cuts. The change in the policy stated was to reduce the workload of the staff.

Does The Store Cut Wood To Size

The answer again is dependent on store policies. The free cut services in most stores have recently been reduced to cutting wood to fit into your car or truck.

This is because more work and time are required from staff compared to before.

Most stores entertain rough cuts, as in cutting boards to regular sizes. For project cuts, you will have to come prepared with more than just the wood.

Here are some tips if you are coming in for a project cut and willing to pay for the cuts.

  • Come prepared with the number of cuts, markers and measurements of the wood size.
  • Visit the stores during off-peak hours to avoid queues. You do not want to get in line during rush hour, causing extra work for the staff and additional wait time.
  • Projects such as these require time and attention, so make sure you are friendly and polite to the staff. Trust me; this will help get your work done faster.

Types of Cuts Offered

Lowe’s cuts your woods to your desired sizes and cuts. Let us further see what types they offer and what they don’t to their customers.

Angled Cuts

Lowe’s will cut wood straight, but they can’t make angled cuts. If you insist they do, it might not be accurate for professional projects.

Circle Cuts

Lowe’s offer rough cuts that run straight or just enough to fit your car in most stores. With that being said, Lowe’s does not cut wood or timber in circles at the store.

Wood Lattice

No, Lowe’s does not provide cutting wood lattice for you. However, you can find a variety of pre-cut wood lattices at the store

Holes In Wood

Lowe’s has limited its cutting services to standard straight cuts and sizes, so they most likely do not cut holes in wood for you.

Finding another place for furnishing your cuts would be a better option if you do not have the tools.

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Lowe’s Will Cut These Materials For You

You can get almost all timber or wood material cut at the store except for a few exceptions. Now that we have covered all cuts and sizes Lowe’s services provide its customers let us see what wood materials it entertains.


Your local lowe’s store can cut plywood material for you. It can accommodate cutting down large plywoods to your desired sizes or fit your car or truck. However, stores might charge you extra after store policy limited cuts.


Yes, it does. Most Lowe’s stores have a panel saw, which cuts boards and plywoods.

will lowes cut wood for you

Other Places That Cut Wood

If your local Lowe’s is unwilling to offer wood cutting service, don’t fret.

There are several other places where you can cut your wood. You can check if your locality has a lumber yard where you can cut your wood.

Besides that, you can also cut it in a sawmill, Makerspace, woodworking shops or cooperatives.

If these wood cutting options are not available, then you can order pre-cut timber for your work. However, pre-cut lumber would mean you will have to work with whatever material you purchase.

You can even reach out to the nearest Home Depot store for getting your wood cut.

The options will be limited if you have a more professional project. It would be best to find timber cutting places for your desired cuts and sizes.

Our Readers Asked

Can I Bring In My Own Wood For A Cut

No, Lowe’s will not allow cutting wood that you bring from outside.

What Would Be The Cost To Have My Wood Cut at Lowe’s

After the store policy limited cuts, you will be charged for additional cuts. The extra cost can start from $0.50 in most stores. However, some local store prices can vary as per policy.

What Is the Best Time to Go to Lowe’s for Cutting Wood

The best time to go for cutting your timber will be in the early morning working hours or the evening but not before the closing hours.

Does Lowes Cut Wood Even for Pickup Orders

It is unclear from Lowe’s website whether they provide wood cutting services for pickup orders.
You will have to get in touch with the local executive of the store to avail such services.

Does Lowe’s Pre-Cut Wood for You

Lowe’s carries a line of pre-cut lumbers at the store. You can find a variety of pre-cut items that can best suit your need or project.

If you are looking for an online order, you will have to get through an executive to avail such services.