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Lowes vs Home Depot Lumber – Who Has Better Wood?

Lumber and wooden products are essential parts of building something in your home. Whether for decking, paneling, or framing, lumber serves as the basic foundation to ensure that your construction project brings the desired results. There are so many types of lumber to choose from based on what you need. 

Most popular choices for lumber come from either Lowes or Home Depot. Both outlets are known for their broad selection of lumber to serve any purpose, whether it’s for construction or building furniture. Let’s look at how these two companies that sell lumber compare. 

Who Has Better Lumber Lowes Or Home Depot

Home DepotLowes
Has graded supply of lumber in all of their storesHas wide range of graded lumber including softwood and hardwood
Selection of lumber is vastSelection of lumber is large yet limited
Has cheaper lumberHas cheap lumber but not cheaper than Home Depot
Offers Medium density fiberboard (MDF) for a smooth appearanceOffers barnwood boards that gives off a weathered look
Offers free store pickup or free shipping on qualifying ordersCan deliver lumber, plywood and pressure treated wood when ordering online

Is Wood Cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot

While both retailers offer a similar type of wood, the quality and pricing also come into play. Home Depot and Lowes both charge $2.63 for a 2 x 4 wooden board, and Home Depot charges $10.25 for a 4×8 particle board, while Lowes goes for $10.55 for the same product. 

Both Home Depot and Lowes offer prices that are quite similar. But you can say that Home Depot is a tad cheaper than Lowes. While looking for lumber, you can keep in mind the quality and thickness of the wood. 

Is Home Depot Lumber Any Good

Many shoppers and construction workers get their lumber from Home Depot as they have a broad selection of lumber and wood products. With more than two thousand stores across the United States and Canada, Home Depot has become one of the primary shopping locations for people who want quality lumber at reasonable prices. 

Shopping at Home Depot is as good as it gets with good customer ratings. The lumber quality can determine the outcome of your construction project. So it’s safe to assume that Home Depot lumber is good. 

Grades of Lumber at Home Depot

When you’re looking for lumber, there will be a wide range of lumber choices you can make. Selecting the right lumber means that you should have a sense of knowledge about the type of wood you will buy. Lumber grading is determined by the look and strength of the product, and there are different grading systems for both hardwood and softwood. 

For hardwood, the grades of lumber at Home Depot are:

  • FAS (First and Second): This is the best grade of lumber you can find as it is typically flawless on all sides. 6×8 inches and 83% free from defect. 
  • Select: This lumber grade is free from defects on its primary surface. 83% defect-free. 4×6 inches minimum. 
  • Number 1 Common: 66% Defect free
  • Number 2 Common: 50% Defect free 

For softwood grading at Home Depot:

  • C Select: Little to no defects
  • D Select: Bit more defects than C Select 
  • Number 1 Common: Normal grade
  • Number 2 Common: This lumber has bigger knots
  • Number 3 Common: Has bigger knots than number 2 common 

Is Lowes Lumber Any Good

Lowes offers a variety of wooden products categorized into different types of lumber and uses. From plywood sheets to shims and project panels, Lowes has it all. There may be instances where you’d want a specific measurement of wood for your project. So Lowes has a wide range of lumber based on size. 

You can also shop for lumber based on wooden species like cedar, teak, oak, and white pine. So if you were wondering if Lowes lumber was any good, then it is. 

Grades of Lumber at Lowes

The grading of lumber at Lowes is similar to Home Depot. However, they have their own grading designations based on hardwood and softwood. For hardwood, grading is determined by the number of defects on the wood. Softwood is split into two categories: Dimensional lumber and appearance boards, and both grades are listed from highest to lowest. 

Lowes hardwood grading:

  • First and Second (FAS): 83% usable material on a single face. Minimum 6×8 inches 
  • Select (Sel): 83% usable on one face. Minimum 4×6 inches. 
  • #1 Common: 66% usable with minimum dimensions of 3×4 inches 
  • #2 Common: 50% usable with minimum dimensions of 3×4 inches

Lowes hardwood grading: 

  • C Select: Free from defects
  • D Select: Good appearance with minimal knots 
  • 1 Common: Fine material with tight knots. Uses high-quality pinewood 
  • 2 Common: Has tight knots and is commonly used for paneling work 
  • 3 Common: Has knots bigger than 2 Common. Used mostly for building fences and small crates. 

who has better lumber lowes or home depot
lowes vs home depot lumber
who has better lumber lowes or home depot

Plywood at Lowes vs Home Depot

Both retailers have an array of plywood based on size, type of wood, and thickness. 

If you want a 4 ft x 8ft plywood with a thickness of 1/2 inch, you’ll get it for $17.55 at Home Depot and $17.98 at Lowes. 

Who Has Better Treated Lumber Lowes or Home Depot

While both retailers offer treated lumber of different sorts to the customers, one has to consider its uses. However, Home Depot’s lumber is treated for ground contact, while Lowes lumber isn’t treated explicitly for ground contact. So, Home Depot has better treated lumber. 

Who Has Better Wood Selection Lowes or Home Depot

Looking around large retail stores for the specific type of wood and lumber could be a headache, especially if you don’t want to waste time. Availability plays a big factor in determining what we want to buy. 

Regarding wood selection, Home Depot has a broader range of wood as their stores are comparatively larger than Lowes. However, both retailers have their own unique wooden products that appeal to different customers. 

Other Questions About Lumber at Lowe’s and Home Depot

Does Lowes or Home Depot Deliver Lumber

Yes, both Lowes and Home Depot deliver lumber to any location in the country. You can visit their websites and add the products to your cart. It usually takes five business days to deliver the lumber based on your zip code. 

Is It Cheaper to Buy Lumber from Lowes or A Lumber Yard

Yes, it’s cheaper to buy lumber from Lowes instead of a lumber yard because of the stores’ large amounts of products. But keep in mind that some lumber yards could have lower prices on different woods based on where you live. 

Is It Cheaper to Buy Lumber from Home Depot or A Lumber Yard

Due to the massive selection of different wooden producers at Home Depot, it is comparatively cheaper to buy from them instead of a lumber yard.

Does Lowes Carry Graded Lumber

Yes, Lowes carries graded lumber of all sorts, and all the lumber available in their stores is categorized into different sections based on wood grading. 

Does Home Depot Carry Graded Lumber

Yes, Home Depot carries graded lumber, and its stores have a wide selection of different lumbers based on grades and pricing. 

Wrapping Up – Lowes vs Home Depot Lumber

Both retailers provide great affordable lumber to customers. You can get pressure-treated lumber, dimensional lumber, softwood, plywood, etc. You can also get softwood boards that are pretty affordable for your small home projects or hardwood boards that serve as a great type of wood for furniture projects. 

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Friday 30th of June 2023

You miss a very large subject: who has better quality lumber? It doesn't matter if you're in Seattle, Dallas, Louisville, Boise, anywhere in the US...Lowe's lumber is dimensionally more stable and far better quality than that of Home Depot. There's no comparison for price, since they both charge exactly the same for framing lumber; however, you may have a project which requires lumber that has little room for twisting, bowing, cupping or warp. Go to Home Depot with a list and hand-pick your lumber: you'll be there for hours trying to find what you need as near-perfect as possible and will just give up; however, go to Lowe's, eyeball your lumber one piece at a time and you'll fill your list much quicker. Certain projects require very dimensionally stable lumber, such as roof trusses, certain walls and the like; Lowe's' lumber, simply put, is far better suited to the task.