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19 Most Expensive Candles In The World

How much would you pay for a candle? Ten dollars? Or maybe fifteen?

If you’re like me, you won’t pay more than five dollars for a decent set of scented candles.

But who am I kidding? You’re probably reading this article to find the most expensive candle you can get your hands on. Aren’t you?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be listing some of the most luxurious (and overpriced!) candles from the lowest price to the highest.

Let us start with the 19 most expensive candles first. Make sure you read to the very end, because the last one is a shocker!

19 Most Expensive Candles that Most People Can’t Afford

The Ernesto Rose Gold Scented Candle by Cire Trudon: $106

If you don’t like the smell of cigars, this isn’t the candle for you. The Ernesto Rose Gold has a spicy and woody scent that gives you the urge to down a glass of the finest Havana Club rum.

Fire Scented Candle by Tom Dixon: $130

Introducing Tom Dixon’s illustrious fire scented candle, which is just one of the four scented candles inspired by the four elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire).

Its created with a careful blend of Cypriol oil, amber, and musk, which gives off a refreshing and smoky scent. Here, the aim is to recreate the smell of hot, dry tarmac and scorched timber. Classy choice if you live somewhere close to nature.

Fabulous Candle by Tom Ford: $132

Need a candle to evoke your most sensual and private desires? Say no more!

The fabulous candle is undeniably the most deviant candle on this list and is designed for the most romantic nights.

Let’s just say it’s a natural aphrodisiac.

Heirloom Artisan Candle by Laguna: $149

The Heirloom candle comes in a beautifully decorated handblown glass which fills the room with the most heavenly fragrance.

Not only does it smell incredible, it’s also a great piece of décor for any room.

Napoleon Bust Candle by Cire Trudon: $170

The Napolean Bust Candle is more of a decoration piece than a candle and is meant to be preserved. After all, why would you want to burn this beautiful wax model of the great Napoleon Bonaparte?

I love the condescending expression on his face as he looks down on you with his arms crossed.

Golden Burlesque Scented Candle by Fornasetti: $176

Don’t you just love these Italian names? I can’t stop myself from making those notorious Italian hand gestures.

This candle is designed with the face of the legendary opera singer Lina Cavalieri. What’s more, the insides are laced with Piero Fornasetti’s prized signature aroma, Otto.

One whiff of this will make you go mamma mia!

Labirinto Smeraldo by Richard Ginori: $250

Here’s another incredible Italian candle that has been winning hearts(and noses) since 1926. The Labirinto was created by the great Gio Ponti and features a maze-like sensation in its design.

The smell is exquisite and tasteful and has elements of spicy woods, fresh citrus, and aromatic musk.

Lava Glaze & Bone Glass Candle by Marloe Marloe: $282

This extravagant-looking candle features a beautiful lava texture that can impress the snobbiest of art curators.

The Lava Glaze has a plethora of aromas all neatly mixed together to give you the ultimate prized fragrance. Just look at the number of ingredients here; you have coriander, Bergamot, Lime, Green leaf, Cedar Wood, and Vetiver. Hope your nose can handle it!

most expensive candles
most expensive candles

Le Jardin De Versace by Versace: $306

Ah, the French. Beautiful culture, beautiful cinema, and now, beautiful candles.

Le Jardin De Versace is the perfect candle to put up while you’re hosting a fancy-schmancy dinner party. Let the beautiful aroma seep into your soul as you drink that expensive wine and engage in pretentious conversation for the next hour or two.

Fumus Star Eye Candle by Gucci: $350

The Star Eye Candle is a great piece of Eye candy for the room. The lush and modern design features a hint of Ginori porcelain.

The fragrance has a touch of beeswax and orange leaves and is designed to recreate the scent of a Florentine workshop. Seems like the perfect blend between traditional and modern.

Star-Lina-Candle-Otto by Fornasetti: $363

Fornasetti’s Otto makes another appearance in this lavishly aromatic candle.

With looks meant to impress, you definitely want to keep this somewhere your guests can see.

Gomitolo Purple Wax Candle by Missoni: $372

This candle is a purple ball of yarn, which is.. impressive, I guess?

While it may look odd, it smells yummy! Definitely gets extra points for creativity.

Trust me; you’re kids will wanna throw this ball around.

Dragonfly Trellis Candle by Jay Strongwater: $395

A mixture of jasmine, clove, golden tangerine, and a slight taste of orange.

Not only does this candle smell good, it looks straight out of a Disney princess movie. I mean, it’s got 14 K gold embellishments and beautiful Swarovski crystals to illuminate your home. Who would want a piece of that?

Totem by Richard Ginori: $428

Created with a mash of Sicilian mandarin, Spicy wood, Patchouli, Ambergris, and Myrrh, amongst other ingredients.

It smells absolutely out of this world! Oh, and there’s a golden squirrel on top. Gush!

Scheherazade’s Quarters 1001 Lights Candle by Lladro: $520

This candle smells like something straight out of a magical fantasy novel. Oh wait, it is.

The scent represents the illustrious magic of the night, so if you ever wanted to know what the full moon smells like, here’s your chance.

Mojave Unicorn 4 Wick Candle by L’Objet: $604

This candle looks like a creature from the world of fantastical beasts, not to mention it’s hella cute!

Made from 24 K gold accents, this is one luxurious-looking creature, and it smells like the mystical Mojave desert. If that’s not enough, you could always pet him.

Incenso Candle by Dolce & Gabbana: $625

Hoot hoot! It’s owl time!

The sweet smell of frankincense greets you along with this little owl-shaped candle’s curious and adorable eyes.

Pet him, smell him; tell him about your day! He’s the nicest smelling friend you’ll ever have.

The Virgin Violet Candle by Gucci: $680

Only word comes to mind here, mesmerizing!

Made from the finest violet leaves and lush Irish petals, this candle gives an illuminating and graceful aroma.

It’s part of the Alchemist’s Garden line, which has become widely renowned in the perfume world today.

The Swan decoration replicates the elegance of this fine candle and gives it an alluring touch.

Parrot’s Treasure Scented Candle by Lladro: $900

The Parrot’s Treasure will make you feel like you’re walking through a forest full of the most beautiful flowers and fragrant herbs.

The ingredients include mango, coconut, and soya, which make up 15 % of the perfume used in this candle.

It’s a fresh, natural, flowery aroma that you will love to inhale on those beautiful autumn mornings. What’s more, the wooden lid vase can be used to hold a bouquet of flowers once the candle dies out.

Finally, the shiny and silvery parrot looks almost life-like in design—definitely a keeper.

What Is the Most Expensive Candle in The World?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the highest price luxury candles on the market, it’s time to look at the most expensive of them all. Get ready, folks; this one’s gonna be a shocker.

Ocean Scented Candle, Gold edition by Lalique: $2150

Yes, you read that right. This mother of all candles will burn a $ 2,150 hole in your pocket. But guess what, you’ll fall in love with the scent.

The Ocean Scented Candle by Lalique is designed to capture the essence of the everlasting ocean. It is a grandiose treasure that fills your senses with the finest aroma crafted by multiple masters in the perfume trade.

Lacquered gold embellishments decorate the vase, giving it a sun-like aura; it’s really the stuff of dreams. And, of course, once the candle burns out, you can use the beautiful crystal vase as an opulent decorative piece.

Why Are Luxury Candles so Expensive?

A lot of it has to do with the ingredients used in luxury candles. Candles are a careful blend of specific oils that produce a pleasing aroma when burnt. Moreover, luxury candles use high-end ingredients, such as soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax.

To give a broad insight, it takes eight pounds of honey just to make one pound of beeswax; similarly, each pound of coconut wax can be extremely costly to produce.

What Is the Most Luxury Candle Wax?

Probably beeswax, as it takes a heck lot of honey to produce.

So there you have it, 20 of the most expensive candles in the world.

As they say, big money only gets you the very best, and it’s definitely true in the case of luxury candles. So that leaves us with the big question, would you buy the most expensive candle in the world?