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7 Pillows Like Squishmallows For Grownups To Have The Perfect Sleep

Wishing You Had Pillows Like Squishmallows? It Might Be A Possibility!

Are you super into warm or fuzzy things? Then you have definitely heard about Squishmallows! And no they aren’t siblings to marshmallows, though I see why you went there.

Squishmallows are a type of super squishy and soft plush toys released in 2017 and became widely popular. Their main popularity factor is their squishy nature and comforting vibe. They can be the best companions for your travel, sleep, or just holding on to while having some ‘me time’.

Squishmallows got their name from their inner stuffing of super-soft polyester fiber that is marshmallow-like to the touch. Squishmallows are a hit among kids and young adults alike due to their super cute designs and comfort factor. They are so popular that they go out of stock as soon as they hit the aisles at retail stores. 

These days, there are more questions about actual pillows that resemble the features of squishmallows. The soft snuggle feel is the reason behind this demand. Thankfully, manufacturers aren’t lagging too behind in meeting this demand. 

Are There Actual Pillows That Feel Like Squishmallows For Adults?

It might seem like I’m lying, but there are actual pillows like squishmallows for adults. And they are readily available on People actually have been using their squishmallows as a head pillow; smaller-sized ones just get squished in their arms during a nap.

The bigger-sized squishmallows are really loved by most adults as a pillow, but there is an ever-increasing demand for actual squishmallow pillows for sleeping. Companies are trying to come up with something that is as comforting as the original squishmallows. 

There is also a range of “marshmallow pillows” trying to provide the same amount of comfort and snuggles to the squishmallow-crazed. Also, they are all available online and in stock for longer durations than squishmallows. 

7 Pillows That Feel Like Squishmallows! Are They Worth Your Money?

Squishmallows were originally launched by Kelly Toys back in 2017. Gradually, with the demand for pillows that feel like squishmallows kept increasing, the company started a new squad of ‘Pillow Pals’ for its customer base.

Looking at the demand, a lot of other companies also have started manufacturing different types of plush pillows to satisfy the consumers. Here are 7 pillows that resemble squishmallows:

1. Mushy Pillows

These pillows can make for excellent support to your hands, neck, and head while you sleep. They usually vary in size and shape; a regular rectangle-shaped mushy pillow might be 17 “W x 6 “H x 10” D in dimensions. Also, they have different shapes like butterflies that kids instantly take a liking to.

The biggest pro regarding these pillows is that they are super squishy and can help relieve pressure points in your body. The biggest con with mushy pillows would be that these pillows have a strong odor that can be difficult to get rid of. 

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2. Buffy Cloud Pillows

These pillows are incredibly soft to touch and are ideal to sleep with; the inside is filled with super soft recycled material. The material covering these pillows absorbs moisture much better than anything else, and you don’t have to worry about sweating. Also, one advantage of these pillows is that they don’t contain any essential oils and are safe for kids and pets.

Their sizes vary from 20″ L x 28″ W for Standard Pillows and 20″ L x 36″ W for King size Pillows. Their prices can go up to around $99. However, One con about Buffy Cloud Pillows is that their polyester cover might not feel as comfortable as cotton fabric-covered pillows.

Check out Buffy Cloud Pillows at Amazon

3. Snuggle Pedic Body Pillow

Body pillows can be a fantastic treat for young adults with sleeping problems or simply for people who like to snuggle. They are soft pillows that do not compromise your body posture and mold the way you want them to.

On Amazon, they are available for $69.99; however, discounts may be available from time to time. Their regular size is 16.4 x 8 x 8 inches, the usual body pillow standard. One con about this pillow is that it might move from pressure points, making you adjust the whole pillow before you sleep.

Check out Snuggle Pedic at Amazon

4. Enther Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are the new craze- with their amazing body support and superb comfort. This Enther memory foam pillow is made of 40% bamboo and 60 % polyester, making it a good option against synthetic pillows. 

It will provide firm support to your body and reduces moisture- so hot sleepers, this one’s a great option for you! It comes in two sizes- King and Queen and is adjustable according to your preference. On Amazon, it is priced at around $45.91. 

5. Sleepy Cat Microfiber Cloud Pillow

The SleepyCat Microfiber pillows are perfect as they are filled with microfibers, making them very soft. They come with an adjustable zipper in their casing, so you can even add extra stuffing as per your preference. 

The size of this pillow is 68.6L x 45.7W Centimeters, and on Amazon, it is priced at $14.95. This pillow is very fluffy and is highly comfortable. However, if you like to sleep on your side, then you might have a bit of trouble adjusting to it.

6. Feezush Stuffed Plush Pillows

The Feezush plush pillows at Amazon are priced at $21.95 and vary from 19.6″ to 23.6″ in size. These stuffed pillows will be an instant hit with kids or young adults. 

They are hug-sized and come in adorable designs. With no artificial or added colors, they are completely safe for children. One thing you should remember is that most plush pillows or regular pillows are vacuum-packed. So it might take a little while for the pillow to inflate into its proper size.

7. MorisMos Unicorn Body pillow

The MorisMos Body pillows are extremely adorable and squishy, and they are perfect gifts for your kids or nephews and nieces. Kids generally like to have company while they sleep, and these body pillows might just be the best ones up for the job. 

Their sizes range from 23.6″- 36.2″ on Amazon and are priced at $33.99. The best thing about this pillow is that there are no detachable parts, so they are safe for children of all ages. The filling in the MorisMos body pillow is 100% down cotton, which is much softer than PP cotton.

pillows like squishmallows

What Do Our Dear Friends At reddit Have To Say About Squishmallows For Grown Ups?

While researching for this article, I came across this reddit thread where there is a lot of useful information.

Based on the Reddit thread about “pillows like squishmallows,” here are the key takeaways:

  1. Availability of Squishmallow-like Pillows: Users discussed various options similar to squishmallows but more suitable for adults. Suggestions included:
    • Stackables, such as a 20″ Sinclair one, which is similar to a pillow.
    • Walmart’s squish circle pillows, which have the same squishiness as squishmallows.
    • Mainstay Ms Teddy Round Pillow, available at Walmart.
  2. Alternative Solutions:
    • Some users suggested unconventional methods, like buying a squishmallow and putting a pillowcase over it.
    • Others recommended using standard squishmallows as pillows or footrests.
  3. DIY Options:
    • DIY enthusiasts proposed making grown-up versions by repurposing existing squishmallows or using similar stuffing materials.
  4. Creative Use:
    • Users shared creative ways they incorporate squishmallows into their bedding decor, such as using them for display during the day and as pillows at night.
  5. Specific Product Recommendations:
    • Specific products were mentioned, like Sesame Street squishmallows and Costco’s 16″ squishmallows for DIY projects.
  6. Personal Experiences:
    • Users shared personal anecdotes about using squishmallows as pillows or ordering specific designs for their beds.
  7. Desire for More Options:
    • Some users expressed a desire for a wider variety of grown-up squishmallow-like pillows.

What Makes Squishmallows So Squishy?

Squishmallows are so squishy because of their inner filling of marshmallow-like polyester fiber. Their material prevents them from changing their shape when crushed or squished. It is also the reason why they are so huggable and comforting.

Can You Sleep On Squishmallows? Are They Pillows?

Squishmallows were initially created to provide comfort and company to young adults and kids. Due to their softness factor, people started using them as pillows, and the demand for squishmallow pillows started increasing. Even if they were not created for sleeping, they can be used as pillows.

Are There Grownup Squishmallow Pillows?

Adults are as much attracted to squishmallows as kids. While kids go after their cuteness, adults seek comfort and collectability in squishmallows. There are bigger sizes available for squishmallows, and there are also body pillows that resemble squishmallows for adults. 

What Is A Marshmallow Pillow?

Marshmallow pillows are incredibly soft pillows that are filled with a hypoallergenic synthetic filling and encased with 100% cotton. Because of their filling, they are extremely soft and comfortable for sleeping. 

They are usually in the 20″ x 28″ size, with a 2″ gusset. The gusset helps give some structure to the pillow- when you lay on a marshmallow pillow, it really feels like you are sinking into it.   

Their comfort and softness make marshmallow pillows an excellent alternate to squishmallows in terms of feel.

Are There Pillows That Feel Like Squishmallows?

With the demand for squishy pillows and squishmallow pillows skyrocketing, many companies have started taking it upon them to meet these demands. 

There are lots of pillows that are similar to squishmallows. They are either plush pillows for kids or regular pillows for sleeping for adults; body pillows also have the comfort and snuggle factor of squishmallows.

Most of such pillows are available on Amazon; however, you can also get squishmallow-like pillows at your local Walmart or other retail stores. 

Wrapping Up

Squishmallows are extremely soft and comfortable, their filling making them fun to squish and crush. They are also one of the most sought-after toys for kids. Their comfort also makes them suitable for sleeping on, and people have been looking for pillows that feel like squishmallows.

While they are primarily found in small sizes, people use the bigger ones as pillows. Companies have been trying to bring in such comforting pillows for kids and adults that mimic squishmallows. 

Many of them are readily available and are really comforting, but there is still a demand for original squishmallow pillows. You might wish to try a couple alternatives like these if you are unable to get your hands on squishmallows!