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Shibumi Knock Off? Here’s 4 Great Alternatives

A shibumi shade is a lightweight and easy to set up shade that people use when they visit the beach. The shibumi shade is made and sewn in the United States.

Unfortunately, Shibumi shades are banned at certain places. This article will try to list the best Shibumi knock off shade which is a great Shibumi alternative.

Shibumi Shade Alternatives

One of my favorite alternatives is to just use an umbrella instead. Easy to carry, and gets the job done, most of the times. However, if you plan to use an umbrella, you will need to find a stand for it. Put the frame in the sand on the beach and then place the umbrella on it; it will provide plenty of shade.

However, below are the proper alternatives to Shibumi Shades:

1. Business and Pleasure Tent

This colorful and stylish tent is made of high-quality fabrics and is a perfect alternative for shibumi shades. You feel regal in this tent, and it will never disappoint you. However, you will need to put in an effort to set this tent up because you will need to drape the fabric over the pole.

Setting this tent up is a little tricky, as you will need to measure the distance between the stakes. While the setting up process typically takes less than ten minutes, it might require some trial and error because you will need to get the strings and stakes placement right. The business and pleasure tent comes with an anchoring rope, and the tent can cover a large area of the sand. 

shibumi knock off

2. Sun Shelter Pop-Up Tent

This Sun shelter pop-up tent offers sides designed to shield food, pets, and babies from the sun. This low-ceilinged and ultralight pop-up tent is a dream for oceanfront picnics. It is extremely easy to set this tent up, and it comes with a zipper.

The total weight of the Sun shelter pop-up tent is approximately six pounds. Due to the tent being light in weight, you can easily carry it up or down a staircase. However, the wind will pull the stakes out of the sand on a windy day, so be wary of that.

You need something to anchor this tent, even when there is a soft breeze since it is prone to blowing away. While you will need to put in an effort to set this tent up, the effort will truly be worth it once it is done.

3. CoolCabana 5

The Coolcabana 5 is an umbrella that easily pops open and can give a staggering 43 square feet of shade. This umbrella has a recliner shape, and each corner has drop-down strips. You can fill these strips will sand, holding the umbrella in place.

Use a shovel to fill the sand in the strips. This is a big umbrella and will not block the breathtaking view of the beach. Unlike the two tents discussed, this umbrella will stay even on windy days.

Assembling this umbrella is extremely easy, and only one person is needed. This is a relief since tents take ages to assemble and normal require 6 to 7 individuals.

While this umbrella comes with a shoulder strap, it does weigh eleven pounds, which is a bit on the heavier side. As a result, this umbrella will be a little difficult to carry, but you won’t have anything to worry about once you have placed it. 

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4. Popup Beach Tent Sun Shelter by SUN NINJA

This high-quality shelter is made by Sun Ninja, and you can use it for picnics at the beach or camping trips. The material of this shade is fabric; it easily pops up, making it easy to set up. This product comes with a portable bag that will help you carry the shade wherever you go. 

This shade is available in four-person, six-person, and eight-person sizes. The fabric of this shade is water-resistant, and it offers UPF 50+ of sun coverage. The anchors and poles of this shade are incredibly thick and sturdy.

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Things Of Note About Shibumi Shade

Reason For Ban

While Shibumi shades are safe to use and are allowed on beaches, they were recently banned in a few places. In 2021, the ban on Shibumi shades was lifted in North Carolina. The shades were banned in 2016 because they didn’t fit certain categories such as size. 


Shibumi shades are beach shade that blows in the wind. However, these shades are not cheap since they are high-quality materials. The price of the Shibumi shades is $250. Experts have criticized the price tag, saying it is too pricey.

Is it worth it?

While the Shibumi shade does come with a hefty price tag, the company provides stellar customer service. Also, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials to make the shade. Due to its material, the shade can last a long time. The Shibumi shade is definitely worth it. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we listed some Shibumi knock offs that do the job just as well.

We stated that the shibumi shades are popular among customers and are used worldwide. We also discussed some alternatives to the shibumi shades and their features.