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5 Strongest Goose Creek Candles That Will Make You Go Crazy

Scented candles give a pleasant smell to your living space and a good ambiance. Various fragrant candles are found in the market today, produced by candle different manufacturers.

Goose Creek is a US-based company known for producing variants of scented candles. And their products are made safely, free of chemicals and are environment-friendly.

And if you’re looking for a strong scent candle, perhaps checking out Goose Creek might be a good start.

Let’s look into some of their strongest candles and see if it suits your taste.

Top Five Strongest Goose Creek Candles

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, whether food, clothes, drinks, etc. Likewise, scented candles come in different variants, and the choices may vary for different individuals.

Some may prefer candles with a light smell, while some prefer strong. And on this list, we will feature the five strongest candles from Goose Creek.

1. Toasty Hot Toddy Large Jar Candle

One of the popular products from Goose Creek is Toasty Hot Toddy. The prominent scent notes in this candle consist of dark rum with a blend of molten maple. It’s a two-wick jar candle and is free of lead.

This candle’s burn time will last up to 150 hours, and its wax is composed of premium paraffin. It has a strong aroma but gives your living space a warm and rich smell.

2. Eucalyptus & Mint Aromatherapy

This three-wick candle from Goose Creek is sure to relieve your stress and give your room a fresh yet strong smell. With light wood as a base, it provides a soothing aroma. The wax style is soy blend, and the burn time is more than 35 hours.

Eucalyptus and fresh mint are the prominent notes, and blending them with light wood gives a warm smell. Additionally, it’s formulated with natural essential oils giving a relaxing vibe. This scented candle would be perfect to use in your bedroom or a bathroom.

Strongest Goose Creek Candles

3. Lemongrass & Sage Aromatherapy

Get close to nature in your living space by using Goose Creek’s Lemongrass & Sage aromatherapy. It’s a three-wick scented candle composed of natural essential oils and soy wax.

The primary scent note in this candle is fresh lemongrass giving a strong, refreshing, and distinct smell. The burn time of this candle can last up to 35 hours.

Lemongrass has a subtle yet distinct smell that makes you feel at ease or relaxes your mind. And this candle is a perfect balance of solid and subtle scents. This product will be excellent if you prefer a solid yet subtle smell.

4. Tuscan Vineyard

Tuscan Vineyard from Goose Creek is one of the strongest smelling scented candles found in the market. It’s a three-wick candle composed of a soy wax blend.

The prominent scent note in this candle is dark grapes, which are sun-ripened and imported from Italy. Once it’s lit, the fragrance fills the entire room. It has a burn for up to 35 hours, and the smell lasts for a long time.

If you prefer a strong smell, this product would be excellent. Since it’s pretty intense, some may get a headache. Avoid this candle if you have a migraine or don’t like a highly scented candle.

5. Guilty

Another strong-smelling candle from Goose Creek is Guilty. It’s a three-wick candle, free of lead, and you can also opt for a two-wick candle. This candle has an intoxicating smell and is made mainly for men.

It’s a soy wax candle blend with natural essential oils. The primary scent note in this candle is Bergamot and leather with cedar, amber, and sandalwood as a base.

This candle is highly scented with up to 35 hours of burn time. It has a musky smell and can be pretty intense for some individuals.

Goose Creek Candle That Smells The Longest

Goose Creek has some of the strongest smelling candles found in the market. Some of you might be wondering how long it stays.

Some of Goose Creek candles that stay longer are Tuscany Vineyard, Guilty, and Toasty Hot Toddy. They are pretty strong with a distinct smell that leaves quite an impact.

If you’re into highly scented candles, these candles wouldn’t be the right choice. You can choose light ones as this company has multiple variants. The light scented candles are also great and stay long.

However, if you prefer strong scented candles that stay for long, these products would be brilliant. Their burn time may be less, but you can use it for a long time. Even lighting up for a few minutes fills the entire room with fragrance, and it stays for long.

Other Trivia About Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candle With The Strongest Throw

The strongest throw among Goose Creek candles would be a Tuscan vineyard, followed by Toasty Hot Toddy.

Best Smelling Goose Creek Candle

Goose Creek has variants of good-smelling scented candles. And it wouldn’t be fair to name one because everyone has different preferences.

Wrapping Up

Scented candles have become quite popular in recent years. And you’d see variants of these candles available both online and offline. Goose Creek is a family-run company that sells candles of different fragrances from light to strong smell.

If you’re looking for a strong-smelling candle from Goose Creek, check the list mentioned above. Hopefully, it will help make your task easier, and choose one that meets your taste and preferences.


Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Any recommendations for the strongest smelling Goose Creek wax melts? I purchased several of them and they have no smell or throw to them! So just curious if some are more scented than others.