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Does Target Sell Squishmallows? Cost, Restock Dates, +more

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? No idea what to get for your child? A plush toy would be perfect for gifting your kid. Every kid loves soft toys because they are adorable and soft, and they are also very safe to play with.

Squishmallows are the best choice if you want a soft toy. They are great for kids, and also, if you’re going to present an adorable gift to anyone, this is the best choice. No one can say no to a squishmallow since they are so squishy and great as stress relievers.

Wondering where to get one? Don’t worry; you will get them in many convenient stores. But you might particularly be wondering; does Target sell squishmallows?

Does Target Have Squishmallows?

Target is a department store and one of the largest retailers of many items. They sell apparel, groceries, beauty items to toys. Whatever things you need, you can find them at Target. But the question is; does Target sell squishmallows?

Yes, they have a whole stock of squishmallows of many designs and colors. You will discover charming squishmallows you couldn’t help but buy. You can find fruits and vegetable squishmallows to even fast food designs.

Does Target Sell Squishmallows In Store?

Target is a big corporation and has many of its stores set up in many places. The stores sell all kinds of items, so you will surely find squishmallows in the stores. If you are searching for a place to buy squishmallows, save your time and look for a Target store around you.

If you find a Target store, I am sure you will find the squishmallow you need – since usually all Target stores carry squishmallows in some capacity.

does target sell squishmallows

Does Target Sell Squishmallows Online?

If you want a squishmallow from Target, but you cannot find a Target store nearby or are too lazy to search for one, don’t worry; you can find them on Target’s online store. They have their official website where you can find everything that they sell and a wide range of squishmallows to choose from.

Shopping online will also save your time and energy, and you can get a ton of squishmallows from the comfort of your home. What are you waiting for? Please go check out their official website.

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Walmart || Aldi

GameStop || Hallmark || Kroger

Meijer || Costco || Michaels

Burlington Coat Factory || Walgreens

What Squishmallows Does Target Have?

Target sells a variety of squishmallows. You can find food squishmallows like burgers or fries or boba drinks or even unicorns. If you are looking for small-sized squishmallows, you can opt for the mini food plush squishmallows or the mini sea life or animal plush.

If you are an animal lover, you can get the cat or leopard or the wolf squishmallow. You will also find a lot of sea animals like blue whales or octopuses. There are also a variety of valentine plush squishmallows ranging from cupcakes to llamacorn to poodle.

You should check out the Target store or their website. You will not be disappointed by all the choices you will find.

Black and White PandaNo
Olga the OctopusYes
Valentine PlushYes
Lainey the pink LeopardNo
Disney charactersYes

Other Things To Know About Target and Squishmallows

Which Aisle Is Squishmallows in Target?

If you happen to go to a Target store looking for a squishmallow, search for the toys section. You will find all the squishmallows in the toys section. If you cannot find the toys section, you can ask for help from a storekeeper.

Does Target Not Sell Squishmallows Anymore?

If you want to get a squishmallow and there is a Target store near your place, but you are wondering; does Target sell squishmallows, you shouldn’t be bothered. Target still sells squishmallows.

Does Target Sell 2022 Squishmallows?

You can find a lot of 2022 squishmallows in Target. You can find squishmallows of Disney characters. The new French fry Floyd is also available. You can also find the mystery squishmallow in Target.

What Size Squishmallows Does Target Have?

The squismallows available at Target range from very small, like the mini plush packs, to medium sizes. The sizes range from about 5 inches to about 20 inches.

What Are the Prices or Costs of Squishmallows Available at Target?

The prices of squishmallows depend upon the size and design of the squishmallows. The prices range from $9 to $99. Sometimes, it can go down to about 6 dollars when there is a sale.

Does Target Sell Halloween Squishmallows?

Among all the squishmallows available at Target, they also have Halloween squishmallows. Some Halloween squishmallows include Bat plush, witch, devil, pirate, and Frankenstein.

Does Target Have Nightmare Before Christmas and Other Christmas Squishmallows?

You can find Nightmare before Christmas characters in Target, but it is rare to find Christmas squishmallows in Target.

Does Target Have Easter and Cow Squishmallows?

If Easter is coming up and you want to find an Easter plush toy, you can go to Target. You can find some adorable bunny plush like the rainbow bunny or the pink bunny. But when it comes to cow squishmallows, it is a little limited.

Does Target Sell Fake Squishmallows?

All the squishmallows found in Target are authentic and of good quality. You can check their squishmallow tag if you are unsure of its credibility.

Does Target Have Disney Squishmallows?

Target has squishmallows of Disney characters, and some of the most popular include Ariel, Belle, and Dumbo. They also have characters from Monster Inc.

When Does Target Restock Squishmallows?

Target tries to restock its items as soon as possible, and sometimes they restock every day or every night as and when needed.

Is Target Getting New Squishmallows?

There are many new adorable squishmallows, and thus Target tries its best to keep updating their squishmallows. Some of the new squishmallows in Target will be Caeli the Cat and Kelina the Koala.

Does Target Deliver Squishmallows?

You can buy squishmallows or any items from Target online, and they will deliver them to you. Your orders will be delivered within 3-5 days after being shipped.

Are Squishmallows Out Of Stock at Target?

Most items that get over are quickly restocked, but some items might take time to reach the store, so sometimes they might be out of stock. Fortunately, most things are in stock at the moment.

Wrapping Up

Target is one excellent retail corporation, and you can find a lot of squishmallows here. Since they have an online website, it is also easy to buy squishmallows conveniently.

Whether in-store or online, you will find varieties of squishmallows, so check them out if you get the chance. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.