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The Shade Store vs Hunter Douglas – Let’s Compare These Brands (2022)

Are you in a dilemma deciding between The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas? If so, this post on ‘The Shade Store vs. Hunter Douglas’ will help you out of it.

Window treatment projects are a big thing, and undoubtedly you want the perfect window shades, drapery, and blinds that would complement your lovely house decor. And this is possible only when you choose the right industry that sells world-class window covering products.

The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas deal in the same products and are somewhat alike, but you will discover that they differ considerably in several ways. Find out their differences and similarities in this article post on ‘The Shade Store vs. Hunter Douglas’ and get the needed closure.

Read on to learn which store provides the top window shades that could help accentuate your exquisite home décor befitting your unique style.

The Shade Store vs Hunter Douglas

Let’s compare The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas with the help of a comparison table below. 

DetailsThe Shade StoreHunter Douglas
Direct online purchaseAvailableNot available. Only through licensed dealer
InstallationPro-levelThird party professional
Operation modeMotorizedMotorized and manual
Automation appNoYes
Price$200 – $700$300 – $600
Child Safety featuresYesYes
Free swatchesAvailableNot available
Customer supportExcellentGood
WarrantyFive-year warrantyFive-year warranty

Hunter Douglas vs The Shade Store

Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store are two of the most well-known corporations that make high-end innovative window treatment designs. 

The Shade Store is a family-run business that makes a wide range of superior handcrafted quality and custom window treatment goods. It was launched in 1946 in Vernon, New York. Today, The Shade Store runs a chain of stores and caters to customers from all parts of the world.

Hunter Douglas is a Dutch multinational company started in 1971 in Dusseldorf, Germany. It primarily focuses on making window coverings and blinds, and it currently has its main office in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and operates its business in over 100 countries. 

Both brands are people’s first choice when buying premium window shades, blinds, and draperies. However, when you carefully analyze and compare these two prominent companies, you will learn that they differ in many things, including prices, quality, installation, light filtration, maintenance, range of product choices, online shopping services, etc. 

Let’s look at their differences and similarities below.

Here’s Where The Shade Store & Hunter Douglas Differ

Let’s look at the differences between the two in detail.

Online Purchase

The Shade Store lets shoppers order directly from the official website. In contrast, one significant drawback of Hunter Douglas is that it lacks the convenience of direct online selling, although the site provides product details and reviews. 

To buy from Hunter Douglas, you must contact window treatment experts first. Thus, it’s up to you to decide whether to purchase directly or get assistance from certified dealers. 


The installation process is the same as both companies deal with the same products. 

The Shade Store is a pro installer; installing the window shades takes no more than an hour. Besides, the window shutters are installed so correctly that it doesn’t get in the way of the view but still alleviate the sun. 

On the other hand, Hunter Douglas employs third-party installers to take up the projects. Therefore, to avoid any weak fitting, it is recommended to go for a window covering expert who can thoroughly measure and install window shades for an accurate setting and function. 

Assembling Parts 

Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store provide a lifetime warranty on their products. Thus, if you face any parts damage over time, The Shade Store is quick to assemble the parts to treat the repair.

At Hunter Douglas, some parts may not be repairable with age due to non-availability as the company discontinues manufacturing the parts after five to seven years. Nonetheless, contact your original dealer directly and find out if the parts are covered or if it is repairable. 

Variety of Collection

The Shade Store delivers an extensive collection of wood, silhouettes, and metal. In addition, the drapery is custom-made using superior-quality fabrics. 

On the other hand, Hunter Douglass offers an assortment of Duetter, pirouette, and solera besides including design studio, vignettes, silhouettes, and Sonnette in their collection. Hunter Douglas doesn’t make pleated shades compared to The Shade Store.

Free Swatches

One good thing about The Shade Store is that before you make the final purchase, it provides free swatches, allowing you to try and see if it suits your house decor.

However, Hunter Douglas does not offer free swatches to its customers. Thus, you have a tremendous advantage with The Shade Store here.

Automation App

Hunter Douglas comes with a PowerView Automation app that works with Apple gadgets, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This app conveniently allows you to monitor and schedule the mechanization of shades from the comfort of your phones. Unfortunately, this app is not compatible with Android devices. 

The Shade Store, however, has no such convenient app as yet.

Here Are The Similarities Between Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store


Window treatments can be expensive, so be prepared to shed some extra dough. Such is the case with both Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store products.

Regardless, their top-notch quality products are worth the price and guaranteed to last long. 

Quiet and Safe

Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store offer products such as drapery, shades, and blinds that don’t make any noise on opening and shutting.

Also, both have safety measures, so you don’t need to fret about your children’s safety around them. 

Customer Care Support

The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas provide excellent customer care support on their sites, and the professionals are eager to offer you free advice on product queries. Also, both the brands offer free design guidance on seamless window treatments. All you need is to visit their websites for any consultation.

Operating System

The Shade Store and Hunter Douglass have a similar operating technique in that both provide motorized products that are convenient for things such as light control and UV protection functions.

Hunter Douglas also offers a manual operation method.

Is the Shade Store Worth It

Yes, The Shade Store is worth trying because they are one of the most reputed brands known for manufacturing high-quality window treatments. Their products can be costly compared to other vendors, but considering they are made of durable materials, it’s worth it. 

There are several reasons why The Shade Store is worth trying if you’re looking for top-notch drapery on the market. 

  • It makes shopping painless as you can directly buy online 
  • Comprehensive options of designs and fabrics to choose
  • Provides free swatches
  • Child safety designs
  • Limited lifetime warranty of five years
  • Provides seamless customer support

Thus, if you wish to purchase shades, you can take your pick from about 1300 unique fabrics and six different style choices, including roller, solar, cellular, woven, roman, and pleated.

Or, if you’re into blinds, select from about 400 fabrics and 3 style choices. Still, if you prefer drapery, choose from over 600 material selections.

Thus, the options are endless at The Shade Store, and it’s worth purchasing from their store.

the shade store vs hunter douglas
the shade store vs hunter douglas

Why Is the Shade Store so Expensive

The Shade Store can be so expensive, and prices can range from $200 to $700. However, considering the materials and fabrics used in making the window shades, drapery, and blinds, you will find that they are durably constructed to last, making them worth the price. 

Therefore, be willing to pay extra cash if you want an admirable and lasting product. It can be expensive, but The Shade Store offers value for money. 

Cheaper Alternative to The Shade Store

We’ve come up with a few alternatives if you’re on a hunt for window-covering industries like The Shade Store. The Shade Store provides flawless products so it can be pricey compared to other similar brands.

So, we researched several more affordable brands and chose the 13 best alternatives to The Shade Store based on their features, prices, popularity, shipping and returns, customer ratings, discount and coupon policies, payment method, etc. Get the full details here before you make the final purchase. 

The cheaper alternative to The Shade Store is

  • Blindsgalore
  • SelectBlinds
  • Swift Direct Blinds
  • American Blinds 
  • Levolor
  • 247blinds
  • Steve’sBlinds 
  • Paylessdecor
  • Justblinds
  • BlindsOnline
  • Redi Shade
  • Stoneside

Who Manufactures for The Shade Store?

The products at The Shade Store are manufactured in the USA. For 76 years, The Shade Store has been renowned for delivering a wide range of custom-made window treatment collections using the most delicate designer fabrics and materials for a more durable finish and stunning look. 

Where Are the Shade Store Shades Made?

The window shades, drapery, and blinds at The Shade Store have been made and handcrafted in the US since 1946. It is reputed for making a quality window covering products that match your style, accentuating your home décor.

Which Stores Carry the Shade Store Shades/blinds?

No other stores carry The Shade Store shades/blinds, and you can find their unique products only in their select chain of stores in various locations in the USA and on their official website

Currently, The Shade Store has 58 showrooms all over the US, providing in-store shopping and delivering across the states. 

Wrapping Up

So this brings us to the edge of the article on The Shade Store vs. Hunter Douglas. Hopefully, this post has helped clear your confusion between the two brands.

Still, if you’re confused, go for The Shade Store first and enjoy the benefit of direct purchase capacity, trouble-free installation, free swatches, rechargeable batteries, etc. Also, I can’t help but adore the versatility of choice and the featured Powerview app on Hunter Douglas.

Regardless, it is up to you to go for the one that fits your distinct style and, most importantly, your interior design and home décor. However, make sure you sanction enough budgets before you consider purchasing window coverings.