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Bath & Body Works vs The Body Shop: Which is Better? (2022)

“Beauty is an outward expression of everything you like about yourself.”

So said Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

Self-care is a big part of our society. The stress of our modern times threatens our mental health every day. These circumstances prove that self-care is not a trend but a necessity.

Choosing the right self-care products is essential to our health and finances. I will compare the two brands’ body creams, moisturizers, and other products. The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works. Which one is right for you?

At A Glance

ProductWho Has More Variety?Who Has a Better Price?Who has Better Quality?Who Has Healthier Ingredients?
Body Mists B&BW B&BW TBS Tied
Perfumes & Colognes TBS TBS TiedTied
Bath Bombs & Bubbles TBS B&BW TBS Tied
SoapsTied B&BW TiedTied
Body Cream & Moisturizers B&BW B&BW TBS TBS
Lip Butter & Balm TBS TBS TBS TBS
Home Fragrance B&BW Tied B&BW TBS

Let me point out one crucial thing in this comparison: both brands target different niches. The Body Shop makes products that have a single fruity or floral note.

Bath & Body Works products often have compelling names, like “Magnolia Charm.”

Who Has Better Body Creams & Butters?

Body creams & butters do the same thing; moisturize. Butters tend to stay longer on the skin, and creams absorb faster.

Bath & Body Works offers a wide variety of body cream flavors at a reasonable price. The Body Shop provides body butter at both a higher and a lower price.

If you want a moisturizer that will last for a long time on your skin, then body butter from The Body Shop is for you. A body cream from Bath & Body Works will hydrate your skin and layer well beneath a body mist.

bath and body works vs the body shop

Who Has Better Lotions and Moisturizers?

Both brands have a stunning variety of flavors available for lotions.

Body Works offers lotions at a fraction of the price of its competition, though. Unfortunately, B&BW lotions contain parabens, which can disrupt hormones and affect fertility.

Because of this, I recommend using Body Shop lotions.

Who Has Better Body Mists & Perfumes?

Fragrance is a personal choice. The scents that I love you may not, so I can only give you a vague idea of what to expect here.

Bath & Body Works’ fragrances have been described as fresh and clean if a bit basic.

B&BW has a much larger variety of scents to choose from, but flavors are often discontinued.

The Body Shop’s scents summon nature, mimicking one single fruit or flower. These body mists have a stronger smell, too, so you can use them as perfume. They also last longer, so the higher cost may be well worth it.

Who Has Better Bath Bombs and Bubbles?

Bath bombs were everywhere on the internet a minute ago; I saw videos all the time. Now, I can’t find a single one on Bath & Body Works’ website.

Maybe people discovered that it was all more about looks than health. I found ample proof that bath bombs can actually be harmful to your skin, so use them with caution.

The Body Shop still offers some bath bombs, while Bath & Body Works only offers bubble baths.

Baths should be relaxing, so pick out what you like!

Who Has Better Soaps and Sanitizers?

This is another category where I can’t directly compare the two. Bath & Body Works has the edge in variety again, with plentiful choice in liquid hand washes.

For those who prefer soap bars, Body Shop has them with natural ingredients.

Who Has the Better Home Fragrance Products?

Both brands offer entirely different products in this category. The Body Shop provides essential oils that you use with a diffuser or burner. They’re affordable and healthy and follow the brand’s theme of nature.

Bath & Body Works has a vast collection of candles, Wallflowers, and room sprays.

Scented candles and Wallflowers are not that healthy, though. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are used in candles and Wallflowers. These VOCs can cause breathing problems for you and your cats or your dogs, if you use too much fragrance.

In my opinion, the best solution to foul odors in the home is cleaning and ventilation. However, home fragrance products can make our home smell amazing for the right occasion.

Final Verdict: Bath and Body Works vs The Body Shop

The answer is neither! These two self-care giants aim differently.

We tend to pick products that match our personality, so stick with what makes you feel like you. In that light, let me give you a brief overview of each company.

The Body Shop

Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop in 1976 in Brighton, England. At that time, most beauty industry leaders were focused on things like anti-aging and losing weight.

The Body Shop focused on beauty rituals and self-care using natural ingredients. Anita Roddick was active in campaigning for causes and the environment. Because of this, her company took on policies that reflected her views.

the body shop logo

One policy is to never test products or ingredients on animals. The Community Fair Trade Programme utilizes ingredients sourced from local farmers.

The Body Shop has an emphasis on nature and uses natural ingredients. Today, the company plans to have all products vegan by 2023.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. Then called L Brands, it had acquired another famous beauty brand, Victoria’s Secret.

bath and body works logo

They focus on variety and affordability, and their products have great names. The company is now an industry leader, with over 1700 retail outlets in North America.

Ingredients You Should Avoid in Beauty Products

Self-care is all about self-love. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Use products that you enjoy, and ensure the ingredients are healthy. Avoid products with the following ingredients:

  1. 1, 4 – Dioxane – Causes cancer and possibly birth defects.
  2. BHA & BHT – Toxic to humans and wildlife.
  3. Formaldehyde – Causes cancer and skin irritation.
  4. Parabens – Harmful to endocrine and reproductive systems.
  5. Triclosan – Can cause food allergies, is toxic to endocrine system, is toxic to wildlife. 

Other Questions

What is better: creams, butters, or lotions?

It all depends on your skin type. Heavier products like butters are better for dry skin. Lotions are often more suited for oily skin. Butters and creams also last longer on the skin.

Is Bath & Body Works owned by The Body Shop?


Are Bath & Body Works’ products vegan?

Not 100%; some products contain animal-derived ingredients and animal byproducts.

Are The Body Shop products vegan?

Around 60% of The Body Shop’s products are vegan, and the company aims to have all products vegan by 2023.

Is Bath and Body Works cruelty free?

No; they sell products in China, which requires all cosmetic products to be tested on animals.

Is The Body Shop cruelty-free?

Yes; the brand is leaping bunny certified.

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Wrapping Up

The Body Shop is for those of us who value quality and simplicity. If you love nature, then the themes from The Body Shop are just right for you. If you already know what you want from a fragrance or product, then you can’t go wrong here.

Bath & Body Works is perfect for collectors of fragrances. There are so many delightful scents at such affordable rates. If you want to experiment and try new things, then Bath & Body Works offers you just that.