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Fix Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Not Smelling Good

This article will walk you through some of the most common reasons for Bath & Body Works wallflowers not working and how to clean and maintain them. Keep reading to know:

  • Why wallflowers may stop working
  • why wallflowers become weak over time
  • how to make them smell stronger
  • how to make them smell better

So without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Reasons For Wallflower Issues

A B&BW wallflower should last for two years under normal usage. However, sometimes you may notice that your wallflowers are not working. Either the smell becomes too weak, or it starts leaking.

Here are the top reasons for Wallflowers not smelling good:

  1. Leakage issues – One of the common reasons B&BW wallflowers stop working is leakage issues. Leakage in your wallflower can shorten its lifespan, which means it can stop emitting aroma at any time. It would be best to check your wallflowers thoroughly before using them. I’ve elaborated on possible reasons for leakage later in this article.
  2. Clogged Diffuser: It is possible that your plug-in has accumulated dirt and waxy build-up due to extended use, which would make the wallflower smell weak. I have included some instructions below for cleaning your wallflower plug-in.
  3. Technical issues: Faulty wiring in your wallflower or wall outlet can also make your wallflower stop working. Ensure that you check your outlet and wallflower for any technical issues before usage.
  4. Over usage: Leaving your B&BW wallflower plugged in all the time can reduce its lifespan. Your wallflower will emit more fragrance and stop working sooner than the average usage time. Turning off the outlet or unplugging your wallflower would be best to reduce unnecessary usage.
  5. Faulty wallflower: Check your B&BW wallflowers for any technical faults after purchasing. It ensures that you don’t end up buying a faulty wallflower that will cause problems during usage.

bath and body works wallflowers not working

Cleaning Wallflowers For Better Fragrance

Since a Bath & Body Works wallflower is expensive, refilling it can be cheaper than purchasing a new one.

A new wallflower refill provides 30-days of additional usage and is more affordable. Additionally, you can also try other fragrances without changing your plug-in wallflower.

However, you will have to clean and maintain your wallflower diffuser before using a new fragrance bulb to get the best results. So how do you unclog Bath and Body Works wallflowers?

Here’s some common household items you’ll need to clean a wallflower – some cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol. I usually order a pack of these from Amazon since cotton swabs laced with rubbing alcohol are incredibly useful for cleaning my iPhone that’s a natural dust magnet somehow.

Here are the steps to clean a B&BW diffuser:

  1. Take some cotton swabs (preferably medical ones) and rubbing alcohol
  2. Put some rubbing alcohol on the cotton swabs and start clean from the underside of the diffuser
  3. Push the waxy orange build-up through the top holes
  4. Wipe the wax from the top

Some wallflower plug-ins may have a different design, and you might have to employ a different technique to clean them. Once your wallflower plug-in is clean, you can insert a new bulb and enjoy other fragrances.

Adjusting Wallflowers’ Fragrance

Unfortunately, with most newer Wallflower plug-ins, it is not possible to adjust the strength of the fragrance.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers come with a secure design. The product prevents accidental removal or opening of the refills by incorporating an unusual counter-clockwise motion. 

For instance, you will have to remove the refill cap by twisting it clockwise. After removing it, you can insert the new refill in your wallflower plug-in with a counter-clockwise motion.

This mechanism may seem awkward at first, but you will get used to it with time and experience. 

Making Wallflowers Smell Stronger

B&BW Wallflowers come with different fragrances and can help you experience feelings of relaxation and tranquillity. However, many users explore or push the boundaries to strengthen the scent. 

While a fresh, intense aroma may elevate your personal experience, it can disturb other individuals or pets in your house. Smelling an intense fragrance for longer duration can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, or fragrance fatigue.

The best way to experience a B&BW wallflower is as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, if you do want to increase the strength of the scent, Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Duo can also be an ideal solution. These wallflowers contain two fragrances and come with an automatic mechanism that switches between the two scents every 48 hours. Here’s one on Amazon.

Additionally, the wallflowers duo plug-in also features an indicator light, allowing you to know which fragrance you are using at the moment.

Refills Not Working?

Wallflower refills may not work due to many reasons. It may be because of a technical issue, manufacturing fault, or other problems.

Here are some of the ways you can prevent wallflower refills not working problem:

  1. Check your wallflower refills – After you purchase a new refill, check it in your wallflower plug to ensure that it is working fine. 
  2. Clean the diffuser – As we mentioned earlier, diffusers collect a wax-like substance after your old refill runs out. It would be best to clean the diffuser before inserting a new refill in your wallflower plug-in.
  3. Manufacturing fault – Sometimes, wallflower refills stop working because of a manufacturing fault. You can contact B&BW support to claim for an exchange.
  4. Problem with your wallflower plug-in – Technical fault in your wallflower plug-in can also cause your refills to stop working. Check your wall outlet or plug-in before inserting a new refill.


Reasons Why A Wallflower May Leak

Here are some common reasons for B&BW wallflower leaking:

  • Loosely connected refill
  • Defect in the wallflower plug-in diffuser
  • Faulty refill bulb
  • Dirty diffuser
  • Damaged refill

Can You Return Wallflowers After They Stop Working?

B&BW has an excellent support team and follows a complete customer satisfaction policy.
If your B&BW wallflowers stop working, you can return them and claim a full refund. You can get more information by visiting these links – Online Purchase Return FAQ and Store Purchase Return FAQ.