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Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Too Strong For Your Taste? Do This Now

When you talk about Bath and Body Works, you imagine delightful aromas packed in beautiful packages.

While these scented legacies elevate your home’s atmosphere, many people often consider B&BW products unsafe or toxic for humans and pets.

Furthermore, you can also witness users complaining about strong B&BW scents, especially with its Wallflowers’ product line.

So are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers too strong?

Regardless of how captivating B&BW wallflowers may smell, you can have issues with their strong scent, especially with an existing health condition.

This article will provide various tips and tricks to reduce the strength of Wallflowers and make it more appealing for everyone.

How to Reduce the Strength of Wallflowers

According to the latest reports, Bath and Body Works generated a total net sale of $7.88 billion in 2021, making it one of the preferred home and body care brands in the US.

However, B&BW Wallflowers feature various chemical ingredients like VOCs, which can become potentially dangerous to humans and pets.

For instance, inhaling VOCs or volatile organic compounds for prolonged durations can cause nausea, eye irritation, or damage to your organs. Likewise, phthalates and formaldehyde present in B&BW Wallflowers can be toxic to your health.

Additionally, strong Wallflowers’ scent may cause nose irritation, which can be a nightmare for those who love B&BW products.

So how do you reduce the scent? While switching your Wallflowers on and off may solve the problem, it is not recommended. Thankfully, you can employ some tactics to get your job done.

Use Plug-In with Timers

B&BW sells plug-in timers to allow users to control the flow of aroma according to their needs. For instance, you can set a schedule to turn your Wallflowers on and off whenever you want. This strategy will help you reduce the scent’s strength to some extent.

Use in Well-Ventilated Rooms

Using your B&BW Wallflowers in well-ventilated rooms will ensure that the scent doesn’t concentrate in a specific location. Furthermore, you can also try using the Wallflowers at the corners or use one or two units at a time.

Likewise, using B&BW Wallflowers in a bigger room will also help you reduce the fragrance strength as it will have more spaces to fill.

Wait for Some Days

Generally, a new pack of B&BW Wallflowers smells strong in their initial stage and gets weaker as they age. In short, you can wait for some days before your Wallflowers become weaker.

How to Adjust Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

Bath and Body Works produces Wallflowers in different variants, including tropical vibes and sweet treats to cater to the needs of contrasting users. Since Wallflowers are better than scented candles, especially for homes with active kids and pets, many people prefer using them over other products.

But can you adjust your B&BW Wallflowers? Or how do you change the intensity of Bath and Body Works Wallflowers?

Although newer Wallflower models do not allow users to adjust the fragrance’s strength, you can use these tips to make some adjustments.

Check the Fragrance

Before purchasing a Wallflower, ensure that you pick a preferred scent that will suit everyone in your home. Since Wallflower plug-ins do not have manual fragrance adjusters, you may have to switch the Wallflower off to reduce the scent.

Furthermore, B&BW also offers Scent Switching Wallflowers that feature two fragrances in a single pack. These models switch between the fragrances to prevent fatigue after every 48 hours. Additionally, the plug-ins come with an indicator light to let users know which scent is on.

Check for Leakages

Sometimes, B&BW Wallflowers can have leakages in their refills, which can affect your Wallflower’s lifespan or release a strong aroma in the air.

For instance, if your Wallflower has leakage issues, it can come into contact with other household items, increasing the scent. The situation can get worse if you are unaware of the leakage, which can also cause other health issues like skin irritation.

In short, it would be best to check for leakages and wipe out any residues to reduce the scent.

Check Your Wallflower Unit

Technical issues like faulty units or wires can cause Wallflowers to emit more scent than usual, filling your room with more fragrance. So checking the Wallflowers before purchasing will help you reduce and adjust the scent with minimal effort.

Furthermore, run a periodic check on your Wallflower’s diffuser as a faulty one can also burn more scents than usual.

Check Over Usage

Using your Wallflower all the time can fill your room with fragrance to the point where it causes problems like headaches, nausea, and fragrance fatigue. Additionally, leaving the unit in an always-on state will reduce your Wallflower’s lifespan.

In other words, ensure that you follow an on/off schedule or use an automated Wallflower plug-in with an automatic on/off feature.

Check Instructions

Following instructions is vital for any product as they help you get the best results out of your product. Since B&BW Wallflowers feature a secure design to prevent accidental opening and removal, you will have to follow the provided guidelines to install the refill cap.

Likewise, you can also follow the tips mentioned above to reduce the fragrance strength in your home.

bath and body works wallflowers too strong
fix bath and body works wallflowers too strong

Can You Dilute Wallflowers

Although pure B&BW Wallflowers’ fragrance is hard to reproduce, you can make a DIY solution using essential or fragrance oils to imitate your favorite scent.

Since B&BW develops a wide variety of fragrances for its Wallflowers, they may discontinue some of them depending on the market demand. In short, diluting Wallflowers using essential oil and water is the best way of recreating your favorite fragrance with minimal effort.

Additionally, this tactic is a lot cheaper than purchasing a refill cap, provided you know what you are doing.

How to Make Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Less Strong

You can follow these tips to reduce the strength of your B&BW Wallflowers.

  • Follow a schedule or use a plug-in with timer settings to control the fragrance levels.
  • Use your Wallflowers in a well-ventilated or larger room.
  • Wait for your Wallflowers to get weak.

How Do You Change the Intensity of Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

Unfortunately, B&BW does not allow users to adjust the strength of its Wallflowers, meaning you will have to use other methods to reduce the scent.

For instance, using an automated plug-in will help schedule your Wallflowers’ on/off time. Likewise, you can consider B&BW’s dual-scent models to reduce fragrance fatigue.

Wrapping Up – Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Too Strong

Although B&BW Wallflowers are among the best-selling scented products in the US, exposure to stronger scents can cause headaches and nausea. These issues can worsen if you have an existing health condition, as Wallflowers often contain VOCs and other chemicals.

Hopefully, our article will help you get more out of your favorite Wallflowers without any issues.