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What Color Grout to Use with Gray Tile? Here’s 5 Excellent Options

What color grout to use with gray tile? Gray tiles can look spectacular with light gray grout, dark gray, charcoal, brown and white grout. These are some of the hip choices people often go with. 

However, I understand that picking the right grout color usually depends on your taste and with the right grout color comes excellent aesthetics.

In this article, I will explain what you should consider while choosing grout colors for your gray tile, tips on how to pick grout color for gray tile and what color grout to use with different types of gray tiles.

What Color Grout to Use with Gray Tile?

Generally, the best grout colors that bring out the best in gray colored tiles are:

  1. Light Gray
  2. Dark Gray
  3. Charcoal
  4. Brown
  5. White
what color grout to use with gray tile

Can I Pair My Gray Tile with Any Grout Color?

Usually, the design and style you seek to achieve are critical elements for you while choosing the grout color. Nonetheless, you need to consider a lot more than just the visual aspect of the combination. 

For instance, while installing, the less likely grout to stain your gray tiles would be light colors; however, even though dark color grouts are stressful to pair with, for you to keep it clean over the years will need less effort.

Here are some tips on how to pick grout color for gray tile:

  • Location– It is not rocket science to know that lighter colors around hard-at work areas like your kitchen and backsplash are prone to stains. Unless you love cleaning very much, you should probably choose a darker color to pair with your gray tile, in this case, and darker grout floors for obvious reasons.
  • Space– The secret to making the space you’re working with feel larger would be to pair it with a grout color that blends in with your gray tile. If space isn’t a problem for you, choosing a lighter or darker grout color depending on the visual you portray should do the trick.

When Should I Use Grey Grout? Is Grey Grout Easier to Keep Clean?

The lighter colors are usually used to blend the designs you decide to roll with. At the same time, darker colors are primarily used to achieve that dramatic ambiance. 

You use grey grout with the grey tile to make it stand out. However, grey grout with grey tiles is usually paired with two shades:

Light Grey Grout

If a subtle contrast look is what you’re trying to achieve, then pairing the light grey grout with a dark grey tile should be a good choice. While lighter colors are prone to get messy, using them on a wall or backsplash in a lesser-used room should make the difference for you.

Dark Grey Grout

Typically, you use darker grout colors than the tiles to bring attention to the pattern and give the visuals a dramatic effect. I like to think that pairing the dark grey grout with a lighter shade of grey tile gives it a high-end, classy finish. 

On the other hand, while pairing the colors to the tile can be tricky, some tiles are harder to maintain. I understand that cleaning every day is a problem, and no one likes to clean anything constantly.

Rest assured, the grey grout is specifically meant for the kitchen and your bathroom since it is one of the easiest grouts to clean and maintain. However, if aesthetically pleasing to look at is the only way to go, you have many options on your hands.

A little knowledge on how to clean your grout effectively and maintain it should keep you pleased and your grout looking good for the long run.

What Color Grout to Use with Dark Gray Tile?

I will say again that the grout color depends on your preference. However, as I’ve mentioned, if a subtle contrast look is a goal, a lighter shade of color would look better on a dark gray tile.

But if you want the dark gray tile to shine the most? I would suggest a matching tile and grout color for the maximum eye-pleasing conclusion.

What Color Grout to Use with Light Gray Tile?

You can match darker colors with light gray tile that suits your style, and darker colors will surely give you that dramatic punch. Matching the light gray tile with dark grout colors will be easy to maintain and give you that trendy feel.

Matching your light gray tile with taupe or beige grout color is precisely what you should be doing. 

Pairing these two grout colors individually with light gray tiles is perfect for people looking for that homey feeling and individuals who love that earthly shade of color in their house.

What Color Grout to Use with Gray Backsplash Tile?

Choosing the right color grout for your gray backsplash tile is more work than just picking a color that is good to look at.

I would suggest darker colors for your gray backsplash tile since it is most prone to high traffic, and it will be hard to maintain the tiles. Looking good but always having to clean the tile is a matter of taste and preference.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, with gray grout essentially being the easiest to clean, and if your preference is letting the tile shine? Opting for a matching color on the grout and tile is also an excellent choice to consider.

Wrapping Up

So here it is; while choosing the right grout colors usually comes down to just personal preferences, taking some of the considerations we’ve covered in this article will surely help you in the long run. 

Even though light gray grout, dark gray grout, brown, charcoal and white grout usually pair well with gray tiles, it depends on the location you are trying to install it in. 

Lighter color grouts look pleasing but they tend to get messy quickly, while darker shade color grout usually doesn’t need a lot of maintenance but somehow adds more contrast to tiles that are lighter in shade.

I recommend you consider your options and pick a color accordingly.