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Interior Decor 101: What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets?

In our houses, we spend most of our time in the kitchen. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s a safe space for any cuisine and craving. It is the heart of everyone’s house and keeps the family vicariously lively. The place where the day begins and ends is required to be a well-maintained space filled with good-smelling food and beautiful decor.

The colors must have a bright and welcoming warmth that blends well with every part of the kitchen. Coordinating colors to sunlight and bulbs are a few great purposes the colors may serve, including providing your kitchen space with a delightful feel.

When working with white cabinets, you should keep in mind the versatility of the color. White cabinets work just as well as blank canvases. You can add anything you like and bring in anything that suits your desired look for your kitchen.

Although dark is not the best for white cabinets, you do have a wide variety of other colors to choose from. These colors can include warm & neutral shades such as brown, beige or white, or even more saturated hues like blue, red, green, and so on.

In today’s article, we will discuss your questions regarding “What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets?” while observing what colors fit best with white. We will also talk about other queries you may have, such as:

  • How do I decide on what color paint goes with white cabinets?
  • How do I pick a color that suits my mood?
  • Is it a good choice to pick white for my cabinets?

What Color Walls Go with White Cabinets

You must prioritize precision and patience to pick the right color for your kitchen. There are so many colors for your walls to choose from, but if you have white cabinets, only a few shades would fit right in. A few options you should consider are solid colors like red or neutral colors like beige.

It depends on what kind of look you are going for, so you should have a reference or actual blueprint of interior design before you decide. Let’s have a look at the popular kitchen paint colors with white cabinets we have provided for you and help you achieve an overall smooth look for your kitchen.

1. Beige & Brown

Beige and Brown are warm and neutral hues that will create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen space. Neutral kitchen paint colors with white cabinets will not outshine each other. Instead, they will blend well together to greet you with a comforting appearance when you’re planning on making a meal.

Brown and Beige are great options if you want a more autumn and rusty vintage look. The Pratt & Lambert Autumn Dusk 12-19 is a great example of the brown look you may be going for. It brings an earthy and gritty look to the room. Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath is a good choice if you choose a beige look.

Each color does something unique for the cooking space. They do not have to be dramatic and dark, and they can be used to offer a subtle endearment to your space along with warmth and coziness.

2. Cream

If you’re unsure about using brown or beige and you want a smoother hue that looks similar to your white cabinets, Cream is the color for you. It can be used as an alternative to white and still give you a clean look.

This shade helps your kitchen pop when mashed with the white of the cabinet.

The Alabaster by SHERWIN-WILLIAMS is our pick for your fulfilling creamy look kitchen. Many designers prefer cream hues to spice up white cabinets. It works perfectly with wooden floors or ceramic tile floors. It reflects light from the bulbs and brings a warm ambiance to your kitchen area.

This neutral color provides your kitchen with a chic appearance and classy design that you will not regret. Versatility is everything when it comes to the color cream. You can try out different floor colors to contrast the cream and white of the walls and cabinets. It is a fabulous choice to create a beautiful colonial-looking home.

3. Red

If you have a small kitchen space, but you’d like to spice up this limited area, Red is the color for you. Benjamin Moore brings a bright and vibrant tint to the table with its shade called Heritage Red. It provides a great opportunity to add a glossy rich look and will definitely catch anyone’s attention.

If you want a darker look but still paint your kitchen red, you can try Classic Burgundy by the same company, Benjamin Moore. The depth of the red shade allows you to pair the white cabinets with a hint of drama. It’s a classy style that will give cooking and dining a new statement.

You can inject some red in a subtle non-dramatic way by applying a contrasting diagonal wall of red on one and white on the other walls. On the other hand, you can go big by painting the town red. A full red kitchen with white cabinets is a bold move but will not disappoint.

4. Blue

Though the word blue can be used as a synonym for ‘sad,’ it brings a whole new meaning to the color when used in the kitchen. Royal as the color is, blue provides a calming and serene aura to the whole kitchen area. It’s one of the best colors that will mesmerize any person entering your home.

The vast spectrum of blue works well as kitchen paint colors with white cabinets and grey countertops. You can try adding Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball as it is one of the kitchen paint colors with white cabinets and light floors that just hits the spot. The pastel shade is the epitome of tranquility.

If You’re searching for a richer shade, Santa Monica Blue by Benjamin Moore allows you to design your kitchen room as if you’re part of the ocean itself. Overall, blue is a profound shade of color that can replicate the sky’s serenity, and we love a kitchen that calms you.

5. Organic Green

If you’re searching for kitchen paint colors with white cabinets and dark floors, say no more. Green is one color that will never disappoint. It’s repeatedly proven that green is a sanctuary color and is associated with nature, so it’s a beautiful hue to add to your home.

So jump right in and revitalize your kitchen with tints of green to accompany your white cabinets. Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball is a good option to bring out a deep and moody atmosphere to your space. On the other hand, Benjamin Moore’s Soft Fern is a lighter hue that allows your walls to be elegant and soft.

Nothing says tranquility, such as these shades of green which you can choose for your kitchen walls. It’s a great playmate with any color but most definitely works best with white. The combination is an inviting pair that is sophisticated and vibrant.

6. Black

A timeless pairing that doesn’t cease to exist. It’s a true blend that is both dramatic and laidback. It serves as an amazingly minimalistic kitchen that looks great with granite countertops. If your choice is black paint for your kitchen with white cabinets, then be sure to pick the right brand.

Dark kitchen paint colors with white cabinets work the best when you choose shades by Sherwin Williams. Naturally, black acts as a fantastic background color for richer colors, and when paired with white cabinets, it is void of any disturbing undertones. Instead, the deep color will look beautiful and saturated in your living space.

The black color’s richness combined with the neutrality of the white color is perfect for the interior of your home. Whether it’s an open kitchen space or a small one, you can bring these colors to the table and enjoy your meal and your interior decor simultaneously.

7. White on White

If you’re afraid white on white will make it look more like a hospital, worry not. It actually brings out a classy look that has both a welcoming and an extremely clean appearance. With this mix, you will combine the natural light and the hues to offer yourself and your guests an excellent light and clean area to cook and dine in.

Light kitchen paint colors with white cabinets pair very well. Such examples are yellow and cream, but if you want a more solid look, white is for you. Perhaps you’re one to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home, then the white walls and white cabinets will perfectly compliment you and your taste.

Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White tint will look amazing with the addition of wooden floors. The earthy look of the wood will contrast nicely with the delicate shade of white. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and meals can get you into anybody’s heart, so allow your kitchen to protrude into your heart with its classical interior decor.

ColorBrand With The Best Paint
BrownThe Pratt & Lambert
RedBenjamin Moore
BlueFarrow & Ball
GreenFarrow & Ball
WhiteBenjamin Moore

what color should i paint my kitchen with white cabinets
what color should i paint my kitchen with white cabinets

What Color White Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

White is a famous color for cabinets, especially if you’re looking for a more minimalist look. It is the safest bet to have a clean-looking kitchen that also screams elegance. However, choosing the right shade of white is important too. Though most of them are indistinguishable from one another, let’s dive right in on what white paints are best for kitchen cabinets.

1. Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White

Finding the right shade of white may be exhausting, but you can rest because this hue by Benjamin Moore & Co elevates the overall beauty of your kitchen space. The feel of the room will immediately change once you paint the walls, Snowfall White.

It is a cooler tint than most that can only be compared to art itself. Like Van Gogh’s Starry Night masterpiece, this shade can be added as the right shade of white to your cabinets, so make them pop. White helps cabinets stand out as beautiful and individual pieces of the kitchen.

2. Sherwin Williams’ White Flour

Sherwin Williams never disappoints when it comes to achieving an elegant look with its paints. The White Flour shade is made of elegance and warmth, muting other elements and blending well into the background. It’s a silent killer because of the way its beauty is emitted soulfully from the cabinets.

White Flour is the best for you if you’d like to furnish your home with white and add it onto your kitchen cabinets. It has a richer tone that pulls in a lot of natural lighting, so you must be careful what you combine the hue with.

3. Dunn Edwards’ Warm White

Dunn Edwards has come to the rescue to help you find the perfect shade of white for your cabinets. It has a color selection that is vast and diverse, so you can have a look at what to pair the Warm White kitchen cabinets with more conveniently.

Warm White has a nautical and airy tint to it that can be used as any type of paint for any room you’d like. It’s a stark color that works best on cabinets and closets because of its depth. If you compliment it with the correct shade, it helps you feel a sense of home and belonging.

4. Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White

The Cornforth White is the exact pick you’d love if you don’t want something on the extreme spectrums of cool and warm. It contains extreme versatility that allows you to match it with any color you’d like making each color combination the best.

Cornforth is a severely underrated and glamorous shade that highlights the room with glimmer. It has a creamy aspect that allows you to pair it with beige and brown colored walls very well. It’s a great option to use as a canvas to display your great interior design skills and make an elegant statement.

5. Benjamin Moore’s Dune White

If you’re looking for a white-colored shade that’s kind of off-white looking but passes as white, Dune White is the shade for you. Benjamin Moore provides you with the perfect choice when every other white shade is either too warm or too cool for your kitchen. It’s a hue that doesn’t overly distract you but will enchant you in several ways.

The uniqueness of its warm off-white look brings a creamy appearance to the table without the yellow undertones. It is not super bright that it will be hard to remain clean, but it has a warmth in its tint that allows you to feel cozy and at home. Pair this shade with the cabinets in your kitchen, and you are set to experience a lovely afternoon while cooking your favorite meal.

Deciding What Color Paint Goes with White Cabinets

If you would rather keep your kitchen bright and clean, you can play it safe with a combination of white cabinets and grey walls or cream walls. These would be the best option for a simple but elegant look.

However, you may want your kitchen to pop with bright or deep colors. If this is the case, a range of colors from blue, green to brown are available for your choice making.

Picking a Color that Suits Your Mood

We all want our houses to release the kind of feelings we feel so that we feel more comfortable. You must think and dwell on what emotion you’re trying to achieve and pick a color.

Color impacts the mood, so you can decide on going for darker shades if your mood leans more toward the muted and neutral emotions. Bright colors can present the warmth and optimism you appeal to, and cool tones can represent the intense but calming feeling.

Is It a Good Choice to Pick White for My Cabinets

The color white can be used to reflect light in the room very well, and it helps the room feel a little brighter and smoother. If you decide to have white cabinets, you need not worry, as these can actually help make your kitchen feel more spacious. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen area, it’s an excellent choice for you.

Wrapping Up – What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets

Making a decision when it comes to the kind of look you want your kitchen interior to have is not an easy task. Cabinets and Walls are the two things that require utmost attention when you’re trying to achieve the right interior decor ambiance you desire.

There are a wide variety of colors you can choose from to suit your white cabinets with. We have provided you with a list of a few of our favorites, hoping that it is helpful for you. You must take advantage of the bright white cabinets and pair them with a color of your choice while not compromising the overall look