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Here’s What Happens If You Put Tide Pod In Dispenser or Wrong Compartment

Doing laundry is not everyone’s cup of tea, but somehow one has to wash clothes to get rid of dirt. So, do you prefer detergent powder or a laundry pod to clean your clothes?

The answer may vary as every individual has different preferences. Laundry detergent pods have become quite popular in recent years.

It all started when Procter& Gamble introduced Tide pods under the brand Tide. Now, this detergent pod has become a well-known item in most households.

However, we have seen people asking how to use Tide pods correctly. And if you’re new, continue reading this article as we answer some of the most common questions about these laundry pods.

Can You Put Tide Pods in Dispenser

One cannot put a Tide pod in the dispenser because it was designed to put it directly in the machine drum. A laundry pod is a concentrated solution of brightener, detergent, and stain remover.

These pods are meant to be put directly in the bottom or back of the washing machine drum where water flows over it. Whether cold or hot water temperature, the pods will dissolve.

In a washing machine, there are two slots: one for fabric softener and the other for detergent. And a Tide pod compose of these components making it unreasonable to put it in a dispenser.

So, if you plan to use laundry pods, avoid putting them in the dispenser. You can put them in the washing drum, put your clothes on it, and start the machine.

Will It Damage the Machine if I Put the Tide Pod in The Dispenser

Putting a Tide pod in a dispenser may not damage the machine instantly, but it will affect it in the long run. Laundry pods are composed of detergents, stain remover, and fabric softener concentrated in a pack.

When you put the pods in a dispenser, it leads to the build-up of the undissolved solution. Thus, leading to clogging of the dispenser. It wears out the drawer gradually and slows down detergents to dissolve.

Will It Damage The Clothes If I Put Tide Pod in The Dispenser

It may not damage the fabrics of your cloth if you put the Tide pod in the dispenser. However, it will take extra washing hours as laundry pods only dissolve where water flows.

Additionally, you have to rewashed the clothes alone in water to remove the spotting or streak. The dissolving process slows down when you place Tide pods in the dispenser instead of the washing machine drum.


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Is It Better To Put Tide Pods In With The Clothes Or In The Dispenser

Tide pods are designed to be put together with the clothes in the machine drum. The dispenser is for those who prefer detergent powders instead of laundry pods.

However, prevent piling up clothes along with Tide pods. Ensure that you have placed the pod first where the water flows and then put your clothes. That will dissolve the solution effectively, allowing a good wash.

what happens if you put tide pod in dispenser

What Would Happen if I Accidentally Put a Tide Pod in The Dispenser

The washing hour will increase if you put the Tide pod in the dispenser. It may not damage the machine right away but can have a negative impact in the long run.

Mistakes do happen but ensure not to do it next time. If you keep placing laundry pods in the dispenser, the drawer will wear out.

Furthermore, it leaves undissolved solutions that can cause clogging. Additionally, it stains your clothes or appearance of spots. So, avoid using Tide pods in the dispenser.

My Tide Pods Are Not Dissolving In The Washer

There could be various reasons why Tide pods don’t dissolve in the washer. And one of the reasons would be putting in the dispenser.

It takes time and may not dissolve properly as the drawers are meant for detergent powders and fabric softeners. Thus, leaving undissolved solutions in the washer and dispenser as well.

A laundry pod dissolves fast when directly in contact with the water flow. When you place the Tide pod in the washer, check where the water flows.

Note that the direction of the water flow varies depending on the washer types. So, check where water flows in your washer, then place the laundry pod. Ensure that you place the pod first and then the clothes.

Other Things You Should Know About Detergent Pods

What Happens if You Put Detergent in The Wrong Compartment

If you put detergent in the wrong compartment, the washing hours will increase. It may also damage your washing machine gradually.

Can You Put Tide Pods in The Detergent Slot

Tide pods are designed to place in the machine drum along with clothes. Therefore, you can put Tide pods in the detergent slot.

Can I Put the Tide Pod in The Drawer

No, you can’t place a Tide pod in the drawer as it takes time to dissolve and increases your washing hours.

TL;DR – What Happens if You Put Tide Pod in Dispenser

In conclusion, avoid putting Tide pods in the dispenser. If you have done it by mistake, ensure that you don’t do it the next time. These laundry pods are designed to place in the washing machine drum.

Using laundry pods in the dispenser will damage your washing machine in the long run. Therefore, if you plan to use Tide pods for washing clothes, ensure that you place them in the machine drum instead of the dispenser.

Hopefully, this guide has helped clarify your doubts about Tide pods and their usage.