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Wondering Where To Buy Goose Creek Candles? Here’s The Best Places

Goose Creek candles came into existence in 1998 in the small town of Liberty in Kentucky in the USA. A family-owned company, you can assure yourself that their products are worth trusting.

The company was started by Chuck Meece and was later accompanied by his wife. With their joint efforts, their tiny little venture spread all over the country over the next couple of decades. Today, Goose Creek is a family-owned brand known well all over the country.

Their candles are well known for their fragrance and their quality of manufacture. Their vegan and environment-friendly approach to their products make them much more appealing to consumers.

Goose Creek developed many different types of candles over the years, some of which are much more popular than others. Some of them are the one-wick candles, three-wick candles, aromatherapy candles, the 24oz Jar candles, etc. Their collections, like the Passion and Cake Pops collections, are also trendy.

Goose Creek also manufactures other products like room sprays and body care products like hand washes, lotions, and sanitizers. Apart from these, they also deal with scented wax melts and hand creams.

Where To Buy Goose Creek Candles – 3 Great Places

Goose Creek candles are available to buy from many places like chain and independent retail stores and online. Here is a list of places you can buy Goose Creek candles from:

1. Amazon

The world’s greatest online store, you can definitely expect to find Goose Creek candles on Amazon . They store most of Goose Creek’s candles; however, some might occasionally be out of stock.

The prices might vary slightly on Amazon compared to retail stores or Goose Creek’s home website. However, their prices range from $10 to $25 without shipping. Prices are significantly slashed down during sales or special offers; be sure to look out for those!

2. Goose Creek Website

What better place to shop for a specific brand item than its designated website ? Goose Creek’s website provides you with a clear understanding of their collections and fragrances, helping you to shop wisely.

They also host sales via their website; clearance sales are the most preferable to shop for their products since their prices are slashed down by more than half. The price range during such sales is around $9.99 to $13.

3. Walmart

Independent and Chain retail stores like walmart are a great place to shop for Goose Creek candles, giving you a better shopping experience than online. Retail stores put up their own offers and sale/discount prices from time to time.

Candle sales especially go up during the festive season. There are also new fragrances and scented candles available during festive seasons. Walmart also sells Goose Creek candles online; you can check out any offers or discounts from your home’s comfort.

What Is So Special About Goose Creek Candles?

Goose Creek candles are manufactured considering the environment and pet sensitivity to candle fumes. They are also available at affordable rates, and the company has a consumer-centric approach to its product making.

Their wide range of fragrances are also an excellent attraction for consumers. Their Passion Collection consisting of scents like Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Coconut, is one of their bestsellers. People have described this collection many times as sweet and fun.

Goose Creek’s Cake Pop collection is also a much sought-after collection, apart from the Passion collection. Their butterscotch, banana butter, and strawberry scents are fun and a total hit with today’s generation.

Where to buy Goose Creek candles
Where to buy Goose Creek candles

Are Goose Creek Candles Available At Any Retail Stores?

Goose Creek candles are available at any independent or chain retail stores in the USA. They are also sold online via many retail websites.

Online shopping can be less time-consuming and fun, too; however, some items are better purchased in-person- candles, for instance. Goose Creek allows people to have the pleasure of shopping for their fragrances and candles in person.

Many retail outlets store Goose Creek candles in their stocks; you can actually call to inquire about them at your local retail store.

Is There A Return Policy On Goose Creek Candles?

The Goose Creek company has a 30-day return policy on its products. They also, in some cases, schedule UPS pickups from you for ease of the process. However, they will cut the UPS charges from the refund amount.

Also, for any defective order you receive, Goose Creek has an active customer support team that you can call up for assistance during such a process.

Are There Goose Creek Stores Near Me?

Goose Creek candles are found in stores throughout the country; however, if you cannot locate a Goose Creek store near you, check if your local retail store stocks Goose Creek candles. In most cases, they do- you can confirm this with a visit or a phone call.

Are Goose Creek Candles Worth Buying?

Goose Creek candles are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Even the wicks used in these candles are pure cotton. Their scented candles are often described as ‘very cozy’ by customers.

Wrapping Up

Goose Creek is a family-owned company and is well-known for its scented candles and other fragrant items.

They sell quality candles and have a very environmentally-friendly and vegan approach to manufacturing their products. Cruelty-free and made of 100% pure paraffin wax, they are safe for pets and people sensitive to fumes.