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Where Will I Get Better Paint: Lowe’s or Home Depot?

When it comes to paint, it can be tough to decide where you should shop. The logical choice would be an easily accessible big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot which specialize in home improvement tasks. But which one is better to source paints from – Home Depot or Lowe’s?

It’s tough to say and the best course of action is to check them both out for yourself and see what’s available.

If you’re struggling with deciding between Lowes and Home Depot paints, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists every paint type available at these stores. It should help you make a more informed decision.

This is a continuation of my series on comparing Lowe’s and Home Depot. Here are the greatest hits: Comparing Lumber, Comparing Kitchen Cabinets, & Comparing Tile Installation

So without further ado, let’s get some paint!

Paint Brands Available At Lowe’s

BrandsPriceSuitable ForFeatures
Sherwin Williams Infinity$51.98 (1 gallon)Concrete, Doors, Ceilings, Basement wallsOne-Coat Protection guarantee
Sherwin Williams Showcase$39.98 (1 gallon)Concrete, Doors, Ceilings, Basement wallsAdvanced scrub and stain resistance
Sherwin Williams Ovation Plus$29.48 (1 gallon)Concrete, Doors, CeilingsDurable and flawless finish
Valspar Signature$41.98 (1 gallon)Interior Paint + PrimerResists stains, scrubs, and scuffs
Valspar Ultra$31.98 (1 gallon)Concrete, Doors, Ceilings, Basement wallsWashable, Resists stains and scrubs
Valspar Reserve$45.98(1 gallon)Concrete, Doors, CeilingsOne-coat coverage, satin finish
Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents$25.48(1 quart)Walls, Ceilings, Trim, Doors, FurnitureElegant coating with low odor
Rust-Oleum Stops Rust$4.98(12-oz)Metal, Concrete, WoodPrevents rust
Rust-Oleum Satin$4.98(12-oz)Metal, WoodRust preventive, Classic low-sheen finish

Paint Brands Available at Home Depot

BrandsPrice per GallonSuitable ForFeatures
Behr Marquee$45.98(1 gallon)InteriorsSpattering resistance, stain-blocking
Behr Ultra$41.98Kitchens, windows, trim, cabinets, hallways, etc.Durable paint film, easy-clean finish
Behr Premium$33.98Kitchens, bathrooms, trim, cabinets, etc.Paint + Primer, long-lasting finish, low odor
PPG Timeless$41.98Ceilings, walls, trimStain-resistant, washable
PPG Diamond$25.98Living room, bedrooms, etc.Smooth finish, washable, stain-resistant
Glidden Premium$25.98Kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, etc.Paint + Primer, scrubbable
Glidden Essentials$17.98Bathrooms, living spaces, kids roomsScrubbable and washable
Glidden Ceiling$14.98CeilingsMinimizes surface imperfections

The Store With The Better Paint

While you may have preferences over paint brands available in these stores, it is challenging to pick one over the other.

For instance, if you prefer using Sherwin Williams’ paints in your house, you will have to visit a Lowes’ store.

Likewise, Behr aficionados will visit a Home Depot store to get Behr paint. However, prices, location, and availability may influence your decision, and you might end up buying a different product.

Paint I Recommend at Lowe’s

Lowes has some of the best interior and exterior paint brands in the industry. While most of them deliver unmatched smoothness and finish, some stand out with their sheer performance and high-quality results.

One such brand is Sherwin Williams. Their paints define beauty and elegance in their most refined form, and a shade of their color will amplify the looks of your home. Whether you paint concrete, doors, ceilings, or basement walls, your dull space will pop with new life.

Although it is hard to pick one option, we would recommend Sherwin Williams’ Infinity because of its paint + primer quality and attractive price of $51.98 (1 gallon). Additionally, it comes with a one-coat guarantee, and we bet you will love the outcome.

Paint I Recommend at Home Depot

Home Depot is home to some of the most reputed paint brands in the industry. You can get paints from Behr, Glidden, PPG, Kilz, and Rust-Oleum, to name a few. However, Behr and Glidden are the popular choices among the masses.

So which is the best paint at Home Depot? Since Home Depot considers Behr as its house brand, there is no question that Behr Marquee is our top recommendation. Marquee hits the sweet spot of being Home Depot’s primary marketed paint to delivering quality.

Although you can find cheaper alternatives at Home Depot, Marquee delivers the best painting experience and quality at an attractive price of $45.98 per 1 gallon.

who has better paint lowes or home depot

Comparing the Paint Matching Services

While most of us prefer to coat new colors over existing shades, some favor holding onto their varnish longer.

It might be due to emotional attachments or color preference, but ensuring that your service provider provides paint matching services is a better idea and frankly offers a personal touch.

Thankfully, both Home Depot and Lowes offer paint matching services, with Home Depot even claiming to provide an exact match for customer preferences. Additionally, they provide this service free of cost.

Steps to approach paint matching service:

  1. Extract a decent paint sample (one-inch chip preferable)
  2. Put the sample in a soft bag to avoid damage
  3. Let the store staff examine the sample and match it using computers
  4. If the computer finds a match, apply the new paint on a piece of paper
  5. Decide after the paint dries

If you can’t bring a paint sample, try to get an image or item resembling your preferred shade.