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Chairs play a crucial role in any environment. Whether you are at your office or home, a chair can pave the way for a comfortable working or relaxing experience. However, choosing the best ergonomic chair in India can be tricky as you need to consider various aspects before buying one.

To find the perfect sitting match, we reviewed and tested several chairs from different brands. While some impressed us with their impeccable build quality, others scored high on comfort and practicality. But despite trying numerous brands, we couldn’t find a brand that offered a complete experience. Luckily, our woes ended when we stumbled upon the brand Innowin.

best innowin ergonomic office chairs in india 2021

Our quest for searching for the best sitting partner led us to Innowin Furniture. This brand manufactures some of the best chairs in India, and you will be more than happy to sit on them. Their chairs feature top-notch build quality, ergonomics, and practicality, which is one of the primary reasons we are writing this Innowin Furniture review.

We have written this review keeping in mind some of the below questions.

  1. Which is the best Innowin office chair?
  2. Which is the best chair for work from home?
  3. Which is the best chair for long hours?

This article also lists the pros of using an Innowin chair and why do we recommend it. We have also included our top four picks based on comfort, ergonomics, and build quality and added a small section about Innowin’s chair assembly.

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Here follows the Best Innowin Office Chairs For Long Hours:

1. Innowin Jazz High Back Office Chair

If you work for long hours and are looking for an office chair, the Innowin Jazz high back office chair is worth considering. This Innowin office chair comes with ergonomic lumbar support and high-quality material. As the name suggests, the high back design provides excellent support for your back and will allow you to work for longer durations.

When Darsh and Murugan got their hands on this chair, they appreciated and praised the design team. The chair surprised us in different aspects, and after using this office chair in our office environment, we were more than happy with the product.

Is this Innowin Office Chair Ergonomic?

This chair features an ergonomic and comfortable design. Whether you are in your office or working from your home, the Innowin Jazz comes with excellent lumbar support that provides a healthy sitting posture. It allows your spine to get a natural stance, which improves your perseverance and focus for extended periods.

How is the Build Quality of Jazz High Back Office Chair?

Like we mentioned earlier, this Innowin office chair features high-quality materials in its construction. You get a durable glass-filled nylon structure coupled with adjustable nylon arms that provide excellent sitting posture and support.

We loved its position lock mechanism that allows you to set your sitting position as per your requirements. Additionally, the glass-filled nylon base supports weights up to 120kgs, which is adequate for most users. The chair also comes with a seat height adjustment mechanism that makes your working experience more convenient.

Is This Innowin Office Chair Comfortable?

Innowin chairs are known for providing excellent comfort, and this chair is no exception. Apart from providing a comfortable and ergonomic lumbar support, this Innowin office chair also features a breathable mesh to provide constant airflow to your back. It may become your perfect refuge if your workspace is prone to frequent power cuts.

What we like and don’t like about Innowin Jazz High Back Office Chair


  • It comes with an ergonomic lumbar support
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • It comes with a breathable mesh for constant airflow
  • Position lock mechanism
  • Seat height adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel seat with nylon wheels
  • Load capacity up to 120kgs


  • People taller than six feet might not be comfortable

Overall, it is one of the best chairs for home that will provide complete value for your money.

2. Innowin Matrix High Back Mesh Office Chair

If you are looking for an easy to assemble chair with excellent lumbar support, the Innowin Matrix High Back Mesh Office Chair is worth considering. We tested many Innowin chairs to highlight the best in our Innowin chairs review, and this chair is one of them. Apart from being comfortable and easy to assemble, this chair carries the legacy of providing excellent lumbar support.

One of the best features of this chair is its simplicity and convenience. The chair arrives semi-assembled, and all you have to do is connect the seat with the base. Additionally, you don’t even need any tools for performing this task.

Ergonomics of Innowin Matrix Chair

This chair’s ergonomics and comfort level are impeccable, and you will have to buy a different Innowin ergonomic chair to get the same characteristics. It comes with excellent lumbar support that will support your back for extended durations. The high back support also adds to the overall comfort and convenience.

Build Quality of Innowin Matrix Chair

Innowin Matrix features high-quality materials in its construction. Its durable glass-filled nylon structure provides stability and strength, and the gas-lift height adjustments ensure icing on the cake. Additionally, the inbuilt tilt mechanism and stable nylon base enable you to work at any angle without compromising your comfort.

Comfort of Innowin Matrix

Comfort and convenience are two aspects where Innowin never lets you down. The same story continues with the Innowin Matrix, as it is undoubtedly the best Innowin ergonomic chair in this price category. Additionally, the presence of breathable mesh makes it more convenient for users who like constant airflow through their sitting arrangement.

What we like and don’t like about Innowin Matrix Office Chair


  • Ergonomic lumbar support
  • Durable glass-filled nylon structure and base
  • It comes with breathable mesh for constant airflow
  • Heavy-duty tilt mechanism with position lock
  • Gas-lift seat height adjustment
  • Adjustable arms
  • Load capacity up to 120kgs
  • Easy to assemble


  • None that Muruguan and Darsh could find!

Overall, it is the best Innowin ergonomic chair in this price bracket.

3. Innowin Makson Wood

If you are looking for an ergonomic, leatherette, and executive chair in the Innowin assembly, the Innowin Makson Wood will undoubtedly excite you. This Innowin ergonomic chair incorporates a modern mechanism to provide a comfortable and convenient sitting position while working. The leatherette upholstery cover offers a premium sense and blends seamlessly with your office environment.

Whether you like to work continuously for hours or sneak some time relaxing, its heavy-duty tilt mechanism will ensure that you have more convenience. The soft PU armrest acts as the perfect resting place for your arms after long working hours.

Ergonomics of Innowin Makson Wood

The Innowin Makson Wood features all the curves and bends required to provide a healthy sitting posture to your body. It features ergonomic lumbar support that holds your spine naturally, allowing you to work for hours without interruption. Additionally, the Leatherette upholstery provides excellent comfort and relaxation.

Build Quality of Innowin Makson Wood

This Innowin ergonomic chair uses high-quality and durable wood as its internal frame material. The wood provides ample support and stability to the chair. Its heavy-duty tilt mechanism also allows you to work and relax up to 115-degree and the gas-lift seat height adjustment is a breeze to operate. Additionally, you also get a durable base with 50mm nylon castors.

Comfort of Innowin Makson Wood

The Innowin Makson Wood leaves no stones unturned in terms of comfort. Apart from getting ergonomic lumbar support, it comes with a soft PU armrest that acts as a comfortable refuge for your arms. The chair also scores in convenience and practicality as it comes semi-assembled and all you have to do is attach the seat with the base without breaking a sweat.

What we like and don’t like about Innowin Makson Wood


  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft and premium PU armrest
  • Gas-lift seat height adjustment
  • Ergonomic lumbar support
  • Load capacity up to 120kgs
  • High-quality and durable internal frame
  • Heavy-duty tilt mechanism
  • Comfortable headrest


  • The tilt angle could have been more

With all its excellent ergonomic features and a value for money price, we had to include it in our Innowin Chairs review.

4. Innowin Nylon Pony Mid Back Chair

If you are a fan of minimalism and want a basic chair with excellent ergonomics, the Innowin Nylon Pony Mid Back Chair is worth considering. This chair comes with a breathable mesh that ensures constant airflow during long working sessions.

Despite having a minimalistic design, the Nylon Pony falls no short in features and functionality. It comes with a glass-filled nylon structure coupled with an adjustable nylon armrest for comfort and convenience. You can also adjust your lumbar support according to your requirements.

Ergonomics Innowin Nylon Pony Chair

The Innowin Nylon Pony features an ergonomic and comfortable design fitted in a minimalistic structure. Its excellent lumbar support coupled with an adjustable armrest provides adequate support to your spine and arms for extended working sessions. Additionally, the 122-degree tilt angle allows your body to relax while working.

Build Quality of Innowin Nylon Pony

Despite having a minimalistic and basic design, the Nylon Pony uses high-quality and durable materials in its construction. It comes with a glass-filled nylon base and structure that ensures perfect stability and comfort while working. An average-sized adult with weights up to 120kgs can effortlessly spend hours on this chair without inviting fatigue.

Comfort of Innowin Nylon Pony Chair

Comfort is a vital aspect for Innowin designers, and the Nylon Pony is no exception. This minimalistic chair comes with excellent lumbar support and a heavy-duty tilt mechanism that will ensure your spine stays in a natural position all the time. Additionally, the adjustable armrest adds to the overall comfort and convenience.

What we like and don’t like about Innowin Nylon Pony Chair


  • Load capacity up to 120kgs
  • It comes with a heavy-duty nylon structure and base
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • 122-degree tilt angle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Minimum headrest

Overall, it is one of the best minimalistic chairs in the Innowin assembly.

Is Innowin A Reliable Brand For Chairs?

innowin logo

Innowin is one of the leading furniture brands in India. Their expertise and craftsmanship in manufacturing quality chairs for home and office use are exceptional. The brand features a collection curated based on practicality, comfort, and ergonomics that deliver value for your money.

Innowin engineers use every ounce of their vast 35-year experience to provide functionality over design. You can get various chairs, including office chairs, stools, tables, bar counters, and multi-purpose chairs that will blend seamlessly with your living or working space.

About Bharat Furniture

Innowin is the brainchild of Bharat Furniture after evaluating the market demand for economical yet exquisite and unique furniture. Their study paved the way for contemporary designs incorporated with modern techniques to provide consumers with durable and quality products.

The company has a significant line-up of chairs for everyone. From office settings to comfortable bar counter chairs, the line-up will keep you wanting more. It’s a class that stands out in the crowd, and we couldn’t find anything close with such a minimalistic yet modern vibe. Besides, the chairs will appeal to anyone that feels them with their combination of class, comfort, and color.

Pros of Innowin

After testing several Innowin chairs for days, we can undoubtedly recommend them to everyone. Their unique approach to combining classic style with modern vibes will inspire anyone. Additionally, we liked their concept of incorporating functionality with aesthetics and design as it is a rare find for consumers in the industry.

Although we confronted a few niggles in their arsenal, the whole set of pros washed away their shortcomings such that we forgot about those cons.

Here are the pros that we compiled in our Innowin chairs review:

  1. Innowin chairs feature an ergonomic and comfortable design
  2. Premium and high-quality material, including upholstery cover and structure
  3. Classic design with modern vibes
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Durable construction
  6. It comes with an advanced mechanism for smooth functioning
  7. Excellent weight load capacity
  8. Easy to use
  9. Blends with any living or working environment
  10. Lots of options for everyone

Why Innowin is the best furniture brand for office chairs?

With years of experience in the industry, Innowin has achieved significant developments in its chairs to make them more comfortable and ergonomic. For instance, a desk job involves sitting for hours a day, which means your back will require adequate support and comfort to endure those working sessions.

Innowin engineers focused on five elements to make their chairs a comfortable sitting partner. These elements include:

1. Back support

Back support is vital if you are working for long hours. Innowin chairs can hold your lower back in the natural shape, offering pelvic or lumbar help. Our Innowin chairs review features products that have excellent back support.

2. Comfortable Placement

Comfortable placement of your spine and arms is crucial to have an excellent working experience. The folks in Innowin focused on this aspect and designed all their chairs to provide a comfortable sitting placement.

3. Physical Health

When you have excellent back support and comfortable placement, it improves your blood flow and reduces stress on your muscles. Additionally, it improves your breathing by reducing stomach tension and preventing exhaustion. Innowin chairs are a perfect example of promoting physical health.

4. Posture

Innowin chairs score high on ergonomics and comfort as they provide a healthy posture required for long working hours.

5. Muscular and Skeletal Support

Migraines, back pains, muscle tears are all examples of misaligned spinal posture and a common nuisance for desk job workers. Innowin chairs, with their ergonomic and comfortable design, provide the best muscular and skeletal support.

Innowin Chair Assembly

Innowin is India’s leading furniture manufacturer with products varying in price categories ranging from premium and luxurious chairs to minimalistic and value for money offerings. You can get office chairs, multi-purpose chairs, bar counter chairs, tables, and stools.

Here are some of the popular Innowin chairs as per their category:

Office Chairs

  • Bentley Pure Leather Luxurious High Back Office Chair – Premium
  • Parker High Back Revolving Office Chair – Premium
  • Matrix High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Value Champion
  • Jazz High Back Office Chair with Lumbar Support – Value for money
  • Pony Medium Back Mesh Office Chair – Popular Choice
  • Pine Office Desk Chair with Lumbar Support – Budget Champion

Multi-purpose Chairs

  • Dolby Premium Desk Chair – Premium
  • Scooby Fabric Modern Dining Chair – Premium
  • Spark Metal Dining Chair – Value for money
  • Olive Stackable Garden Chair – Budget Champion

Bar Counter Chairs

  • Spark Metal Bar Counter Chair – Popular Choice

Tables and Stools

  • Focus Café Metal stool – Popular Choice

Frequently Asked Questions About Innowin Ergonomic Chairs

Innowin vs. Featherlite: Which One To Prefer?

Although both these brands have excellent chairs on offer, we prefer Innowin products more because of their practicality, ergonomics, and comfort. The build quality is slightly better in Innowin chairs, and they offer more stability and convenience to the users. Additionally, Innowin chairs weigh less than Featherlite chairs except for some models.

Are Innowin chairs good?

Innowin chairs offer excellent functionality and comfort because of their durable build quality. They provide better ergonomics and lumbar support than most chairs in their price bracket. Additionally, features such as adjustable tilt mechanism, mesh support, seat height adjustability, and durable construction make them one of India’s best office chairs.

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