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5+ Best Washing Machine For Hard Water & Borewell Water In India

India is no stranger to water problems. Various regions in the country suffer annually from the issue of hard water.

Hard water is water which contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The primary issue with using hard water is that you cannot use soaps for washing purposes.

Ever wondered how you got those streaks on your clothes? Hard water causes those whitish lines to develop on your fabrics. Hard water also deteriorates a washing machine at a faster pace.

IFB Senator WXS best washing machine for hard water team has thoroughly reviewed washing machines that can handle hard water efficiently. We have come to the conclusion that IFB Senator WXS Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is the best washing machine for hard water and borewell water in India. We have taken its features and service into account and it’d be a wise decision to consider buying the product.

Read our detailed review below.

At the same time, it might not matter if you’re living in one of the developed Indian cities. That’s because, in those areas, you’ll most probably be fulfilling your water needs from a municipality.

In contrast, if you live in a region where you receive water from a borewell, most likely, it’s hard water. So unless you get a really efficient washing machine or water softener, be prepared to deal with spoilt fabrics.

Now, if you’re looking for a detergent to use for hard water, you’ll have to use a lot of it. To deal with hard water issues, the use of efficient machines and water softeners becomes inevitable.

So, to assist you, we’ve compiled 5+ best washing machine for hard water & borewell water in India.

best washing machine for hard and borewell water

Compare Our Best Picks For Hard Water Washing Machines

IFB Senator WXSSamsung WA65A4002VS/TLIFB Serena WXIFB Diva Aqua SXWhirlpool Whitemagic Elite
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)61 x 60 x 8556.8 x 54 x 90.662.3 x 59.8 x 87.550.6 x 59.8 x 84.854 x 54 x 98.5
Weight (kg)8029.57259.531
Material Stainless SteelSteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Voltage (in Volts)230220240930 watts230
Maximum Load ( in kgs)86.5767.5
Maximum RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)14006801000800740
Level of noise while Spinning (in dB)70Not Available706872
Level of Noise while Washing (in dB)5651565463
LoadingFront Loading TypeTop-Loading TypeFront Loading TypeFront Loading TypeTop-Loading Type
Console TypeFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully Automatic
Our Rating★★★★★★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★★

Here Are The Best Washing Machines For Borewell Water and Hard Water In India

1) IFB Senator WXS

Firstly, the Fully-Automatic Senator WXS Washing Machine by IFB comes with an in-built water softener. The machine boasts an efficient Aqua Energie water softener. With these washing machines, you don’t have to worry about mineral deposits.

This machine is a front load washing machine. It’s capable of running at a maximum of 1400 rpm while carrying a lot of 8 kgs

What’s really attractive about the washer is its built-in heaters. Hence, there are no problems related to washing clothes during the cold months of the year.

No doubt, it’s among the most effective and reliable products from IFB.

IFB is a brand that’s no stranger to delivering more than what’s required of its machines. The machine comes with a total warranty of four years. The motor comes with a warranty of ten years.

In addition, IFB extends spare part support for ten years on the machine.

You can easily wash any type of fabric and cloth materials by taking advantage of its 14 modes of wash. Be it cotton or wool or any other type of fabric, go ahead and wash it without any worries.


  • Energy-efficient
  • A large number of satisfied users
  • Drums made of steel ensure efficient hard water protection
  • The machine employs a whopping 1400 rpm to wash clothes
  • Noise is minimal
  • The capacity of 8 kgs


  • IFB may lack customer support in smaller Indian cities

Why Should You Buy it?

Even though it falls in the more expensive category, the features are all worth it. If you’re searching for a front-load 8kg washer ready to solve all your hard water problems, we highly recommend this product.

2) Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL

Our second pick for the best washing machine for hard water comes from Samsung. Samsung is a brand that Indians are well-acquainted with. The brand maintained its expertise in delivering some of the best, high-grossing appliances through this product.

This Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine doesn’t have an in-built water softener.

With that said, a powerful motor makes it possible for the machine to wash clothes at 680 rpm. It can wash at once a total of 6.5 kgs of clothes. The machine is a top-loading type of washer.

The washer by Samsung boasts a built-in inverter. It also has an Energy Saving mode.

You get a total of 6 different types of modes for washing purposes. For faster washing, make use of the water jet technology. Use the washer to wash wool, cardigans, or sweaters without damaging the fabrics.


  • The LED panel makes the washer much easier to use
  • Affordable
  • Jet technology for a faster wash
  • Energy-efficient
  • Noise is minimal


  • It requires quite a lot of water for washing

Why Should You Buy it?

The washing machine is among the most budget-friendly washers in the market. What’s more, there are no compromises on the features. So if you fall in that category, the washer is a great option.

3) IFB Serena WX

IFB Serena WX
best washing machine for borewell water

The fantastic washer by IFB boasts an in-built water softener. It’s called the Aqua Energie water softener.

It’s capable of a 1000 rpm spin speed that makes it capable of washing a max load of 7 kgs. The washer features a front-loading style.

For effective washing, the washer makes use of a 3D wash system. Besides that, to shield your fabrics from any type of damage, it has a crescent moon drum.

Keeping true to the IFB tradition, the washer also boasts of the voltage protection feature. The Auto Balance System maintains proper distribution for an efficient wash.

Other unique features include Tub Clean and Foam-Control features. The former controls the levels of foaming while the latter ensures durability.

The IFB product ensures spare support of ten years. Other than that, it offers a complete warranty package of four years.

Like the other IFB machines on our list, the product features an exclusive 14 modes of wash. You can wash all types of clothes and fabrics such as sweatshirts, pants, shirts, sweaters, and so on.


  • 3D wash system for the most optimal washing. No need for soaking
  • Highly effective against hard water


  • IFB customer service may lack in smaller cities
  • It’s not energy efficient

Why Should You Buy it?

If you’re a family of 4-5 members and require a washer with all features, this is for you. Especially with kids dirtying their clothes very often, you can directly wash them without soaking. More so, the machine is perfect for those with allergies.

4) IFB Diva Aqua SX

When it comes to efficient and high performing and top-quality products, no brand comes close to IFB. It’s a brand that’s slowly yet surely consolidating its footing in India in terms of electrical appliances.

Just like other IFB washers, this specific Diva Aqua SX washing machine also features an in-built hard water softener. That is, the efficient Aqua Energie. Count on it to turn hard water into soft water. It also ensures that there are no detergent residues left over after the wash.

The washer has a spin speed of 800 rpm, with which it can handle a load of 6 kgs effectively. The IFB machine belongs to the front-loading group.

Make use of its unique built-in heater to wash clothes even in winters. To shield your clothes from any damage, it boasts of the crescent moon drums. The drum provides a cushion to the delicate clothes.

Similar to the 7kg variant, the washer makes use of the 3D wash system.

Lastly, it features the Ball Valve to lessen detergent consumption.

Apart from spare parts support of ten years, it also comes with a motor warranty of ten years. IFB extends a complete warranty on the machine for four years.

Unlike IFB’s other washers, it has only eight modes of wash. You can wash fabrics such as school uniforms, bedsheets, pillow covers, sweaters, and so on.


  • 3D wash system
  • Aqua Energie hard water softener


  • IFB customer care isn’t satisfactory for smaller Indian cities
  • The product doesn’t come with accessories. You’ll need to buy them

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have a family of 4 and you’re searching for a not-so-expensive washer, purchase this product. The washer almost has similar features to the 8 kg variant, which is a lot more expensive.

5) Whirlpool Whitemagic Elite

There is no doubt about how famed Whirlpool and its products are in India. The customers have a long-standing relationship built on trust with Whirlpool.

The Whitemagic Elite washer doesn’t have a built-in hard water softener. At the same time, it’s capable of a spin speed of 740 rpm and washes 7.5 kgs of load efficiently. The washing machine belongs to the top-loading grouping.

Scrubbing is never a problem due to its Power Scrub Technology. There are no stains that the washer cannot get rid of. It carefully and gently washes your clothes through the Spa Wash System.

You can always count on the Express Wash mode whenever you’re running out of time. Besides that, you’ll never have to worry about detergent residues because of the Dynamix Technology.

Whirlpool offers a warranty of ten years on the motor. It also extends a complete product warranty of two years.

Additionally, the washer boasts 12 different modes of wash in total. Be it bedsheets or woolen clothes, delicate or white clothes, fulfill all your washing needs through this product.


  • Efficient cleaning with every wash
  • ZPF Technology for low water pressure
  • It has an in-built lint filter


  • In case of heavy loads, the washer vibrates moderately

Why Should You Buy It?

This particular washing machine is perfect for those searching for an affordable and efficient washer. The Express Wash mode caters especially to families with kids who attend schools. As mentioned earlier, its twelve wash programs allow you to remove stains from various types of materials completely.

Hard Water Filters

Now that we’re done with the listing of washing machines, let’s learn more about hard water filters and their use.

Hard water filters are purifying compartments that filter out unwanted minerals from entering the washer drum. The water that enters the drums is clean and free of any mineral that may cause damage to the washer.

These filters ensure that there are no mineral deposits in any area inside the machines. Some of these hard water filters even have a sediment cartridge.

These effectively prevent scaling and do not let crystals form in the machine compartments. So by doing so, the filters further prolong the shelf life of your washing machine.

By preventing mineral deposits and scaling, hard water filters ensure that your washer functions at its best. So the water that enters the drums is clean and ideal for you to wash your clothes. That will, in turn, result in softer and cleaner clothes.

To maintain your washing machine for a long time and keep it clean, you must use filters. Especially in the case of hard water, it’s vital that you make use of efficient filters. That holds true not only for the purposes of washing clothes but for the sake of the washer itself.

In that regard, we prepared for you two of the best hard water filters in the market.

Purifit Washing Machine Filter

This particular hard water filter specifically fulfills the needs of automatic washing machines that we have listed in this article.

The Purifit Washing Machine Filter is, in simple terms, effective against the problems of hard water. It shields your washer’s components from all types of harmful minerals.

Furthermore, it assures that only clean water passes out of the filter resulting in clean clothes. Clothes will maintain their softness, shine, and color for a long time.

When it comes to installing the filter, it’s as simple as it gets. You only need to follow through with the instructions given in the user manual.

Even then, if it’s difficult for you, make use of the link to the tutorial video given in the manual. The video contains a stepwise rundown of the installation process.

When you’re done installing the filter, there are no extra steps. Turn on the washing machine just as you would normally. There are no issues with leakages or any type of obstruction of water from the usage of the filter.

Ideally, if you’re using a front-loading washing machine, the filter should last you 6-9 months in total. In the case of top-loading type washing machines, you can use them for up to 6 months.

Note: The duration of time relates to using your washer at maximum capacity three times a week.

Benefits of Using Purifit Washing Machine Filter

  • The installation is simple and easy enough for any user to fit the filter into the machine. The availability of the tutorial video makes it even easier for users.
  • Since only clean water passes through the filter; there is no damage to the clothes and the machine. Also, the clothes maintain their shine and softness.
  • Unlike other filters in the market, it doesn’t cause any leakage issues or obstruct the water pathway.
  • Effectively raises the life of the washer.

WaterScience IRIS WMFC-617 Hard Water Washing Machine Filter

If you’re unsure which filter to get to tackle hard water, get the WaterScience IRIS WMFC-617. For hard water protection, it’s among the best washing machine filters, if not the best.

The filter is safe and easy to use. It’s user-friendly and comes with a simple user manual that contains all the information about the filter.

If you wish to, you can also easily wash items such as a dress. That’s due to its high efficiency of being able to filter out minerals and mineral deposits. After washing, you get clothes that are not only clean but also have a nice odor.

The filter enhances the life of the cartridges and the washer as a whole. It significantly reduces the impact of hard water on your clothes and the machine.

If you’re using the automatic 6 kg machine machines by IFB, you definitely should go for WaterScience IRIS WMFC-617. That’s because the filter functions most efficiently with the 6 kg washer variant of IFB.

The statement is true for both top-loading and front-loading types of washers.

However, in general, you may use it with any type of washer.

With regards to the installation, it’s simple enough for anyone to follow through. You won’t be requiring any expert help.

Benefits of Using WaterScience IRIS WMFC-617

  • Apart from filtering out mineral deposits, the filter is particularly effective against microplastics. By doing so, it prevents fading and maintains the original color of the fabrics.
  • The filter doesn’t cause any type of leakage. It doesn’t cause any obstruction in the hose either.
  • Since it removes minerals quite effectively, the filter protects your washer, thus increasing its durability. The WaterScience IRIS WMFC-617 hard water filter also raises the performance of the washer.

How to Protect a Washing Machine from Borewell Water/Hard Water/Saltwater?

In order to protect your washer from borewell water/Hard Water/saltwater, simply follow the following methods.

  • Purchase for yourself an efficient hard water filter for the washer. It’ll not only protect the washer but also ensure clean water for washing.
  • Detergent to use for hard water: As you know, hard water cannot wash away soaps. you’ll have to use a great amount of detergent to be effective in hard water. And that can lead to detergent residues in the machine and even on the clothes. Thus, choose detergents that contain an ample amount of hard water softeners them.
  • Ensure to purchase a washing machine that’s made of steel or stainless steel. These will have a washing drum made of steel.

Why is it Important to Use Hard Water Filter with Washing Machines?

  • It Protects The Washing Machine.

Hard water can damage your washer in ways more than you can imagine. The minerals present in hard water can scale the walls of the washer. That will, in turn, decrease the life of the machine and make it less durable.

Furthermore, these can develop as mineral deposits, clogging the outlet pipes and causing considerable damage to them.

So by using a hard water filter, you’ll avoid the minerals from entering the machine from the get-go. That way, you don’t have to worry about scaling or clogging the pipes. It’ll increase the durability and life of the machine.

  • Increased Performance.

By effectively preventing the minerals from entering the drum, the filter makes available clean and soft water. It ensures that your clothes don’t get spoiled and damaged and also helps retain their original coloring.

Types of Washing Machines To Deal With Hard Water

Even though we provided you with a detailed rundown of the best washers, going through the buying guide is vital.

For that, you need to consider the type of washing machine you require.

  • Fully Automatic

The machines don’t require you to do anything. It makes use of a single drum for all processes. So these washers produce minimal noise and are energy efficient. Besides, these features come with an expensive price tag.

  • Semi-Automatic

Unlike full automatic washers, the user needs to do their own part. It makes use of two drums; for the purposes of washing and drying. Also, you’ll have to take all the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer yourself.

Naturally, these washers generate higher noise levels and are not energy efficient. This makes them much more affordable than full automatic washers.

That said, there are two categories based on the type of loading.

  • Front Load

For such washers, you need to dump the clothes from the front side into the drum. So you horizontally fill in the drum, which saves a lot of time.

  • Top Load

Unlike front load machines, you fill the drum by dropping clothes from the top. You can avail both fully automatic and semi-automatic washers of this variant. Usually, it comes at a cheaper price rate as compared to front-load machines.


Which Washing Machine Is Best For Borewell Water?

In case you’re looking for a front-load type, the Fully-Automated Washing Machine 8 kg variant by IFB is the best.
However, if you want a top-load washer, go for The All-Star Automatic Washing Machine 7.5 variant by Whirlpool.

Does Water Hardness Affect Washing Machine?

Yes, hard water has a detrimental impact on the life of a washing machine. It lessens its durability and scales the walls of the drums.
It can lead to mineral deposits and detergent residues and cause clogging. Hard water lowers the efficiency of the machine.

Is Borewell Water Good For Washing Machine?

Borewell water is not good for the washing machine (generally). The reason is that it’s a type of hard water.

Does Salt Water Affect Washing Machine?

Washing machines do not bode well with saltwater. The minerals present in saltwater cause scaling and reduce the durability of the machine. Saltwater can even cause clogging in the hose if it gets accumulated.

How Do I Check The Hardness Of My Washing Machine Water?

To check the hardness of the water you’re using, test it against a soap. Fill a bottle with water and add soap to it. Ensure that you don’t use soap with added perfumes and colors. When you’re ready, shake the bottle.
If you see a lot of bubbles foaming up in the bottle, the water isn’t hard. Conversely, the water is hard in the case of minimal bubbles.

How Do I Get Rid Of Hard Water Build Up In My Washing Machine?

You have to use white vinegar to get rid of hard water buildup. Empty your washer and pour an ample amount of vinegar into it. Run the hottest and longest wash cycle.
Once that’s over, run one more cycle with normal water without detergents. That will get rid of the vinegar that’s leftover.

Which Front Load Washing Machine Is Best For Hard Water?

The Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 8 kg variant by IFB is the best front load washing machine.


That concludes our article on the 5+ best washing machines for hard water & borewell water In India. The washing machines we have listed excel in offering the best solution to hard water issues. We hope that through our article, we were able to clarify all your queries. 

Nevertheless, if you are unsure and have more queries, let us know by commenting down below.