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Budget Blinds vs Hunter Douglas : This Is What You Should Go With

It is almost summer in most parts of the world, which also means that it is time to stay away from the sun as much as possible. This is when people look for the best window coverings to stop sunlight from entering their homes.

Modern window treatment companies produce blinds that can be controlled with the push of a button. They come in many different colors and designs that enhance your home’s interiors.

Budget Blinds and Hunter Douglas are renowned for their excellent custom window treatment services. So, how do you decide which one is better for your home’s requirements?

This article will compare these two brands to help you decide who offers the better window products for your home.

At A Glance: Budget Blinds vs Hunter Douglas

CategoryBudget BlindsHunter Douglas
Services offeredCustom window treatments (Home Interior Decor)Custom window treatments (Home Interior Decor)
ProductsWindow Blinds, Shutters, Drapery, Shades, etc. They can be fabric, wooden, metal, etc.Window Blinds, Shutters, Drapery, Shades, etc.
QualityHigh QualityHigh Quality
ColorsStandard ColorsMore varieties of shades
MaintenanceEasy maintenanceRequire minimal care and cleaning

Is Hunter Douglas Same as Budget Blinds?

Looking at the table above, you may feel that these two window-covering brands are the same. However, there are some traits in the products that set them apart.

Let us look at the core difference between these two brands and list their pros and cons.

Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds is a company that provides custom window coverings for homes. They are the largest network of franchised window treatment companies in North America.

It is an interior decor brand that caters to the modern consumer’s needs. They provide both automated and manual window coverings.

They offer a wide range of coverings made from different high-quality materials. Most of their high-end products are expensive, but they also have an array of affordable covers that you can choose from.

The durability of their products is average and is easy to maintain. Child safety is one of their main focus when they create their products.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of using Budget Blinds products.


  • Budget blinds help you maintain your privacy when you are at home. These blinds can be kept half-open or completely sealed, depending on how you prefer to use them.
  • You can choose from a wide range of materials and colors that can help you control the amount of light that seeps through your windows.
  • Budget blinds offer easy-to-maintain products that only require minimal attention.


  • Though cordless shades are an excellent product, they are not easy to use when the windows are high. It is better to use a cord to adjust the shades in this situation.
  • Cordless shades are also not ideal for large and expansive windows as they usually require more power to get lifted.
  • The cost of these products may be a little on the expensive side of things.

budget blinds vs hunter douglas

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is a major company when it comes to automated window covering systems. It is the most popular window covering manufacturer in the world. Their products help you control the access to light and give you privacy.

They manufacture products such as shades, blinds, shutters, and drapery. Hunter Douglas is known for its luxury products. They are energy efficient, and you can use their products from anywhere through your phones, tablet, or the remote control at home. Let us look at some of their pros and cons.


  • Hunter Douglas is a luxury window treatment company that manufactures high-end products for your homes. Their products add to the ambiance of your home and enhance the look of the spaces.
  • Their products help you in controlling the light that enters your home. They can protect your floors and furniture from the effects of the heat produced by sunlight.
  • Homes are prone to the gaze of passersby and onlookers sometimes, which is not ideal for private spaces. Hunter Douglas products are excellent to help you maintain privacy.
  • Hunter Douglas is known for its energy-efficient products. They have been certified by the AERC, an independent body that looks into the use of energy by window coverings.
  • You can use apps such as Google, Alexa, etc., by integrating voice activation into your blinds and shades. You can also schedule your windows to open and close at specific times.
  • It emphasizes manufacturing products that adhere to child safety and comes with a lifelong warranty.


  • The biggest letdown of Hunter Douglas is that they do not have an online store of their own.
  • Another stumbling block you might come across is the price of their products. Since Hunter Douglas offers luxury window treatment products, they are more expensive than other brands.

FAQs about Budget Blinds vs Hunter Douglas

Does Budget Blinds Sell Hunter Douglas Products?

Budget Blinds have partnered up with Hunter Douglas to sell its window treatment products through the many franchisees that Budget Blinds won throughout the United States.

The combination of these two leading manufacturers of window treatment products will expand the industry even more to other parts of the world.

What Is Budget Blinds Cost per Window?

Budget Blinds can cost you anywhere from 200 dollars to 100 dollars, depending on the size of your window and the type of material you wish to use.

What Is Home Depot Cost per Window?

Home Depot charges around 250 dollars to install blinds per window. However, it also depends on the type of glass, window size, color, decor, etc.

Are Hunter Douglas Blinds the Same Price Everywhere?

The cost of Hunter Douglas’ blinds depends on a couple of factors. To install these blinds, you need an expert guide.

These experts can come with different costs, and the price of the blinds can also differ due to the differences in material, designs, etc.

Wrapping Up Hunter Douglas vs Budget Blinds

Window coverings are essential to managing the admission of light into our homes. Drapes and blinds are also important to help maintain privacy.

Budget Blinds and Hunter Douglas are both leaders in manufacturing window treatment products. Hunter Douglas is the option to go for if you want luxurious additions to your homes.

However, Budget Blinds also provide excellent window coverings for affordable prices. Both brands offer automated blinds and shades.


Tuesday 17th of October 2023

the biggest problem with Hunter Douglas is their overly inflated ego. their customer service is greatly lacking... they would much rather make you buy a whole new shade than repair a perfectly good one that you would like to keep.