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How to Store Helium Balloons Overnight – The Correct Way

Are you worried about how to store helium balloons overnight? Perhaps you have a party event coming up tomorrow, and you’re anxious about how you can keep your helium balloons from deflating, so they last the night.

All balloons are bound to shrink or deflate eventually, but there are ways to extend their floating time only if you follow some easy tricks. Here, we will share tips for storing your helium balloons overnight so you find them inflated and intact, exactly as you left them last evening. 

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Helium balloons serve as fun decoration items for any party event, including birthday celebrations, school gatherings, house parties, or other get-together functions. A party sure is not a party without latex balloons!

How Do You Prevent Balloons from Deflating Overnight? – Use This Life Hack

Keeping your balloons from deflating overnight is possible if you follow the right tips. All balloons indeed shrink just hours after they are inflated and tied, but there are tricks to keep them floating for days and nights before they eventually burst.

Some factors like material, temperature, size, etc., have a lot to play in keeping your balloons from shrinking overnight. Firstly, it is vital to note the difference in floating times between synthetic and foil balloons.

Standard synthetic helium-filled balloons typically can last at least twelve to twenty hours and stay for 48 to 72 hours afloat if you use ultra Hi-Float coating, provided you don’t leave them out in the sun as they may start to deflate sooner, while foil helium balloons last for about five to seven days. 

On the other hand, air-filled balloons typically last for weeks, although they won’t float. There are simple hacks to keep your balloons from deflating overnight, such as the following.

  • Never store your balloons in hot room temperatures, and keep them in the dark, away from direct sunlight and heat. 
  • Spray a Hi-Float coating before you inflate the balloons.
  • Inflate your balloons using a 60/40 inflator.
  • Seal the balloons securely to prevent any air from escaping. Ensuring this would make your balloon float for days or even weeks.

Will Helium Balloons Stay Blown up Overnight

Helium balloons will stay blown up overnight if you know how to store them properly. Ensure using Hi-Float, a plain liquid mixture that acts as a coating and helps retains the helium inside the balloons; this solution is toxic-free and keeps the helium balloons blown up and floating overnight.

In addition, ensure to tie the balloons tightly after inflating to contain the air and keep it in a place away from pets, heat, and other sharp objects.

Best Temperature To Store Helium Balloons

Helium is susceptible to changes in temperature. So, helium balloons are best kept at room temperatures where it’s neither too hot nor too cold. 

 It is so because extreme cold air makes the helium contract, causing the balloon to appear deflated even when it still floats. 

Too much heat can force the helium to expand, bursting the balloons. Thus, storing them at a moderate room temperature is vital, and using a hi-float coating inside the balloons is advisable for high durability. Also, synthetic balloons are light-sensitive and sapped when exposed to dust and dirt.

how to store helium balloons overnight
how to store helium balloons overnight

Where Is the Perfect Place to Keep Helium Balloons

To prevent any helium leakage, the best place to store helium balloons could be indoors, at a relatively dark and even cold room temperature, away from heat and sunlight. 

A space in your house under the stairs, a garage, or a cupboard, would be perfect for storing helium balloons as it keeps them afloat for a more extended period. 

Also, keep the balloons away from pets if you have one, as they could puncture and deflate them. Proper storage of the helium balloons would extend their floating time for about two to five days.

How to Store Foil Helium Balloons Overnight

It is easy to store your foil helium balloons overnight if you do it just right.

Foil helium balloons can generally last for a week or more if you consider certain things like storing them at moderate room temperature (neither too hot nor too cold). They stay inflated if you contain them at a consistent temperature, away from heat and extreme cold.

Helium is a sensitive atom that reacts to a sudden change in temperature, hot or cold. The difference in the constant rise and fall of temperature will reduce the floating time of the foil helium balloons. 

Thus it is essential to maintain consistency in temperatures to prevent the foil helium balloons from shrinking overnight.

Can You Bring Helium Balloons Back to Life

You can pick them up and move the balloon to a warmer spot to bring helium balloons back to life. It is not deflated, but it refuses to hover in the air and lies on the cold ground.

Doing this will give the helium molecules an increase in energy flow, which will help loosen and spread around, causing the balloons to inflate.

This change in the temperature will help revive your shriveled helium balloons and keep them floating for some considerable time.

Why Did My Helium Balloons Sink Overnight

Your helium balloons probably sank overnight and become droopy or shriveled because the helium in the balloons leaked. Leakage will cause the escape of air, deflating the balloons.

Balloons are relatively thin and porous, and since helium is a tiny atom, air will likely pass through, causing the balloons to sink. Thus, it is recommended to go for helium-grade balloons with thick and non-porous material.

It is to be noted that the weight balance that makes the balloons afloat prevents any helium leakage.

Is It Safe to Store Helium Balloons in A Car Overnight

It is entirely safe to store helium balloons in a car overnight. However, make sure you have no objects in the vehicle that could puncture or slash the balloons. Ensuring this would keep the balloons inflated throughout the night.

Also, storing your helium balloons in a car for the night would not affect the durability of the balloons. 

TL;DR – How To Store Helium Balloons Overnight

Thus, proper storage is the key to elongating the floating time of your helium balloons. Just remember to treat them with a coating of Hi-Float before you inflate them, as it works to keep your helium balloons from deflating overnight.

If you abide by the tips discussed above, your helium balloons will last the night and keep floating as long as possible. It is essential to keep them away from warmth as Helium molecules grow when they come into contact with heat, resulting in a loud balloon outburst. 

Remember to take the balloons indoors in the evening because when the temperature drops, they will shrink so that when you take them out the next day, they become more prominent, which will ultimately result in popping.