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Are Goose Creek Candles Safe or Toxic? (2023)

Goose Creek candles came into existence in 1998 in the quiet town of Liberty, Kentucky, in the USA. Chuck Meece founded it, and his wife later joined him in this noble venture.

Today, Goose Creek is a family-owned company that caters to people’s different needs. They started with candles, and while they are still what they are mostly known for, they also manufacture other products like soaps, handwashes, sanitizers, and room sprays.

Goose Creek has been around for more than two decades, and it has earned the trust of customers throughout its existence. Also, Goose Creek ships its items to all parts of the USA, meaning you should find their products in either an independent or chain retail store near you easily.

They also have their own website that is open for orders and where they occasionally hold sales and offers. Goose Creek has been receiving both good and mixed reviews over the years; however, a lot of people might still have questions and doubts about the brand.

What Is So Special About Scented Candles From Goose Creek

Goose Creek makes their products with premium quality paraffin wax blend, containing negligible amounts of or no added chemicals.

The paraffin waxes used to make Goose Creek candles are of the best quality, mainly because they create a good base for essential oils and botanical fragrances. These essential oils are what impart the specific scents to different candles.

Paraffin wax is preferred because it burns clean and lasts longer without any extra soot or smoke. The candles with three wicks are made from soy wax of premium quality and are clean of any pollutants or harsh chemicals. Soy wax is completely plant-based (made from soybean oil) and is preferred for its sustainable nature.

Compiled with the fragrant oils that create the scents and the sustainable nature of these candles, Goose Creek has made its mark well in the aesthetic items industry.

Are Goose Creek Candles Toxic In Any Way

Goose Creek candles are made of paraffin wax and soy wax. They are completely natural and sustainable choices for candles, and burning them does not give off any vile soot or smoke either.

Additionally, they don’t contain any chemicals, so there is no risk of inhaling dangerous fumes. They are entirely safe to be lit around pets and kids alike.

Essentially, many people use Goose Creek candles for aromatherapy as well. But generally, they are used as decorative candles in homes and offices.

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Are Goose Creek Candles Legit

Goose Creek is a legit company founded by Chuck Meece in 1998 in his Kentucky town of Liberty. His wife later joined him; the current Goose Creek company is a fully family-run business.

A fire incident at the company’s Liberty manufacturing unit in 2013 forced them to halt their operations in the area for a while. However, their business has moved back to manufacture candles in Mayfield in Kentucky with time.

Where Is The Company Located?

The company is legally situated in Liberty, Kentucky, and is part of the Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industry.


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Are Goose Creek Candles Safe For Dogs And Cats

Goose Creek’s main strength lies in the type of wax they use. Paraffin and Soy wax are what mostly go into making these candles. They also use essential oils to impart the scents and fragrances into them.

Their wicks are made of pure cotton to be more organic, and the waxes they use are all natural. Goose Creek focuses mostly on what their consumer base needs. They design their candles keeping in mind the sensitivity levels of pets and toddlers.

Also, since their manufacturing processes do not involve any chemicals, you can freely light up a candle even with your pet cats and dogs in the room without any fear.

How Are Goose Creek Candles Made

Different candle manufacturing companies have different manufacturing processes. However, many of them use lead in their candles, which produce toxic fumes harmful to pets and children.

Goose Creek uses natural and organic materials to produce their candles. They are manufactured by melting a little wax at the bottom of oven-heated jars and placing the metal wick there. The wick needs to be held upright by a toothpick-like thing.

Then, depending on the size of the jar, more wax is set to melt in another jar- put in a pan with warm water. The scent is added as the wax keeps melting- for 16 ounces of wax, roughly 10 drops of scent are required.

Then the melted wax is finally added to the jar containing the wick. The jar is then set to cool before being lit for the first time.

Wrapping Up & Closing Questions

Goose Creek, a family-owned candle-making business that started in the quaint town of Liberty in Kentucky, is now a well-known business in the aesthetic industry.

Their candles are sought-after for their fragrances and their sustainable methods of manufacture. Many people use Goose Creek candles in their homes or spaces for aromatherapy or decorative purposes.

Do Goose Creek Candles Burn Clean

Goose Creek candles are designed with paraffin wax; and soy wax in the case of three wicked candles. These waxes are preferred because they allow for longer burn time and burn clean.

Who Owns Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek candles are owned by the Meece family based in the town of Liberty in Kentucky, USA. Initially started as a small business, it is now a family-owned business.

Ingredients In Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek candles are made using essential oils and botanical fragrances, 100% pure cotton wicks, and paraffin or soy wax. Goose Creek is well known for using sustainable methods of manufacture and being environment-friendly.

Are Goose Creek Candles Soy

The candles with three wicks in them have a richer scent and thus need a different wax than Paraffin wax. Therefore, for three wicked candles, Goose Creek uses Soy wax, which is completely plant-based and sustainable.


Sunday 12th of March 2023

Are Goose creek wax melts/candles toxic to pets?


Thursday 13th of April 2023

I would advise pet owners to be cautious when using scented candles and wax melts, including Goose Creek Candles, around their pets. While there is no definitive evidence that Goose Creek Candles are toxic to pets, any scented candle or wax melt has the potential to be harmful if ingested or if pets inhale too much of the scent.

Some scented candles and wax melts contain chemicals such as phthalates, which can be harmful to both humans and pets. Inhaling large amounts of certain scents can also cause respiratory irritation or other health issues for pets, especially those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

It is important to keep scented candles and wax melts out of reach of pets, and to use caution when burning them in areas where pets spend a lot of time. If you notice any signs of respiratory distress or other health issues in your pet after burning scented candles or wax melts, it is important to contact your veterinarian right away.

Overall, while Goose Creek Candles may not be specifically toxic to pets, it is always best to use caution and to choose natural alternatives, such as beeswax candles or essential oil diffusers, which are generally considered to be safer for pets.