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Pendleton Or Hudson Bay Blanket? The Battle For Coziness

A cozy night’s sleep is undoubtedly one of the best feelings. However, cold winter chills can seize these moments and ruin your bedtime experiences. Thankfully, woolen blankets can salvage your body from cold winter nights and keep you comfortable till the morning light.

However, one specific question that can make things challenging is which blanket brand you should choose. Since many reputed brands offer high-quality woolen blankets, picking a particular brand can be tricky. 

So to make things easier, we settled for Hudson’s Bay and Pendleton blankets as they provide the best comfort and coziness, especially during winters. While Hudson Bay blankets are among the premium blankets in the market, Pendleton offers affordable products without compromising comfort.

I will try to answer the following questions in this article:

  • Which is Better – Hudson Bay Or Pendleton?
  • What is Unique About a Pendleton Blanket?
  • What is Special About a Hudson Bay Blanket?

If you’ve heard about these brands and want to know more about them, you have landed on the right page. This article will help pick the right option to feel your winter nights with warmth and comfort.

Hudson Bay Blanket vs Pendleton

Pendleton blankets have better weave quality and are more durable than Hudson’s Bay blankets. While Pendleton blankets are not as premium as Hudson Bay Blankets, they are definitely thicker and softer.

hudson bay blanket vs pendleton

Hudson Bay Blanket vs Pendleton – At A Glance

ManufacturerHudson BayPendletonHudson BayPendletonHudson BayPendleton
ModelsIconic Millenium Point blanketEco-Wise Wool Solid blanketIconic Scarlet Point BlanketHeirloom Classic Merino BlanketIconic Charcoal Point BlanketLattice Weave Bed Blanket
Fabric Type100% wool100% virgin wool100% wool100% pure merino wool100% woolPure virgin wool
SizingTwin, Double, Queen, and KingTwin, Queen, and KingTwin, Double, Queen, and KingTwin, Queen, and KingTwin, Double, Queen, and KingTwin, Queen, and King
Fabric CareDry cleanMachine wash with cold waterDry cleanDry cleanDry cleanDry clean
ColorWhiteCharcoal mixRedIvoryGreyGrey/Slate

What is Special About a Pendleton Blanket?

Pendleton produces some of the most intricate and vivid-patterned blankets in the industry. Their Southwest Native American design and color preferences make them unique and alluring to many customers. Their blankets are soft, lightweight, breathable, and durable.

Apart from producing distinctive styling and high-quality products, Pendleton offers affordable blankets, thanks to its intuitive business concept. This trading standard and Native American styling made them a reliable brand among their customers.

So what do Pendleton blankets feel like? Pendleton blankets feature 100% pure wool that offers excellent comfort and warmth, especially on cold winter nights.

Additionally, Pendleton offers some machine-washable models, ideal for many homes.

What is Special About a Hudson Bay Blanket?

Hudson Bay has been in the business since 1779. The company is famous for their wool blankets with markers, such as points and stripes, including inspiration from traditional colors, including red, indigo, green, and yellow.

Apart from being an iconic product in Canada, Hudson Bay blankets are one of the favorite blankets in the world. Their blankets feature 100% authentic wool, alluring and comforting people for hundreds of years.

So what do Hudson Bay blankets feel like? Hudson Bay blankets feature 100% wool, containing a blend of different varieties from New Zealand and Britain. This combination increases Hudson Bay blankets’ qualities and offers excellent comfort and warmth throughout the year.

Additionally, their blankets are soft, making them fuzzy and cozy, especially during cold winter nights.

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So Which One Should I Buy?

Personally, I would go for Pendleton blankets. They are cheaper and more durable than Hudson Bay’s blankets.

The weave quality on Pendleton blankets is better than Hudson Bay blankets.

The tighter weave on Pendleton blankets will provide better age and may serve you longer than Hudson Bay blankets. In comparison, Hudson Bay products offer premium vibes and the assurance of heritage and traditional values.

For instance, those who want an iconic and premium brand can opt for Hudson Bay products. Likewise, budget-oriented buyers will find Pendleton blankets more alluring. 

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Why Are Hudson Bay Blankets So Expensive?

Since 1779, Hudson Bay blankets have become a staple in every high society Canadian home with a rich heritage of producing quality blankets.
Many people consider them collectible, making Hudson Bay blankets expensive.

Are Hudson Bay Blankets Still Made?

Yup! Hudson Bay still produces and sells point blankets in Multistripe, White with black bar, Millennium, and other color options.

Are Pendleton Blankets Worth It?

Apart from providing comfort and warmth throughout the year, Pendleton blankets are affordable and last longer. These properties make them an excellent choice for every home.

Are Hudson Bay Blankets Worth It?

As we mentioned earlier, Hudson Bay blankets are premium products, and not many homes can afford them. However, their rich heritage and iconic values make them alluring and worth your consideration.

Do Pendleton Blankets Ever Go On Sale?

Although Pendleton sometimes conducts a sale on their products, they rarely put their traditional wool blankets on sale. You will have to visit their stores to purchase one.

Do Hudson Bay Blankets Ever Go On Sale?

Yes, Hudson Bay blankets go on sale during Bay Days held in fall and spring every year.

Final Thoughts

Although you can separate Hudson Bay and Pendleton blankets in price, both excel in providing comfort and warmth throughout the year.

However, the weave quality on Pendleton blankets impressed us, as it may last longer than other blankets.

Likewise, Hudson Bay blankets are undoubtedly worth considering if you want a blanket that carries rich traditional values and heritage.