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[Updated Oct 2022] Bath and Body Works Is NOT Cruelty Free

A recent debate about whether Bath & Body Works is vegan and cruelty-free has toppled the internet, and many users want answers to these questions.

Is Bath and Body Works cruelty free and vegan? Do they test on animals?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Bath and Body Works is not a cruelty-free company, nor is it vegan.

Although Bath & Body Works claims to be a vegan and cruelty-free brand, it sells products in mainland China. Since Chinese law requires animal testing before human usage, terming Bath and Body Works as a cruelty free brand would be inappropriate.

If you want to use cruelty-free bath products, you can consider Rituals, Aesop, Le Labo, and Pacifica. 

This article will help you understand why B&BW is not a cruelty-free manufacturer. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Bath and Body Works Products and Whether They Are Vegan & Cruelty-Free

ProductVeganCruelty Free
Vanilla Coconut (Hand Soap)NoNo
Perfect Peony (Body Wash)NoNo
Agave Papaya Sunset (Body Lotion)NoNo
Pumpkin Apple (3-Wick Candle)NoNo
Bora Bora Citrus Surf (Shower Gel)NoNo
Strawberry Pound Cake (Fine Fragrance Mist)NoNo
Sunshine & Lemons (Concentrated Room Spray)NoNo
Succulent Terrarium (Wallflowers Fragrance Plug)NoNo
Black Cherry Merlot (Hand Sanitizer)NoNo

What Makes a Brand Cruelty-Free?

Manufacturers must follow many rules and implement different strategies to become a cruelty-free brand. Here are some things that brands need to consider to get the cruelty-free tag:

  • Brands must not use their ingredients or finished products to conduct animal testing
  • Brands have to ensure that their suppliers do not conduct animal testing using their product
  • Brands must not employ agencies to conduct animal testing
  • Brands must not sell products in countries like mainland China where the law requires animal testing before human usage


Is Bath and Body Works Vegan?

Bath and Body Works claims to be vegan and cruelty free on their website, and many believe that the brand is right about its claim. Unfortunately, B&BW is not vegan, as some of its products contain animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients.

Although you may find some vegan products on B&BW’s website and stores, most of their products are not vegan.

Additionally, they respond to queries carefully with well-worded responses, making consumers think they are against animal cruelty.

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Does Bath and Body Works Perform Animal Testing?

Bath and Body Works have a cruelty-free tag on all their products, which might deceive you. Even PETA approved their products for a while, but after many users reported animal trials conducted by the brand in china, the association removed them from their vegan brands’ list.

For instance, B&BW products sold in mainland China require animal testing before being available at physical stores. It is a legal requirement, and brands selling imported body care products must perform pre-market animal testing before selling them.

cruelty free

Additionally, brands may also perform post-market animal testing if customers complain about their products.

However, products sold in Hong Kong or airport stores do not require animal testing. Additionally, products sold online from other countries and shipped to mainland China do not require animal trials.

Since Bath and Body works export its products to mainland China, it must follow these rules and regulations. However, the brand does not mention animal trials on their websites, indicating a constructed illusion created to deceive consumers. 

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Is Bath and Body Works Paraben Free?

Paraben is a common ingredient in personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. Manufacturers use paraben to prevent bacteria growth and product spoiling. Additionally, paraben extends the shelf life of products and makes them last longer.

However, higher amounts of paraben present in products can increase cancer risk. Although there is no direct link between cancer and personal hygiene products, further studies will help ascertain the effects of paraben.

So is Bath and Body Works paraben free?

Since many Bath and Body Works products do not feature ingredients on their bottle, it is hard to ascertain their presence. However, some of their products, including lotions, contain paraben.

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Why Are Bath and Body Works Products Are Labelled Cruelty Free?

Since cruelty-free is an unregulated term, brands can use this tag on their products, even if they conduct animal testing.

Although it may sound like false advertising, brands have to follow the rules and regulations set by different countries to sell their products.

As we mentioned earlier, mainland China has a strict animal testing policy. It requires brands to conduct animal testing before making their products available to humans. However, this rule is only applicable if you use imported personal hygiene products for special use. China’s domestic cosmetics for non-special use do not require following this rule.

Since Bath and Body Works export personal hygiene and other products to mainland China, they have to follow these rules and regulations and conduct animal testing. Although it does not justify their cruelty-free tag, B&BW terms it as an action taken because of government laws.

Does Bath and Body Works sell in China?

As we mentioned earlier, Bath and Body Works exports most of its personal hygiene products to mainland China.
Since China is a big player in the consumer market, most companies prefer selling their products there.
It is a substantial base for earning profits, and even cosmetic manufacturers prefer exporting and selling their product in mainland China, despite the law forcing them to conduct animal testing.

Is Bath and Body Works Cruelty Free in United States?

According to Bath and Body Works’ website, their products are cruelty free in America. Additionally, the brand clarifies that it conducts animal testing as per the regulations enforced by specific governments.

Is Bath and Body Works Cruelty-Free in Canada?

Bath and Body Works ensures that they are cruelty free in countries that don’t require animal testing. So we can assume that Bath and Body Works is cruelty free in Canada.

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Wrapping Up

Although Bath and Body Works claims to be cruelty free, it conducts animal testing as per the regulations imposed by specific governments, such as China.

However, it does not justify that their products are cruelty-free, and unless they stop exporting products to China, we can assume that B&BW is not cruelty-free. 

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