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Pura vs Bath And Body Works: Which Is Better For You?

Bath and Body Works is a famous brand that manufactures cosmetics, body products, household items, and fragrances. They are well-known for their scents like “Cucumber Melon” and “Cotton Blossom.” That much everyone knows!

But do you know? There’s another company called Pura which offers many of the same products as Bath & Body Works but at an affordable price!

So, the question is, which one is better – Pura or Bath & Body Works? This article will compare all aspects of both Pura and B&BW to see which one is better for your home.

Pura vs Bath and Body Works At A Glance

BrandCruelty Free?Vegan?Popular FragrancesScent Duration
PuraYesYesAmber, Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Gourmand, Woody350 hours (15 days)
Bath and Body WorksSome productsNoCitrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Sweet and WoodsyAbout 30 days

Comparing the USP of Bath and Body Works, and Pura

Both Pura and Bath and Body Works offer a wide variety of products.

Pura is a well-known company focused on providing organic and all-natural products. Take a look at it yourself:

Pura is gluten free, cruelty free, non-gmo

Bath and Body Works, on the contrary, offers a wide range of products, including both natural and artificial fragrances.

First, Pura is an all-natural brand that doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients or chemicals in its products. All of their products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

On the other hand, Bath and Body Works do use synthetic ingredients in their products. Also, some of their products are not vegan or cruelty-free.

Second point of difference – cost. Pura’s products are more expensive than Bath and Body Works’ products. But you’ll see that the products are definitely worth the price. It is worth noting that Bath and Body Works products usually last longer. I have already written up about how long BBW’s candles last. Each vial from Pura can last for up to 15 full days or 350 hours with a medium scent intensity.

Third, Bath and Body Works has a wider variety of scents available for purchase at any given time. Although both brands have a variety of scents available, Bath and Body Works rotates their scents more frequently. So, there are always new options to choose from.

To summarize, Pura offers a higher quality product than Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works is a more affordable option with a wider variety of scents available.

Which One Is Better: Pura or Bath and Body Works?

I keep in mind to always check the ingredients before purchasing.

The ingredients in Pura are more sustainable, as they come from natural resources.

On the other hand, Bath and Body Works has been criticized for its use of parabens and paraffin wax, which are chemicals that have been linked to cancer. The are not so good if you have cats or dogs either.

Pura has no harsh chemicals in its products. It allows them to be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

They are also therapeutic grade. This means they have been tested and certified to be pure and safe for inhalation. In contrast, Bath and Body Works does not specify the quality of its essential oils.

All in all, Bath and Body Works tends to be more affordable, as mentioned, while Pura offers a wide range of organic products. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for in a body care brand.

If you’re looking for affordable products that you use once in a while (like candles for special occasions), Bath and Body Works is the better option. However, if you’re looking for products with all-natural ingredients that you would use much more frequently, Pura is the better choice.


Comparing Pura vs Wallflowers


  • Smells great
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Cruelty-free


  • Many artificial fragrances
  • Not sustainably sourced
  • Not cruelty-free
  • May lead to allergic reactions or cause irritation

When it comes to comparing Pura and Wallflowers, it is clear that Pura is the better choice over Wallflowers. Pura does not use any artificial fragrances.

On the other hand, Wallflowers contain harsh ingredients such as formaldehyde, VOCs, etc., which can be toxic when inhaled.

Answering Some Frequent Questions Asked On Reddit or Forums

Is Pura really safe?

Pura is made out of natural ingredients, so it is definitely safer than some of the other products on the market. It also doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

They are cruelty-free with no harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives. In addition to that, their fragrances are safe for your pets as well.

Is Pura worth the price?

Pura is definitely more expensive than Bath and Body Works, but it also seems to be of better quality. So, if you’re looking for something that’s high-quality and luxurious, Pura is definitely worth the price.

Is Pura a good brand?

Pura is an excellent brand with products that are designed to be eco-friendly and toxin-free. They are made from natural ingredients like essential oils with no fillers or artificial substances.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – Bath and Body Works vs Pura!

If you’re looking for an all-natural body care option, Pura is the better choice.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, or if you want a wider variety of scents to select from, Bath and Body Works is the better choice.