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West Elm vs Crate and Barrel – Who’s Got Better Furniture?

Furniture elevates your interior aesthetics and reveals a lot about your home’s environment. It can keep you comfortable throughout the day or offer a memorable first impression to your guest. In short, good furniture will help you create a visually appealing and physically relaxing home.

However, with a sea of furniture brands competing in the market, choosing the right one can be tricky. So to help you out, we have considered two of the best furniture brands and put them head-to-head to find out who offers better products.

West Elm Vs Crate and Barrel

CategoryWest ElmCrate and Barrel
VarietyIndoor & Outdoor furniture
Window essentials
Bathroom essentials
Kitchen & Dining
Garden essentials & more
Indoor & Outdoor furniture
Bedding & Bath
Tabletop & Bar essentials
Kids furniture & more
QualityHigh-quality natural materials with multiple palettesHigh-quality material
CostValue for moneyA bit expensive
Resale priceUp to 70%Up to 70%

Is West Elm Cheaper than Crate and Barrel?

After evaluating the above table, you may have assumed that both brands are almost identical in quality, cost, or resale value. However, there are some differences between these brands which make them stand apart from each other.

West Elm

West Elm is a brand that produces high-end home decor and furniture with modern and trendy designs. Most of their products are eco-friendly, with a variety of mid-century and contemporary furniture for modern consumers.

So what makes West Elm different? West Elm is a company focused on producing ecological products. For instance, many of its products come with Fair Trade certification, which means that they are organic, handcrafted, and sustainably sourced.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing West Elm:

  • Contemporary design with eco-friendly materials
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable business approach
  • West Elm offers in-house credit cards that earn you reward points every time you shop
  • You can use their 3D room planner to plan your furniture placement
  • Excellent customer support and design services
  • EMI options available

Since West Elm offers thousands of contemporary designs, you can visualize your interior space as per your needs. Whether you opt for vintage, transitional, rustic, or minimalistic options, West Elm will have you covered all the time.

Crate and Barrel

Unlike West Elm furniture, which leans towards contemporary designs, Crate and Barrel products carry a European flavor. Apart from furniture from European artisans, Crate and Barrel also import products from Thailand, India, and Mexico.

So what makes Crate and Barrel different? Crate and Barrel employs a unique product-display formula at their store. The brand’s trademark has been to display products on crates and barrels to give their stores a rustic look. It also allows consumers to know that their furniture is fresh and imported.

Here are the benefits of choosing Crate and Barrel:

  • Lots of furniture inspired by European design
  • High-quality imported goods
  • Free 3D interior design services
  • You can use Crate and Barrel credit card to earn reward points every time you shop at the store
  • Lots of offers and events throughout the year

Overall, Crate and Barrel can fulfill all your desires to bring home European designs right into your living space. However, Crate and Barrel products are slightly more expensive than West Elm.

Crate and Barrel Vs West Elm – Product Comparison

West Elm Vs Crate and Barrel Sectional

Unlike traditional sofas, sectional ones offer more sitting space and elevate the interior aesthetics of your living space. While West Elm, Crate and Barrel have exceptional sofas, we decided to bring their top two contenders in a head-to-head battle.

Here is a comparison of the top sellers from both these brands.

West Elm – The Modular Sectional

This Scandinavian sofa offers a comfortable sitting experience with wide, tailored cushions. Whether you are stretching out or sitting down on it, you will love the comfort that it offers.

Quality – This sofa features a kiln-dried frame and soft cushions that help you relax anytime you sit on the sofa. The size of this sofa makes it ideal for a large family, and the fabric quality is excellent.

Durability – This sofa features a sturdy frame with metal legs that provides excellent support and stability all the time. Whether sitting or stretching out, the sofa provides all the comfort you will require.

Cost – The Modular Sectional comes with different customizations. You can choose your preferred ranging from $899 to $1999.

Resale Price – The resale valueof West Elm products is good, and a sofa in perfect condition can fetch up to 70% of its original price. However, the prices may vary depending on the condition of your sofa.

Crate and Barrel – Wells Leather 4-Piece U-Shaped Sectional

This 4-piece sectional sofa from Crate and Barrel will provide a premium vibe in your living space. The beautiful grain leather with natural markings will impress anyone at first sight.

Quality – This sectional sofa features certified engineered wood and sinuous wire suspension to provide excellent comfort throughout the day. Its top-grain leather couple with French stitch details is of top quality.

Durability – This Wells leather sofa features iron legs with a matte black finish that holds the entire structure. Whether you are stretching out or sitting, the sofa will offer the best experience all the time.

Cost – $9,796

Resale Price – Since Crate and Barrel products last longer, you can get up to 70% resale price on them. However, the price may vary depending on your sofa conditions.

So who won the West Elm Vs Crate and Barrel sofa battle? While both these brands offer outstanding products, we did find the sectional sofa from Crate and Barrel to be more durable. However, if you are looking for a budget option, West Elm’s Modular Sectional would be an excellent choice.

west elm vs crate and barrel

Is Crate and Barrel the same as West Elm?

No, Crate and Barrel is not the same as West Elm. While West Elm offers cheaper products to consumers, Crate and Barrel products are expensive and imported. If you are looking for a budget-friendly product, West Elm would be your ideal choice.


Is West Elm Good Quality?

Yes, West Elm products are high-quality and will offer a resale price of up to 70%, depending on the condition.

Are West Elm couches good quality?

Yes, West Elm produces good-quality couches using sustainable and high-quality materials. You will have no issues with their durability and comforts, and the fact that they offer various customizable options makes the deal even better.

Wrapping Up

So who is better West Elm or Crate and Barrel? Honestly, both these brands offer excellent products, but we feel that Crate and Barrel products are more durable than West Elm.

However, West Elm is more budget-friendly, making them an ideal brand for value-oriented buyers.