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Does Tesco Blow up Balloons? 2022 Policy for Filling Helium

Tesco is one of the largest retailers globally, where they sell products from food to fashion and home decors. They also sell helium balloons used in party events, festivals, anniversaries, etc.

Helium balloons elevate the look of a venue with their different colors, designs, and shapes. You will find all sorts of these helium balloons at Tesco stores, physically and online.

So does Tesco blow up balloons?

No, it is unfortunate that Tesco does not blow up balloons at their stores. You have to fill up your balloons with helium elsewhere. They also do not sell helium canisters, which removes the option of buying a tank and taking it home to fill the balloons yourselves.

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People usually go to other retail stores after buying the balloons at Tesco to fill them up with helium. The same goes for purchasing a helium canister.

Does Tesco Blow up Balloons?

TypeWill Tesco Blow It Up?
Store bought balloonsNo
Bought elsewhereNo

Does Tesco Sell Helium Balloons?

Tesco has a wide selection of party decor items, including helium balloons. They have options ranging from assorted balloon packs and illuminating balloons to confetti balloons.

These balloons are made of materials like latex and foil. Their main attraction is the mixed-color LED light-up balloons that glow in the dark.

This pack includes 5 light-up birthday balloons, which are perfect for any birthday event and can last for around 15 hours in total. They are made of natural rubber latex and have different prints on them. These light-up balloons from Tesco come in various colors and can be used to liven up the party venue.

does tesco blow up balloons

Does Tesco Sell Helium Canisters?

Tesco does not sell helium canisters in their stores. They only sell helium balloons which you can fill up only in others stores that deal with helium.

The best option for you to fill the balloons is at Card Factory. They will help customers fill up balloons in their stores. If required, you can order them online and ask them to get them inflated and delivered to you.

They will also send the balloons deflated if you request such a service. You will be able to go to their store and blow them up later. Car Factory sells small helium tanks, which you can use to fill up 30 balloons.

The other option is to find a vendor near you that sells helium tanks or rents them. Renting is a cheaper way to fill your balloons as you will not be paying for permanent ownership of the tank. Moreover, if you have an empty tank, you can refill it with helium by going to the vendor.

Does Tesco Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store?

Tesco does not blow up balloons bought at their store. They sell helium balloons but do not fill them up. This may be because of the cost of purchasing and storing helium in the stores.

People go to other stores to get their balloons filled with helium as they cannot get it done at Tesco.

Does Tesco Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Tesco does not blow up balloons bought elsewhere. They even do not fill balloons with helium bought at their store.

So, it is a far cry to expect balloons bought from outside to be filled with helium at Tesco stores. You can go to other stores where they fill balloons and pay a service fee.

What Does Tesco Charge to Blow up Balloons?

Tesco sells helium balloons at their store and online. However, there is no service where they fill balloons for us at their stores.

If there are no helium services, there can be no charges. To get your balloons filled up, find the nearest store that offers such services.

Does Tesco Have Helium Balloons?

Tesco has a wide range of helium balloons to decorate venues for parties and other celebratory events.

You can buy their assorted balloons to get 25 balloons per pack. They sell pearlized balloons that come in 10s, arch balloon packs, rose gold confetti balloons, etc. All these balloons come in different colors and designs.

The arch balloons need some support to set them up in the desired areas of the venue. They can last for up to 36 hours without deflation. It is advisable to inflate the balloons completely to get the maximum use out of them.


Does Tesco Air Fill Balloons? Charge?

Tesco does not air-fill balloons, but they do sell balloon pumps that can be used to fill the air in balloons.

Does Tesco Rent Helium Tanks?

Tesco does not rent helium tanks to its customers. In fact, they do not even sell helium tanks at their stores.

What Is the Price of Helium Tanks at Tesco?

There are no helium tanks at Tesco as they do not sell them.

Does Tesco Blow up Word Balloons?

No, Tesco does not blow up word balloons.

Does Tesco Blow up Banner Balloons?

Tesco does not blow up banner balloons.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Tesco does not blow up balloons in their stores. However, helium balloons are available.

The best alternative is to go to helium vendors if you want your balloons filled or want to purchase a tank of helium.