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Does Walgreens Blow up Balloons? 2022 Policy for Filling Helium

Walgreens is an American chain of pharmaceutical stores that focuses on health and wellness services and products. It also administers photo services for its customers.

It is the second most popular pharmaceutical chain in the United States, with its headquarters based in Illinois. Primarily a pharmaceutical company that focuses on health and wellness, it also sells various party items in the stores.

You can find quite a few types of balloons being sold at its stores. Walgreens has a selection from blow-up helium balloons to multicolored balloons made of latex and mylar.

So, does Walgreens blow up balloons?

Seeing that they have balloons for sale, one might assume that they also provide helium-filling services. However, Walgreens does not blow up balloons in its stores. You have to find other alternatives if you want your balloons filled with helium.

Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons?

TypeWill Walgreens Blow It Up?
Store bought balloonsNo
Bought elsewhereNo

Does Walgreens Sell Helium Balloons?

Walgreens sells quite a selection of balloons that can be used during birthday parties, anniversaries, office events, festivals, etc. You will find balloons made of latex and mylar materials.

The balloons are usually 12 inches in diameter and can be filled with helium for different uses. However, you will also find the balloons in larger sizes and various color combinations. Their mylar balloons have different textures externally with different shapes and sizes.

They have birthday light-up balloons, mixed light-up balloon packs, 12-inch helium balloon packs, marble light-up balloons, etc. Depending on the nature of the event, you can purchase the most suitable balloons.

Does Walgreens Sell Helium Canisters?

Walgreens only sells helium balloons and other party accessories. They do not have helium canisters that customers can purchase.

To buy helium canisters, you can go to stores like Argos, CVS, Canadian Tire, etc. They are the best alternatives if you want to purchase helium tanks for self-use at home. The other option is to find local vendors or stores near you that deal in helium services.

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Where Can I Get Balloons Filled with Helium

Does Walgreens Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store?

Walgreens sells pre-inflated balloons, but you cannot blow up balloons at the stores. This may be because the cost of helium is on the rise.

It doesn’t even sell helium tanks in its stores, let alone blowing up balloons. IF you want to blow up balloons, you can go to stores like Party City, Walmart, Dollar General, etc. These stores are the best alternatives as they will fill up your balloons for cheap.

The price for blowing up balloons at these stores is around 1 to 8 dollars depending on the size of the balloons. The larger the balloon, the higher the price.

Does Walgreens Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Walgreens does not blow up balloons bought elsewhere. It does not blow up balloons bought in-store also.

The best option is to fill up your balloons in other retail stores that provide helium services. Walgreens does not offer its customers to purchase helium tanks also since it does not sell them in the stores.

does walgreens blow up balloons
does walgreens blow up balloons

What Does Walgreens Charge to Blow up Helium Balloons?

Walgreens does not blow up helium balloons in their stores. You cannot find any Walgreens store in America where they will fill up balloons for you with helium.

However, they sell pre-inflated helium balloons, which are great for birthdays, anniversaries, party events, etc. The cost of these helium balloons starts from as low as 3 dollars per pack, containing around 15 12-inch size balloons.

Does Walgreens Have Helium Balloons?

Walgreens sells several types of balloons in their stores. They come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials.

They sell helium balloons which are excellent for being used for decorating party venues. Helium balloons are both good and bad for obvious reasons.


  • Helium balloons float in the air, which can liven up any party event, especially with the different colors and designs.
  • Foil balloons filled with helium can be used for an extended period. Some can even last a month.


  • Though foil balloons can last long, latex balloons filled with helium can last only for a couple of hours.
  • Helium is an expensive gas, which is also reflected in the cost of helium-filled balloons.

Does Walgreens Air Fill Balloons?

Walgreens does not air-fill balloons in their stores.

You can buy a toy set with a balloon pump for 20 dollars at Walgreens. However, that would seem unnecessary since your objective is not to buy a toy set.


Does Walgreens Rent Helium Tanks?

No, Walgreens does not rent helium tanks to its customers.

What Is the Price of Helium Tanks at Walgreens?

There is no option to buy helium tanks at Walgreens currently.

Does Walgreens Blow up Word Balloons?

No, Walgreens does not blow up word balloons in its stores.

Does Walgreens Blow up Banner Balloons?

No, Walgreens does not blow up banner balloons.

Wrapping Up

Walgreens sells helium balloons at its stores, but it does not blow up balloons with helium for the customers.

If you want to blow up your balloons, you can find another retail store that offers those services. In the case of Walgreens, you cannot fill your balloons with helium even if you buy balloons in-store.